Suicide Won't Save You

Act: Prologue

Chinese Fairy: After a month (Roughly) I decided to now post the next part of this series… If you do not know what this is, this is a sequel to "Suicide Can Save You" and if you haven't read that one please go back and read it and then if you are still interested, you can come and read this one as well!! Now to those who know what is going on, welcome to the sequel!! I wasn't sure on how to approach this so I just wrote what came to mind first, so if it is THAT bad for an opening chapter, then tell me and I will fix it! For now we shall go through the disclaimer and warnings and all the lovely things that make my stories "SEEM" long…

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Warnings: Suicide attempts, blood, fight scenes; kiss scenes, hinted BL (Boy Love) and also some other things not meant for kiddies!! If something else comes along I shall also add it to the warnings so watch out!! I do not want to be yelled at… (Fake waterfall tears)

Pairings: Uchiha Itachi/Hyuuga Hinata! VERY cute pairing if I must as, even though Itachi is a little older, but oh well!! Also there will be hinted Sasori/Deidara. AS IN BOY WITH BOY!!! If you are uncomfortable with a little hugging and a small kiss here and there, you will not enjoy this fic… Please do not flame for something I have warned you ahead of time! Thank you!!!

Summary: In the last chapter of "Suicide Can Save You" we found out that Hyuuga Hinata is pregnant with Itachi's baby, and her cousin Hyuuga Neji finds out. Shocking to say, Hinata does not want Itachi to know about the child because she is scared that he will not understand, so now both Hyuugas are trying their best to keep the little baby a secret from the Akatsuki members… Unaware that someone wants the baby for themselves… Orochimaru wants the child since it has the power of the Byakugan and the Sharingan. What will it take for Hinata to have peace once again in her life, and what will Itachi say when he finds out that he is a father to be?

Chinese Fairy: I know that the summary isn't that great, but that is all I could get from my tired out brain. Now, with nothing more to say, except for ENJOY THE NEXT SAGA OF THE SUICIDE SERIES!!!!!


Suicide Won't Save You

Act: Prologue


"You're back, Hinata-chan! I missed you!! So did Neji, he looked like he was ready to die from anxiousness…" laughed the blonde. Neji jumped down from the tree with a look on his face, you couldn't really guess what emotion he held… All you knew was something was misplaced. "Good to see you two again… Welcome back Hinata-sama…" he bit his lip and then turned away to go on a walk.

Hinata blinked and removed herself from Itachi's side and followed her cousin. When she caught up with him he turned around and stated, "Hinata-sama… You're… You're pregnant…!" he spoke quickly. She looked him dead in the eye and replied, "Yes, I am…"


Hyuuga Neji starred at his cousin with a shock expression and the asked, "You two made love…?" he asked a stupid question, but she humored him and replied, "Yes, but my question is how could you tell that I am pregnant? It as been less than 24 hours and you already know; and possibly the baby hasn't even formed and yet… You already know… How Neji-ni-san?"

He sighed and ran his fingers through his dark chocolate brown hair and then stated, "The Byakugan can sense chakra, no matter how faint… Once the semen entered your egg, the chakra for the baby formed. So it is only natural for me to see it, but it is very faint since it has only been less than 24 hours but within 96 hours I will be able to see the child's chakra field clearly." He paused and then looked up from the ground to rest his eyes on his cousin's face. "Hinata, I don't think you are ready for a child… I mean, I want you to be happy, but what if this child is coming too early?" the Hyuuga genius quicken his pace of talking when he saw Hinata pale from what he was saying and then placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"If you think you are ready then I will help you, and I bet Sasori, Deidara, and Kisame would be happy to hear they will be uncles to a wonderful child and the father to be will be glad to have a little one…" Neji's voice faded as he mentioned Itachi as the father to be. "Hinata…?" he asked, her form started to shake in what Neji guessed to be fear and he stated softly, "You don't want him to know that you are pregnant, do you?"

Starring up at her cousin, she nodded and replied quietly, "I… I don't think he will want a child… Especially from me… I may be his love, but he would want a child with someone else…" a small sob escaped her as her shaking continued. Neji rolled his eyes and suddenly brought Hinata into a tight embrace. "Silence Hinata, I think it would be the opposite. He is the one who doesn't deserve your child, but that is what I think… The truth is that you both deserve each other; and the child you give birth to would be more then happy to have you two as parents. I know it." He pulled away with only enough space to see her face.

"Now, let's go back, they are probably wondering where we are…" he smiled warmly and guided her back to where the others were.

Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, and Kisame were sitting in random spots in the clearing, waiting patiently for the two Hyuugas to return… Well, three of them were. Deidara was a little… fidgety. "Mou!!! Where are those two? They have been gone for half a fuckin' hour!" Sasori stared at Deidara and then turned to glance at Itachi, "Maybe they ran into hunters…" he stated lightly. Itachi's left eyebrow twitched slightly, but as fast as it came, it disappeared just as quickly.

"I'll go look for them, un…" stated Deidara as he stood up. Sasori was about to follow, but stopped and looked upward to see the two Hyuugas walking towards them. Quickly, the blonde Iwa-nin ran over to them and grabbed Hinata into a bear hug. "Where were you Hinata? I was so worried that you might've been hurt or someone jumped you!" cried Deidara dramatically.

Neji rolled his eyes and the replied dryly, "Yes, Deidara, I would've let her be harmed. Of course," he paused and smacked the blonde upside the head. "I would never let anyone hurt her!" he snapped, glancing at Itachi for the briefest moment, catching the Sharingan user's eyes. The Uchiha blinked a few times and then turned away from Neji's gaze, unaware of what the Hyuuga was thinking. "Uchiha Itachi, take care of her, and the unborn child…" he thought as he turned to look at Hinata, Deidara and Sasori goofing around and smiling all carefree and happy. "Or I'll kill you myself; just like I did to your little brother…" his final thoughts ended as he plastered a grin on his face and walked over to the three goofballs.


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