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The New Strain

Part 1- A Call to Arms

It was the end of another day of mostly boring classes at Ginsei Private Academy. At the tone of the dismissal bell, many of the students were only too glad to finally escape from the tedious, everyday studies. True, not much else could be expected at school, but after defending your academy from an army of flesh-eating monsters, excitement at anything less seemed hard to come by. To one group of students, this rang especially true.

"Another day comes to a close," sighed Daihama, "and now it's back to the dorms again… Things have gotten pretty slow around here since Gouta-san and Busujima-san left under "top secret orders." Has it really been a whole week since then?"

"At least they got to go somewhere and do something! Man, when is something exciting going to happen!?" whined Okakura, his ridiculously long pompadour swaying to and fro in the light autumn breeze. "It's been two months since you came back from your little "lunar expedition", Kazuki, and so far you've had no new missions or anything! Why would they call those guys in and not you!?"

Honestly, Okakura didn't care that much about what the Alchemic Regiment might be doing at the time. He was just upset at the sudden recall of Busujima Hanaka. Just when a cute girl finally came along, and he had seen a path open to him that would set him on equal-standing with Kazuki…! There was no justice in the world.

"What do you expect? With Victor and all of the homunculi gone, what did you think would be left for us to do?" came the tart reply from the girl at the head of the group. "Warrior Busujima is one of the most brilliant minds they have, so naturally they'd need her for any aftermath of the whole Victor fiasco. And Gouta was with us for most of that ordeal; they probably want a bystander's point of view on the entire event. They've already questioned Kazuki and I enough… In any case, it's not like we can just ask the Alchemic Regiment to create some new missions for us."

No-nonsense and straight to the point; that's just how Tokiko was. Steady relationship with Kazuki or no, her serious personality hadn't changed one bit. Nobody thought much of it, however. To her friends, Tokiko's unyielding firmness was no different than Mahiro's zeal or Rokumasu's strange calm; the quicker you accepted it, the better off you were.

"I know…" mumbled Okakura, trying to defend himself, "but even without you guys having any missions, why do we have to spend every day after school at the dormitories doing nothing? Why don't we take another trip out to the beach? That was fun!"

"It's the middle of autumn. The beach isn't open. Even if it were, the water would be freezing."

As always, Rokumasu was the first to point out to his big-haired friend the glaring problem with his idea. Sensing an argument, Kazuki quickly intervened with his own suggestion.

"Why don't we go for a bike ride? It's good weather for it."

"A…bike ride?" Okakura couldn't believe his ears. "Kazuki, I have a motorized bike. Why would I want to bother with one that I actually have to pedal!?"

Kazuki responded with a big grin and a thumbs-up.

"Fitness is number one!"

Okakura heaved a huge sigh, knowing full well that Kazuki would not be swayed into another plan now that he had made up his mind. Mahiro gave an enthusiastic shout of agreement, Rokumasu a sort of non-committal shrug, and Daihama a bit of a nervous grin. It wasn't as though he didn't exercise, it was just that with a body as large as his, doing anything that required you to cart your own weight around was a bit harder than it was for most other people. Chisato and Saori (otherwise known as Chii-chin and Saa-chan) were in total agreement with Mahiro. Their friendship with Kazuki's sister had led them to expect spontaneous decisions, and really, sometimes they proved to be a lot of fun. Besides, what could be dangerous about a bike trip?

"So, where should we go?" asked Rokumasu.

"Hmm…" Kazuki paused to think. "Maybe…the next district?"

Okakura nearly choked on his own tongue.

"Are you nuts!? Do you have any idea how far it is!?

"Yeah, but it'd be a great workout!"

Chii-chin stepped forward, a slightly scared look on her face.

"Actually…" she began, timidly, "I don't think it'd be a good idea to go very far from the school…"

"Huh? Why not?" Mahiro asked. "It'll be fun!"

"I know, it's just…well, on the news yesterday, they were talking about the town over in the third district to the West. In the past month, six people have disappeared from the area without a trace!"

This news left everyone surprised. Kazuki and Tokiko wondered for a moment if it could have been… No. That was impossible. All the homunculi were gone, except that nutcase Papillon, and he didn't eat people anyway. Besides, last they'd heard, he'd been seen in the skies over Kyushu.

"Alright," Kazuki relented, "maybe a quick race around the block, then?"


Surprisingly, it was Tokiko who made the first challenge to this suggestion.

"But…we don't have enough bikes to go around! I don't even own one!"

"Aw, that's not a problem, Tokiko-san. You can ride on the back of mine! Just hang tight to my shoulders, and I can do the pedaling for both of us! No point in hiding it now! I'm a master when it comes to cycling!"

Tokiko turned slightly red and glanced away. Share a bike…clinging tightly to him, the whole time? Kazuki's idea did make sense, and she was, after all, his girlfriend, but somehow, standing amidst these friends of hers that seemed to overreact to every small matter, Tokiko was sure that she would regret it if she agreed to such a thing. Was it worth the embarrassment?

Fortunately she was saved the bother of deciding.

"Tsumura-san! Mutou-kun!"

It was right at that moment that Hayasaka Ouka came running down the path towards them. By the look of her, she had clearly been running for a fair stretch, as she was very red in the face and was panting heavily as she approached. There seemed to be a sense of urgency in her expression.

"Ouka-senpai? What brings you here? You wanna come with us on our bike ride?"

Ouka shook her head as she struggled to catch her breath, sending huge ripples through her mane of dark hair. Finally she raised her eyes and gasped out a few words.

"Behind…school…needs…to talk to you…"

Tokiko's eyebrows raised at this.

"What? Who wants to talk to us?" she inquired.

Ouka finally regulated her breathing and straightened up.

"I just met him behind the school building. He asked me to find you two. He says it's a matter of great importance!"


"Captain Bravo!"

Tokiko and Kazuki's eyes widened as they exchanged a glance.


"Bravo's here?"

Commander Sakimori, or Captain Bravo as he was better known, was an interesting man. Sure, he was great fun to have around, and if anyone could liven up a boring afternoon, it was him. However, his presence anywhere always indicated that something big was about to happen. The whole ordeal with the L.X.E. and Victor had been proof of that. Kazuki hoped that they weren't about to be asked to hunt and kill another Alchemist Warrior, as the Alchemic Regiment had once tried to do to him. The very thought made him sick to his stomach.

"Well," Tokiko said, "we'd better see what this is about. Lead the way, Ouka."

"Sorry, I can't. I must go and find Shusui next; we'll be joining you later. Good luck!"

Ouka dashed away in search of her twin brother, leaving the others to contemplate her message.

"Well, this is more like it!" Okakura grinned. "Things are finally getting interesting!"


Just as Ouka had said, Captain Bravo was indeed waiting just behind the school for Kazuki and Tokiko to appear. What really got their attention though, was that Bravo was wearing his metal jacket Busou Renkin- the Silver Skin. Tokiko became a bit worried at seeing this. The kakugane were all supposed to have been recalled until the time arose for the Alchemic Regiment to continue using them. What could possibly have happened?

"Good afternoon, Warrior Kazuki. Warrior Tokiko. Oh…and all of you as well," Bravo greeted them. "I hope you haven't been tearing the dormitories apart without me here to watch all of you".

"It's good to see you again, Bravo!" said Kazuki.

"Where have you been all this time?" Mahiro wanted to know.

"How can you see where you're going, dressed like that?" quipped Rokumasu.

Tokiko, as usual, was all business.

"What's happening, Commander? Why have you been issued your kakugane?"

"I'm sorry to have to ask anything of you two this soon, but I've come here under direct orders from Commander-General Shousei to bring the two of you to the Alchemic Regiment's home base," said Bravo. "We've got a crisis on our hands that may be alchemy-related and we need every available Warrior on the job! Are you two up to it?"

Kazuki gave a sharp salute with a grin.

"Reporting fit for duty, Captain Bravo!"

Tokiko gave a nod of assent.

"Bravo!! Then let's send the message to our transport…"

Captain Bravo pulled a cellular phone from a pocket of the Silver Skin and muttered something into the mouth piece. Afterwards, he hung up the phone, slipped it back into his pocket and turned towards the East, his eyes on the sky.

"Bravo…," Kazuki began, tentatively, "what exactly is this crisis? We're not being sent out to exterminate a fellow Warrior, are we?"

"No," answered Bravo, "nothing like that. Just wait until we return to the base, Warrior Kazuki. We will be able to better explain everything then. Incidentally…"

Bravo turned his head towards them, peering out from between the brim of his hat and the top of his collar.

"What were you setting out to do when I sent young Miss Hayasaka to find you? I hope I haven't interrupted anything special?"

"Onii-san was going to lead us all on a cycling race!" Mahiro chimed in.

"Oh? Well then, how about this? When this entire situation has been handled, I'll come back here with these two, then I'll bring you all to the ideal spot for a bike expedition? Plenty of open space and some pretty decent hills. I'll even join you!"

"Yay!" Mahiro cheered. "Bravo, you're the best!"

About that time, the sound of a propeller could be heard, and a large, black military helicopter came rocketing towards them out of the blue. The symbol of the Alchemic Regiment was stamped on the side. Once it got close enough, the copter hovered in place and lowered down a rope ladder.

"Come, Warrior Kazuki, Warrior Tokiko. We must leave now," Bravo declared. "You kids wait here at the school. I'll tell you everything once we find out what-"

"Oh, no you don't!" shouted Okakura "Were going with you! This time, we want to know everything that's going on, as it happens!"

"O-Okakura!" Daihama sputtered, trying to silence his friend, "That's not our decision to make!"

Rokumasu rubbed his chin with one hand. "But it would be interesting to see the base of the Alchemic Regiment… What do you say, Bravo? Let us come along?"

"Well…." Bravo said, "I suppose there wouldn't be any real harm to it. Okay, you may come with us under my protection. But, when the time comes to deploy Warriors Tokiko and Kazuki, you will not be going with them! These missions are Alchemist Warriors only, understand?"

"Agreed!" the others shouted as one. Tokiko helped Mahiro, Chii-chin and Saa-chan ascend first, then Okakura, Rokumasu and Daihama climbed up. Finally, Tokiko and Kazuki made their way up the ladder with Captain Bravo bringing up the rear. Once inside the chopper, Bravo began explaining the extra passengers to the pilot, but the interest of the others was firmly caught by the presence of another person.


The sandy-haired teen grinned up at them from his seat. He was wearing his usual black pants and blue Hawaiian shirt.

"Welcome aboard, Tokiko-senpai, Mutou, and…wow, you brought a lot of people, Bravo. I already thought it was too crowded in here!"

With these words, Gouta shot a look of annoyance at another passenger. This one was near the back of the copter, in another seat, but his form was cloaked in shadow, making his identity impossible to decipher. He was also, if the loud snores coming from his direction were any indication, sound asleep.

"Warrior Gouta, that is no way to speak of your superior officer, no matter what resentments you might harbor towards him. You know that."

The speaker, Warrior Tateyama Chitose, stepped out of the cockpit, her eyes currently on the readout screen of her radar Busou Renkin, Hermes Drive.

"I know, but I can't help it. Maybe if he acted more like a superior officer-"

"His personality aside," Chitose interrupted, "he has still proven himself a capable Alchemist Warrior time and again. As he is going to be your team leader for this upcoming mission, you'd best learn to tolerate it at the least. Of course, that goes for you two as well."

Chitose pointed a finger towards Kazuki and Tokiko, her expression showing that she was quite serious. Kazuki turned towards Bravo, looking confused.

"Bravowe're not going to be under your command this time?"

"Unfortunately, no. I requested permission to lead you, but I'm needed elsewhere. Therefore, I had to delegate responsibility to the highest-ranked person available. You two, as well as Warrior Gouta will be under the authority of my Assistant Commander-"

At that moment the shadow in the back of the copter made a loud snorting noise and awoke with a start.

"Someone say my name? I vote for Commander Bravo's plan!"

Whoever it was had a rather high-pitched voice for a man. The type of voice that hid impish laughter behind it. The type of voice one might expect from someone whose middle name was "Trouble". The type of voice that told Tokiko, instinctively, that she was not going to like whoever owned it.

"The voting was over with hours ago, Assistant Commander," Chitose announced, looking rather tight-lipped as she addressed the half-asleep shadow. "Even so, please wake up. Your new charges have arrived."

"Oh, is that so?" yawned the mystery man, "Alright, alright, I'm awake now, Chitose-chan…"

Chitose's mouth became thinner yet at the informal greeting. The man stood up and stepped into a better-lit section of the chopper, revealing his full form. He seemed to be young, around college-age at most, stood roughly five-foot-ten and was thin, but quite muscular in the shoulders. He was garbed in a black, sleeveless shirt that had the symbol of the Alchemic Regiment in white on the chest, fingerless black gloves, a pair of combat fatigues with enormous cargo pockets, and a pair of thick-soled black boots that were covered in buckles all down the ankles. The fatigue pants were a camouflage pattern, spatters of black and dark green; the flap of each pocket was a hexagon shape and, like his shirt, bore a white symbol indicating the Alchemic Regiment. He had thick, messy hair that was a dark, forest green shade, and was held up out of his eyes with a black headband, tied at the back. Why he bothered to keep his hair out of his eyes was a mystery, as they were squinted enough to appear shut. With his squinted eyes added to a pointed nose and thin mouth, the assembled teenagers all thought the same thing at the same moment.

He's a green fox!?

"Oh…" said the mysterious youth, a playful grin crossing his features, "so these are the ones I'm getting teamed with? Thanks, Commander, you shouldn't have!"

With that, the young man ran over and draped his arms around the shoulders of Saa-chan, Chii-chin, and Mahiro.

"My new teammates are cute ones…in school-girl uniforms, too! You three want some of my private stock of sake once we get back to the base? Oh, wait, I suppose you're not old enough to drink yet, are you? Well, maybe just some tea?"

The three girls grinned nervously, unsure how to explain things to this man, and feeling a slight stinging in their eyes; the smell of stale liquor radiated from his body like a poisonous gas.

"Er…Assistant Commander, those girls are not even within the ranks of the Alchemic Regiment. You are to be teamed with these three." Chitose said, indicating Tokiko, Kazuki, and Gouta. "You did read the dossier I gave you on them?"

"Er…yeah, I might've looked it over at some point. Hang on…"

Chitose gave a barely-noticeable roll of her eyes. The young man, apparently not noticing, reached into one of his cargo pockets and pulled out a crumpled scrap of paper.

"Let's see now…You must be…Nakamura Gouta…17 years…blood type AB…only recently became a Warrior, but has displayed above-average skill in the use of Busou Renkin and superior tactics abilities. And, lemme see…that means this here…is yours."

The young man reached into his pocket again, and tossed something to Gouta. The sandy-haired alchemist caught it and held it up to the light. A silver-colored metal hexagon with an inscription on the front; the symbol of the Alchemic Regiment as well as the serial number LV. (55) Gouta pocketed the kakugane, but the look he was giving the man hadn't become any less critical. Tokiko was beginning to see why he had seemed so annoyed with this guy's presence.

"Next," continued the mystery-man, "we have…Tsumura Tokiko…oh, so you're Tokiko, huh? I've heard a few things; maybe I should just call you "Tsumurin"? Heh…"

If this man had been possessed of normal fears, or at least common sense, he likely would have vacated the aircraft after speaking those words; Tokiko's face plainly stated that she now wanted him to die. No, first to be broken, then disemboweled, then bled out, and then he could die. If it weren't for Kazuki holding her under the arms, she probably would have tried to do so, too. Either unaware or uncaring of the obvious bloodlust beaming in his direction, the so-called Assistant Commander continued.

"Currently age 18…heh, well, that's out of the way, then… uh...geez this writing is tiny…"

"Try opening your eyes all the way, genius…" muttered Gouta.

"…blood type A, a truly outstanding Warrior, highly skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and Busou Renkin. I'll bet you are…" whispered the youth, glancing at the scar across Tokiko's face, "but that remains to be seen. In any event, this belongs to you."

With another dip into his pocket, the man flipped a second kakugane into Tokiko's hands; serial number XLIV. (44) Tokiko ran her fingers over the inscribed numerals, feeling slightly nostalgic. She had only been without her kakugane for two months, and yet, having it in her hand now, it seemed like an old friend who had been gone for years and suddenly returned for a surprise visit. For just a second, Tokiko entertained the idea of activating her Busou Renkin and teaching this upstart exactly how skilled she was…but no. Not with Bravo standing right there. Another time, perhaps.

"And that just leaves…Mutou Kazuki. Currently age 16, blood type O. Has shown powerful ability with Busou Renkin, all-around good personality, and- Oh… How interesting…"

The man pointed his squinty eyes at Kazuki, as if studying him.

"So it's you…the one once called Victor III…as well as the one who defeated my Commander. Oh yes, I have heard a lot about you, Mutou-kun. Heh heh…"

He was smiling now, a strange type of smile. Kazuki couldn't tell if this man was trying to be friendly or challenging. It seemed like he was almost looking…competitive?

"Anyway," the man continued, the bizarre smile suddenly swept from his face to be replaced again by the sleepy expression, "I don't have a kakugane for you, but that shouldn't be a problem. You currently possess Black Kakugane III, its' Victorizing effects neutralized by the power of a White Kakugane, and you are using it as both a replacement heart and the means to materialize your Busou Renkin, correct?"

"Uh…yeah, that's how it works, I guess," Kazuki answered. "So…who exactly are you?"

"Huh? Oh, me? I am Assistant Commander under Commander Sakimori "Bravo" Mamoru. My name is Kakusu Takeshi. Age 20, blood type A, formerly a member of the Alchemic Regiment Special Ops."

Takeshi jerked a thumb at the sleeveless shirt he wore.

"My hobbies include, but are not limited to, chasing cute girls and drinking sake. The order of those two tends to get mixed around a lot," he added. "So…instead of three pretty school-girls I'm teamed with these three, huh? Well, I suppose it's not all bad. You're quite attractive too, Tokiko-chan."

The Assistant Commander grinned in what he apparently figured was a suave manner. Gouta gritted his teeth; he might have lost out to Kazuki already, but even so, talking to Tokiko-senpai like that…! Tokiko let out a low growl and fingered her kakugane. Sensing danger, Kazuki placed a hand on her shoulder with a pleading smile. Tokiko hesitated, then reluctantly withdrew her hand from the kakugane, earning a pleased look from Kazuki. Noting their expressions, Takeshi's eyebrows raised as comprehension dawned.

"Oh…I see…My apologies, Mutou-kun," he chuckled. "Didn't know she was spoken for. Well, that's fine. Just means a change in the rules."


"Yep. "Look but don't touch." Ah…maybe just an occasional touch…"

What a pervert. Tokiko thought. The women of the world would be much safer if I split him open now…

Sensing danger again, Kazuki hastily spat out a question.

"What exactly is an Assistant Commander anyway?"

"A new rank that we're testing out," answered Bravo. "It is a rank assigned to those who we feel are above the level of the average Alchemic Warrior, but not quite ready to be made a Commander. They are then assigned to specific Commanders to handle the missions that their Commander can't be spared for."

"Commander Hiwatari has one, too," Gouta interjected. "Busujima-san was recently promoted and now works directly with him."

"Lucky devil," Takeshi chimed in, "He gets sweet little Hanaka-chan all to himself. The shy types have an appeal that is all their own…"

At this, even Okakura was showing definite signs of wanting to throttle the amorous fox-faced man.

"I wanted the position myself," Chitose said, the barest touch of jealousy hidden in her calm voice, "but in the final results, Assistant Commander Kakusu was just slightly more qualified."

"Aw, stop, Chitose-chan, you're embarrassing me…and just call me Takeshi."

The Hermes Drive gave a shrill beep just then and Chitose glanced at the screen.

"We're nearly there. Descent to begin in two minutes."

"So," Bravo stated, "that about covers the introductions I think. Once we arrive at the home base, Commander-General Shousei himself will brief you on your mission. It should be a fairly easy one for a team like yours."

Even with his face mostly hidden behind the Silver Skin, Kazuki could tell that Bravo was giving them an encouraging smile. He whipped his right hand up into a sharp salute.

"No problem, Captain Bravo! We will definitely accomplish our mission!"

Bravo's smile widened before he leaned towards Kazuki and spoke in an undertone.

"By the way…I hope you can forgive the…irregular conduct of my lieutenant. He is truly an excellent warrior and a valuable asset to the regiment. He just has some less-than-desirable quirks I haven't been able to eradicate yet. Were it left up to me, I would lead this mission myself."

Kazuki grinned in a carefree manner.

"Don't worry," he whispered back, "if he's been learning from you, then he must be a good guy. I think we'll get along just fine."

Easily accepting the situation, as he was prone to do, Kazuki put out an arm to shake hands with the Assistant Commander. However, Tokiko slapped his hand down and stepped forth with a cry of protest.

"Commander, this is absurd! You can't really expect us to perform a mission under the command of someone like him!" she exclaimed, openly pointing right at Takeshi. "He doesn't even act like an Alchemic Warrior, let alone an Assistant Commander! Any of us three would be better suited for leading this mission!"

A hush fell upon the assembled group and Tokiko was painfully aware of everyone staring at her. After a moment, the silence was broken first by Chitose.

"Warrior Tokiko, as I said to Warrior Gouta, it would be better to treat your superior officer-"

"Prove it."

All eyes turned to Takeshi, who was standing with his arms crossed.

"What?" Tokiko said.

"Well, you're so certain that you can do better than I can, Tokiko-chan," Takeshi scoffed, emphasizing the word just to irritate her, "so prove it. I'll give you a fair chance. Once we reach the base, I'll take you on. My Busou Renkin against yours. In fact, you did say "any of you three", correct? So I'll face all of you. One at a time, or all together; whatever order you want."

Tokiko stared blankly for a moment, then the warrior glow leapt into her eyes.

"Fine. If any one of us can beat you, then we do the mission ourselves and you get lost."

"But if I beat the lot of you," Takeshi chuckled, "then I call the shots, and I hear no more complaining from you or the mumbler over there."

He jerked his head at Gouta, who looked surprised. Takeshi snickered.

"Next time you wanna have a funny thought about my eyes, try keeping it in your head where I can't hear it, genius."

"Now really," Chitose began, "it isn't up to us to decide who goes on the missions…"

Chitose trailed off at a look from Bravo.

"Let it go, Chitose. This may be just what this team needs to pull it together."

"So!" Takeshi said, "we got the terms straight? You know…"

His squinted eyes opened slightly, just enough to show his dark green irises as he grinned wickedly down at Tokiko.

"You can still back out, Tsumurin. Just say please."

If Tokiko had even had any doubts at the start, that comment, coupled with the hated nickname (where had he heard that name from!? Ah well, one more thing to ask him once she kicked his stupid fox-face in.) would have driven them clear out of her mind. Tokiko stuck out her hand with a defiant glare.

"You're on."

The two shook hands, Tokiko doing her best to crush his large knuckles, although her small hands were far from up to the task.

"You'll be sorrrrrryyyyyy…." Takeshi crooned, in an annoying sing-song tone.

"I'll only regret not meeting you sooner so I could beat you down that much quicker."


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