Suicide Won't Save You

Act 5: Uninvited

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Summary:In the last chapter of "Suicide Can Save You" we found out that Hinata is pregnant with Itachi's baby and her cousin Hyuuga Neji finds out. Shocking to say, Hinata does not want Itachi to know about the child, because she is scared that he will not understand, so now both Hyuugas are trying their best to keep the little baby a secret from the Akatsuki members… Unaware that someone wants the baby for themselves… Orochimaru wants the child since it has the power of the Byakugan and the Sharingan. What will it take for Hinata to have peace once again in her life, and what will Itachi say when he finds out that he is a father to be?

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Suicide Won't Save You

Act 5: Uninvited


"Hmm… it seems that Itachi and Kisame had a situation with the Kyuubi… Zetsu, do you know where they are now?" asked a shadowed figure with several piercings decorating his nose, lower lip, and ears. A moment later, the said being replied, "Hanatatsu, sir."

Silence filled the dark chamber then, "Send Hidan and Kakuzu out to visit them."


Hinata happily tended to her lover as he continued to recuperate from the fatigue of using the Amaterasu. She brought him tea, urged him to eat the small meals she presented him and just kept him company while he laid in bed. On the third day of resting, she rested her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat while his large hand swept through her long indigo locks.

Neither said anything, but that was more than okay with each other. They didn't need to constantly talk, so most of their time was spent in comfortable silence. It was late morning so everyone was up and about. Deidara and Neji went to get the food, while Sasori took the liberty to clean up their cloaks and was now attempting to purchase material to make pitch-black cloaks with blood red clouds for Hinata and Neji.

They were part of their group and since Hinata was now pregnant, they would need to give her something that will keep her warm and dry for the seasons ahead of them. The only problem occurs when a mission comes up for either Itachi or him. Partners go everywhere with one another and it will be too risking to let the Hyuugas stay in a city since they are still "hostages of four Akatsuki members".

The red head let out an inaudible sigh and left the material and quilting store with a bag full of supplies. I'm going to have to sew the clouds onto the cloak myself, but it will be worth it if it keeps small fry bandits away from her.

His feet tracked him to the room they were all staying in and allowed himself entrance. Kisame's Chakra was still in his room and he was possibly still sleeping. Neji and Deidara still haven't returned, and the two lovebirds were in their room. Sasori smiled a small smile and moved to the table that acted as dinning room furniture and immediately started working on the cloaks.

"Work, work, and more work. I'd say it was troublesome, but for our Princess, nothing is." He commented and began measuring the cloth for cloaks.


Deidara and Neji walked into the hotel room and saw Sasori working on black material with white chalk used for lines to inform him where to cut. Without looking up, the puppet master spoke, "Neji, come here and let me measure you. I need to get a perfect sized cloak for you ready as soon as possible."

The said Hyuuga gave his bag over to the blonde and did as he was told. He walked over to Sasori and allowed the puppet to check his height, width and should length. "Why do you need them done as soon as possible? Are we leaving soon?" Neji questioned.

Sasori moved back and wrote down the collected measurements before answering. "We would all need to move soon since you and Hinata are wanted from Konoha. Not to mention, we are too close to the city where Itachi and Kisame were spotted. If we want to maintain a low profile, we are going to need to leave."

Neji nodded and glanced at the room that held his cousin. "Have they come out yet?" he asked. Sasori shook his head while cutting the cloth. He's a puppet maker and he may not cloth them like normal humans would, but he knows how to sew and tend to clothing.

No sooner had Neji asked his question, Hinata walked out with two empty teacups and a hand pressed to her stomach. The brunette sensed something wrong. He moved to her side and asked in a hushed whisper, "What is it?" she shook her head and didn't respond for a moment, then murmured, "I feel like I'm going to throw up…" a whimper past her lips before she ran down the hall and into the bathroom.

Sasori followed, as did Deidara; Neji managed to enter the bathroom before the door shut. Hinata was gagging and her hair acted as a curtain hiding her retching from the others. Neji, being the gentleman that he was raised as, pulled her hair out the way and the red head slipped closer to her with his hands already glowing a faint blue.

No one spoke for several minutes and in that time, Hinata stopped throwing up and her breathing began to regulate. Deidara offered Neji a glass of water, and he passed it to his cousin who took small gulps; appreciating how it made her throat feel better.

Sasori pulled away from his patient with a slight frown. "You haven't been eating as well as the baby and your body would like and in connection to your eating habits you're going through morning sickness." He said and turned to Deidara. "Boil some water and get a tablespoon's worth of the herbs into a cup. The bag with the blue string." He ordered and without another moment, the blonde disappeared.

Hinata pulled away from the rim of the toilet and resting into her cousin's chest tiredly. "… I have, been eating better than before…" she murmured in a breathless tone. The red head nodded, "Yes, but at the same time we have mended your imbalance of eating meals, you need to maintain the proper pattern of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some pregnant mothers could pass through pregnancy without vomiting, but you need to eat healthy.

"Also, if we want to make sure the baby is healthy, you cannot have any drinks that contain caffeine; a substance found in some teas and coffee. You don't drink alcohol, so I'm not concerned and none of us smoke. Just focus on the caffeine and try eating more healthy meals and you can pass the uncomfortable side effects of morning sickness."

She nodded and stood with the help of Neji. "I can still drink the tea you are giving me, correct?" she asked while using the last of the water in the cup to rinse her mouth. The puppet master nodded again. "Yes, that is especially used for pregnant women. It gives you energy and will act as your multivitamin during the next 25 weeks."

The three made it out of the bathroom and down the hall where Deidara was now seeping the hot water into the cup of tea for their princess. As they lead her to a seat, Neji saw something that made his blood run cold. "Hinata," he whispered.

She moved her gaze to stare at him in bewilderment. "Yes, Ni-san?" she replied. He blinked once, and then twice before speaking again. "Your stomach is beginning to show." he whispered. Deidara was immediately by his side to see from the Hyuuga genius's point of view and low and behold, there was now small rounding of her once flat lower torso against her semi tight shirt.

"Oh, shit…" he hissed. Sasori saw this as well and sighed, "We all knew this was going to happen. Just start wearing larger asexual shirts and you should be fine. Deidara and I will obtain some clothes before we leave." They noticed that Hinata was still in shock of hearing she was beginning to show and slowly her hands roamed hesitantly over her stomach area. When did you get so big that I didn't even notice, little one? Her lips broke out into a dazzling smile and the three saw it. She was glowing.

It is the same glow that a woman is wrapped in when she is pregnant. It is a dim glow that is closest compared to the clouds in the sky as the morning sun is beginning to touch the horizon and the light is reflecting the soon to be yellow sun's golden rays. The clouds are the medium and the sun is the source of light that works as the "paint" on the "medium".

The moment was cut short as Itachi and Kisame entered the living room and dinning room. Itachi was dressed in his usual attire short of his cloak as well as Kisame, but his shirt was missing. This allowed Hinata to see the stark white contrasts of the bandages on his chest from where he was injured from the mission.

She gasped and Kisame already saw the storm approaching him; on one hand, Hinata was concerned for him and on the other hand, Itachi's glare for worrying her. Shit, was all he thought before speaking, "Don't worry, it's not as bad as it looks, Princess. I'm fine." He chuckled and turned to Deidara, "Do we have anything to eat?" he changed the subject before it could even be brought up.

Neji nodded and pointed to the small refrigerator. "We all have bento boxes for lunch. Sasori and I will be making dinner."

Kisame smiled a large grin that showed all of his teeth and moved to get his lunch. Itachi stared down at his love seated in her chair and smiled; it was more like only one corner of his mouth was turning up for a pre smile, but that was the closest he would smile while the others were around Hinata and himself. "I'll get us our lunches as well," he stated to her and moved to get two boxes away from the blue skinned man before he ate them as well. His appetite has always been… monstrous. He thought and picked up two pair of chopsticks as well.

The two men sat down at the table while Deidara, Sasori, and Neji also went to grab their lunches and also joined the group at the table. A makeshift family if I ever saw one, thought Neji and he bit into his tempura bento.


As promised, asexual tops were brought to Hinata and they kept anyone from seeing the rounded difference. Neji's cloak was completed a few days ago and Hinata's was almost finished as well. As soon as it was done and they all replenished their supplies once more, they will leave the city of Hanatatsu behind and never return.

Itachi was fully healed, but made no attempt to leave Hinata alone. They spent more time going on walks and appearing to the "normal" world as a couple enjoying their time together. He was more relaxed in public since no one really paid attention to a couple, so he allowed her to hold his hand and pull him along as she looked at stalls offering trinkets and other goodies. He even bought her some candy, which she indulged in. Hinata attempted to offer him the small teardrop shaped hard candy, but he denied it. "It was for your, enjoy it. We will not be returning to another large city for a long time." He said and she accepted his words.

Their strolls took them on repeated visits down the same streets and through parks, but different time of the day offered different entertainment. Early morning was for grocery and shopping for the home, while later in the day was used to promote a festive setting in games and more kinds of food and desserts.

Kisame and Deidara were walking back from the part of town where they purchased many objects used in the same sentence as weapons and were now on the way back to the hotel room. Deidara sighed and grumbled, "My back is killing me from all the crap you had to buy for Samehada. I thought you said it was a 'maintain itself' sword and all you had to do was feed it your energy or Chakra of enemies. Why do you need to sharpen the damn thing?"

The shark man grinned and replied, "It is a bonus for Samehada for its teeth to slice through its enemies like butter. If the Kyuubi wasn't important to our Princess, then Samehada would have enjoyed the taste of Nine Tails," he remarked. They made their way up the stairs, but Kisame paused mid step. This caught the blonde's attention and he turned around to face his sempai.

"What's wrong?" he asked Kisame's eyes focused on something out the window and his coal black eyes roamed over the object of his attention. A moment later he returned to walking up the stairs. "It was nothing, kid. Come on, we need to finish preparing to get out of this city. It's getting to crowded." He offered and Deidara looked a little perplexed, but he didn't press the matter.


Two forms dressed in black melted into the night sky and they stood far away from the hotel. "Kisame saw us from there. His eyes are that sharp. Pretty hypocritical for a shark, huh?" questioned a silver haired man. His masked partner nodded, "Yes, but we know they are still here. The moment they leave this city, we'll stop by for a hello." Replied the masked figure. Their forms disappeared from the roof and into the night.


Hinata left the bathroom and was nearing her room shared with Itachi and paused when she heard the whispering of Sasori, Kisame and Itachi. "I sensed them. Leader must want to know what is keeping us from our jobs." Offered Kisame.

Sasori spoke next, Hinata had to focus in hearing his response. "If he just wants an update from us, he wouldn't be using Hidan and Kakuzu as messengers. Something is coming or is already in place," whether or not there was more to say she didn't know, but Itachi stated loud enough for her to hear, "Whatever their purpose is, we'll find out when we meet them. Let's go to bed. Hinata is tired and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

The sounds of chairs scraping the floor echoed in the night and she knew they felt her standing there. The scraping would never have happen if they weren't hinting she needed to go to her room. The indigo haired beauty slipped into her room and moved lay down on the bed. She didn't need to cover herself, since Itachi suddenly appeared by her side already in bed with her and he was pulling the covers over both of them.

"We will wake up tomorrow morning early and leave before the sun rises. Best go to sleep now." He said quietly and she only nodded in return. He turned off the only light source in the room and they fell into darkness. She was hesitant in her action, but Hinata moved closer to him and rested her head against his chest. She would blame it on her hormones, but she wanted him close to her. It was addictive to have his hands on her. I've never felt as safe anywhere else before he came along… she thought in a slight daze; she was falling asleep. Itachi thought as her eyelids were blinking slowly before they shut closed for a night's sleep.

His right arm pulled her form closer and allowed his body heat to keep her warm and he hoped it made her feel safe. Hidan and Kakuzu are in the city, the only way we could avoid trouble is by meeting with Leader and informing him of our status. He forehead creased slightly as he thought of the trouble impending on the four of them.

After their death and the visit of Hell, the four Akatsuki members came together to discuss the possibility of leaving their organization and had all come to the same conclusion.

They were ready to leave the group. Ever since Hinata and Neji joined their usual two partners and no more than two people policy, the four have changed their rules and have stayed together; now with the Hyuugas with them, their policy has changed and now their ways of life were about ready to change as well. Money is something they needed and Leader paid them for their work. Possibly they could find an easy replacement for income, but the problem lies with the dangers that will follow the six of them if they abandoned the Akatsuki. Two factions would be after them: Konoha and Akatsuki. The end of this would be ugly, he thought bitterly, then looked down to his sleeping lover, but she is worth it to us all. With that he fell into the light sleep he always entered. This light sleep allowed him to be aware of anything unusual preparing to fall on the group and the next second he would be ready for anything.


As promised, the groups finally left the city of Hanatatsu before dawn and made their way out of the city limits. The path they chose was littered with trees dotted here and there along the side of the road and soon they entered a forest. The Akatsuki members knew Hidan and Kakuzu were close and ready to greet them, the only way they could help the situation was by meeting their other members of their organization in secret.

The sky was lighting up as the sun was trying to catch up with the group; night blue was melting into lighter colors and soon tints of orange were littering the sky.

Hinata was walking side by side with Neji enjoying a small talk. They were both garbed in their new cloaks and she was smiling at something he was talking about before two clouds of smoke appeared in front of them. Itachi, Kisame, Sasori, and Deidara all pulled out their weapons as Neji stood in a protective stance in front of his cousin to defend her from the two people that now stood only three feet from their forms.

A man with silver hair combed back with his Akatsuki cloak opened wide enough for his torso to show off his muscles. On his back was a three bladed scythe that made shivers crawl down Hinata's spine. The other man was taller than the first with no face to show his expression. A mask covered his head and only allowed a pair of sick green eyes to stare straight into Neji's soul. It was the most uncomfortable feeling he ever felt.

Hidan offered a polite smile and spoke, "We cam here to see what was the reason why Itachi and Sasori's groups were lacking in their missions."

The stare down continued until Neji spoke in his monotone and almost bored voice, "Please forgive them, they were just being lazy."

The light comment made Hidan's smile seem more sincere, but Neji didn't buy it. Itachi interrupted the meeting of the two newcomers. "Your business is with us; not them. Leave them alone." He ordered Kakuzu turned to face him before returning his gaze on the Hyuugas. "They are wearing the cloaks of our organization and you believe there is no business between us and them?" he chuckled, "You've become foolish Itachi."

Kisame spoke, "Look, we all can agree there is some matters needed to be discussed, so why don't the six of us, not including them, "he pointed to Hinata and Neji, "Go and have a long chat elsewhere."

Silence filled around the eight of them before Hidan spoke again, "No," he said bluntly. "We'll hold onto these two and you four go talk to Leader. When you're done, we'll give them back to you." With that said, he grabbed Hinata and Kakuzu grabbed Neji before the four of them vanished in another puff of smoke. Deidara shrieked the Hyuugas names and Itachi was left starring at the place where Hinata was standing a moment ago. His mind trying to wrap itself around what just happened.

In a split second, his whole world shattered.


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