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"You didn't think I'd leave you to do this on your own, did you… Hokage?"

"Gaara!" Naruto looked up, a smile that was only the faintest shadow of the grins of his youth crossing his face.

Sasuke shot a sharp glance at the Kazekage, "You, too?"

He received a curt nod in return, and Naruto handed the newcomer a scroll. "Glad you could make it. Is Shukaku in on this?"

"He will need to be sealed again when we finish. What of Kyuubi?"

"The fox isn't as bad as he used to be… he's actually the one who came up with the idea."

Sand swirled and settled, "Then let's do this."

The three cut open their thumbs and smeared blood across half-furled parchment before allowing several drops to hit the seal on the ground, collectively channeling every last drop of chakra they had into symbols that exploded into smoke and light.


Points to anyone who can guess what this is about. And here's a hint: it's way overdone, but rarely finished. I'm hoping to not add mine to the list of wallowers, though I shall have to catch up on my Naruto… As I'm currently a full-time student, that'll be tricky, especially with finishing my other stories, but I will do my best. Updates will be slow, and coming chapters will be significantly longer.