The First Conversation


... hello?

I know you exist, and I'm not afraid any more.

Please speak to me.

Speak to you?



Because I want to know you. You came from the Puzzle, didn't you? You weren't here before then.

If you say so.

You don't know?

It is of no consequence.

What do you mean?

Just that.

… who are you? What are you?

I am me. I am you?

Is that a question?

We are not the same?

I … I don't know.

We're talking. Unless I'm talking to myself. And I'm answering myself … this is making my head hurt. Anyway … I really meant, what is your name?

Yuugi Mutou.


Is that not our name?

I meant your name!

I have no other name.

Then am I really talking to myself?

You are speaking to me.

Are you me?

I am me.

…. Now my head really hurts.

It is you who started this conversation.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

I wish you understood what I meant.

Other me? I think you came from the Puzzle. Do you know?

Does it matter?

Just guess!

I … guess, you say?

You sound so confused by that! I wonder why …

Ahem! If I were to guess … I am old. Very old … not like 'you'.

Old …

But I do not remember.

That's sad.

It does not matter.

Why wouldn't it matter? I'm really curious … I'd be sad, if I forgot.

Because I am … here.



What do you mean?

Other me? Hello?

… Hello?

The Second Conversation

I'm impressed! You're awesome at Duel Monsters!

Is that what you call it these days.

Heh, you sound like an old-timer.

Thank you?

… Never mind! You really like games, don't you.

My strengths lie in logic, and my luck is strong. The cards so carefully assembled by Grandpa, they are a force to be reckoned with. Believing in the heart of your cards … it will take you far

You sound like you know what you're talking about.

Didn't Grandpa say that the Blue Eyes White Dragon was his heart?

You didn't get that from Grandpa! You got that somewhere else.

If you say so.

You don't know, huh?

I am sorry. No.

I guess it makes sense though … the Puzzle, it took me eight years to complete it. It was really hard. I'm good at logic and puzzles, too, so it must have been a real challenge!

The Puzzle … it chose you.

It did? I guess it must have … Grandpa says no one's solved it in three thousand years! Do you think it might have been yours?

What makes you say that?

Well, you came out of it! Maybe you were haunting the Puzzle?

I … I suppose …

You sound a little confused! I'm sorry, it's just a thought.

You're assuming I was a person.

Doesn't that seem natural? Other me …

I make a terribly mean ghost.

Ha ha! What makes you say that!?

I'm possessing you then, aren't I?

It's not so bad. Being possessed by you …

You're nothing like any other spirit ever seen.

The Third Conversation


Aibou … ah, you're asleep.

I think perhaps I have always been a spirit, trapped in this Puzzle …

Maybe it was me that chose you, in the end.

The Fourth Conversation

(takes place in the 9th manga when Otogi's father breaks the Puzzle.)

Ah, other me, can you hear me!?

There's no way, is there, you're trapped … until I solve the Puzzle again, you're trapped!

I don't want you to go, I don't! I'll solve this puzzle again, I've got to …

I don't want you to go …

It's hot. I don't care. You're my best friend, other me, and I'll get you back! I promise.


Aibou? Aibou!?

I'm trapped! Something has happened to the Puzzle, I know it! Can you hear me!?

you cannot, can you?

Believe, Aibou. I will believe with you. I don't want to be trapped here again … I will not believe you want me trapped here again!

If there is anyone that can solve the Puzzle again, it is you.

Aibou, partner, I will come back. I promise!

The Fifth Conversation

I almost lost you yesterday. But the Puzzle … the first time, it took me eight years. This time, it only took me a few minutes. It was like … it wanted to be solved.

I wanted you to solve it.

Other me …

The Puzzle … it is the one game I can never play, isn't it? I believed in you, and you believed in yourself.

No, I didn't. I couldn't … I was so scared.

Then how …?

I believed in you.


That's right. We're partners. And that … I don't want that to ever change.