A/N: This story is about me getting stuck in the Resident Evil 4 reality. I will be writing from a third person view to try to make this a novelization of Resident Evil 4! The plot starts to change slowly till soon everything spins out of control! Buah!HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I haven't wrote a story for years so don't be surprised if I misspelled or something like that. Please Review!...And be gentle... This story will be rated T for VIOLENCE, BLOOD,GORE, and HORROR! HE! HAHAHAHAH!

Resident Evil 4: A Twist in Reality

Prolog: Kidnapped! That Sucks!

"Oh no you don't! Take that moooooooron!" Sheila crowed as she threw a grenade at the giant chainsaw maniac who tried to take off her character's head.

The grenade was the final blow for the monster, officially making her score 60,240! Fingers worked furiously as the final seconds counted down. The Ganados on the screen screamed as their untimely deaths were delivered with the profiency of a proffesional papeeboy delivering todays newspaper, until the helicopter at last picked up the victor, thus ending the Mercinary's game. The teen let out a shout of victory! She finally did it! Now she could get the weopan she's practically been drooling o er since reading about it in the 'Resident Evil 4' hand-guide - the hand-cannon!

"Now thats what I'm talking about!"

"Sheila! Go to Bed," camed the cranky yell of her mother. Thedeeprr tones of her father's voice followed before all was silent once again.

With a roll of her hazle eyes, Sheils quieted down. Admittedly, she was a little annoyed with herself for waking them up. But she was just so excited that she actually did it! After solving the game a couple of times and solving Ada's adventures, she decided to give the mercenaries another try. Now she was glad she did! The gamer inside purred at the taste of long fought for victory, savoring the taste like a wine connoisseur does at a wine tasting.

Leaning back her large comfortable pillows, the teen decided to try out her new toy before calling it quits. However, this decision would prove to be more than she could handle. As she loaded "NEW GAME," the screen quite suddenly turned black.

"Hey! Don't mess up now, you-" she stopped when she saw Wesker - the amazingly wicked man in black - staring right at her from the screen.

At least she thought it was him...

"What the?"

Even though Wesker had his shades on, she could tell he looked a little surprised. Dropping the Ps2 controller, Sheila took off her glasses to clean them, as if rubbing the imaginary smudges on her glasses would wipe away what her eyes were seeing. Denial sadly is a common trait in humanity.

"Who are you, and how did you patch into my computer? Nobody has ever jacked into this line," He said in a calm yet demanding voice. Sheila pinched herself, trying to wake herself up from this crazy dream. What struck her the strangest was that Wesker looked real, and not like a video game character.

Maybe she was dreaming?

Wesker cocked his head and appeared to study her. His mouth was curved into a half smile. And everybody who has played Resident Evil, knows that this was a sign of blood and death to come. The gamer recoiled. Sure, dreaming about her favorite villian could be fun if it wasn't for the part of being the subject of his diobolical scrutiny. Especially since her night ware was simply a pair of black rebok shorts and a long unflattering t-shirt with Betty-Boop winking while blowing a kiss plastering thr front.

This was just too creepy to be real. Pinching herself only served to be a painful reminder that she wasn't dreaming.

Leaning back, Wesker interrupted her thought process by saying in a confidant tone, "I believe I do know who you are. You're-"

Sheila unpluged her TV and turned off her Ps2 console. She trembled from shock. An evil game character actually spoke to her! Was she going crazy?

After five minutes of staring at the TV for something to happen, she decided to call it a night and go to sleep. Slipping under the covers, she settled down to go to sleep, already blowing off the weird TV thing due to sleep deprivation. For there was no way a super villian took over game in order to accuse her of being a hacker. It was utterly rediculous, and a ugly reminder to take a break from video games for awhile.

As she started to doze off, the TV flared to life, startling the teen from her rest. She looked at the wall outlets, making sure the TV was still unplugged. Fear and curiosity drew her in as the whole room was bathed in a blinding white light. She heard electricity crackle every where; the room swirling faster and faster until she grew so dizzy that she finally passed out.


Wesker turned off his super computer and shook his head. He didn't like it when people spyed on him. Especially since he preferred to do the spying. The tyrant stood up and stretched, getting all the kinks out. Strange, the villian thought to himself. He couldn't believe of all the people who would find the way to brake through all his encryption codes he placed on his private computer, it was her! She was just a teenager, a simple every day girl. No, she had to have help, but who?

Wesker smiled, hearing opportunity knocking. He could use her to get to his ever eluding enemies, Chris and Clair Redfield. Knowing that they had a strong bond between them since the airplane crash, Intel told him that they kept in tabs for two years since then. Maybe this was a nudge from fate herself to... speed up certain plans he's pug on simmer for awhile now.

He chuckled as he got ready for bed. First thing in the morning, he was going to contact Krauser and tell him that there will be a slight change in plans.

"This should be interesting."


Sheila woke up to her rude awakening alarm clock. She groaned as she got up from bed, trying to stay awake. First things first was turning off the annoying clock, grumbling over stupid gag Christmas gifts and asking her mother to oversee her father's gift shopping for tge next holiday. Dying for some caffeine, the night owl slowly crawled out of the warm cocoon of blankets and fluffy pillows to get ready for the day.

Her morning ritual took thirty minutes, as usual. Then she proceeded to make some coffee and sat down to relax while reading a book as she ate her blueberry muffin. After ten minutes went by, she got up and grabbed her purse and keys and left. Already pushing away to the back of her mind what happened last night. Big mistake! What she failed to realise was the it was not a bad dream or a hallucination. It really did happen.

Of course in her rush to work, the silly girl failed to notice the pictures showing a smiling Sheila, Chris, and Claire in different places like theme parks and beaches; that sort of thing. Somehow, her reality got twisted with the Resident Evil world. And that my dear readers, is never a good thing.


"Come on Sheila! We have to get to our favorite seats before someone else does!"

"I'm coming! Sheesh! I'm the one caring all the snacks," Sheila replied with irritation.

The girl tried to remember why she thought it was a good idea to take the two younger kids with her to the movies. Sure they were like family, but dang! They could really get under your skin sometimes! She figured that she must be crazy. It was the only thing that explained why she was doing this in the first place.

Katrina (Katie) and Decoda ( Cody ) were the names of her young companions. They were cousins who saw each other all the time, which meant they fought constantly. Katie was a red headed 12 year old with a temper to match, had blue eyes, freckles, and a cute oval face. Cody, a blond, blue eyed, 10 year old rascal was at the age of rebelling against any figure of authority. It was only the grace of God that kept Sheila from leaving them at a deserted dirt road.

All the way up to the theater they bickered over stupid things. And now they were fighting over who would sit next to her.

Uuuurgh! Just go to your happy place.

"I said I get to sit next to her in the car when we go home!" Katy growled, casting her younger cousin a withering glare.

Ignore them. You're at the beach...

"Nuh Uuh! I said it first!" Cody replied, reaching over to poke Katy harshly in her ribs.

The sound of waves-

"Don't you touch me, Cody!"


I'm warning you!"

The sun gently warming your skin as-

"That's it! YOU'RE DEAD!" Katy screamed, turning to beat the ever living crap out of the mischevious boy.

"SHUT UP!" Sheila screamed.

Everyone stopped and gave her disapproving looks. Sheila blushed and hurried them to some seats.

Their seats were the last row where you could see the picture just fine without giving yourself a crank in the neck trying to watch it. Nobody was sitting in the back row which made her happy. Very happy! Happy because nobody would see her beat the living day lights out of the two kids if they kept it up with their bickering. She quickly solved the situation with the seating arrangement by sitting between them, this way they couldn't even look at other. Muah! HAHAHAHAHA!

Time to give a little background of one of the keh players in this crazy tale of mine. Sheila was an 18 year old high school graduate who has been dying to have a little time to do something interesting besides working and college. (Through the mail, her family doesn't have the money to send the girl to the college of her choice yet.)

Usually she would play games with her family, play Resident Evil 4 on her PlayStation 2, paint or play the piano. But lately, the teen has been too busy babysitting her niece and working to really stop and simply enjoy the small things in life. So you see why she was crazy enough to bring these two along with her on what was supposed to be a fun time. Children are innocent and always a great reminder to appreciate life in its entirety... They are also quite a pain in the neck, as clearly demonstrated.

Sheila was 5'3, chubby but petite boned, had natural curly red hair that went down to her waist and loved to be rebellious and hated the brish, was pale of skin, and the owner of a pair of blue/green Hazel eyes that always seemed to shine with mischievousness. Tonight, she had on a sleeveless white button up shirt on, khaki shorts and black boots with no heels of course! There was a warm front in the south during the autumn season, so shorts and Cottam shirts are a common sight in this region of the States.

"Sheshe, can you hold my snack and drink for me? I got to go to the bathroom," Katie asked. Sheila smiled and put her stuff down and grabbed Katie's drink and popcorn for her.

She then turned to the hungry boy who already was devouring his snacks and said, "You better go too. Better now than in the middle of the movie."

Cody cocked his head and thought about it for a second. "Hmmmmmm. Okay."

He put his nachoes & cheese in her lap and his drink on the ground and went to the bathroom, whistling.

Sheila sighed and smiled. Alone at last... Well for the moment at least.

The lights went out as the previews appeared on the movie screen. She took a sip from Katie's coke while focusing on the screen, too occupied to notice a large figure looming behind her. A chill went down her spine suddenly. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Senses she didn't even know she haf kicked into alert mode. Something was wrong.

Suddenly, two large male hands lifted her out of her seat like she weighed practically nothing. Next thing the girl knew, she was standing with her back pressed up against a wall of rock hard muscle. An arm of steel was wrapped around her waist while a large gloved hand clamped over her mouth.

She began to struggle with vigour when a mysteriously familiar voice whispered in her ear, "Calm down. If you don't do as I say, those kids won't live to see their next birthday."

Hazle eyes widened with growing alarm at the threat. Her eyes scanned around the crowd, hoping that someone would help. It's not like everybody was blind. They might as well have been, for not one person payed attention to what was going down in the back row. That didn't surprise her, after all this was the town where gossip abounds while the truth could stare them in the face and they would still believe the lies told by their bff's. She stopped struggling, glaring at the audience spellbound by the previews.

Stupid People!

"Now listen up! We're going to leave this place like a happy couple. I'm going to let you go now and hold your hand as if nothing is wrong. If you make a scene, people will die. I got a Killer 7 magnum handy, so trust me when I say I will kill everyone without blinking. Got it?"

She reluctantly nodded. He let her go and stepped back. Both afraid to look her captor in the face and too stubborn to fully comply like some lost little lamb, the teen refused to move and waited for him to make the first move. Grabbing her hand , the tall muscular figure led her out into the next area beyo d the double doors, which was the snack room. She quickly looked at the bathrooms as they past them, hoping the kids would stay in there until they left. She couldn't bare it if anything happened to them.

Luckily, they exited the room with no problems, which made her sigh in relief. Now they were in the tiny room that lead ouside in the parking lot. She wondered what he was going to do since the windows were large and had a good view of who was coming and who was going.

"Excuse me, sir, ma'am? If you are planning to leave and come back later, you'll have to have your ticket stubs with you or I won't be able to let you back in," the desk lady called out.

The stranger squeezed her hand painfully, letting her know he meant business earlier. She smiled and looked at the lady at the desk.

"Don't worry. We have our stubs in the car outside. My boyfriend is walking me to the car to get my purse. Silly me forgot it in my unlocked car. Heh! Heh!" Sheila said nervously, hoping the lady would remember her as the girl with the crazy kids and call the police when they exited the building. But of course she didn't. The kind but oblivious woman just smiled and went back to the snack bar.

They exited the theater and and walked around to the back of the building. The theater was sharing the building with a Chinese restaurant and a beauty salon. Which gave her hope that all the cars that was driving by would notice the big black van and two people that wasn't suppose to be there, and call the freaking police!

Nobody did, nobody cared.

She finally looked up at her captor and saw his face in the dim lighting of the street lights. Her eyes widened. The guy look like Jack Krauser! He had the same scars, blond hair, and the same build. And boy was he tall! He was 6'3 or 6'4 feet in height, at least. It really made her feel like a hobbit compared to him!

"Holy Moly! Jack Krauser!... Wait, no Sheila. He just looks like a Resident Evil 4 fictional character, that's all. Just calm down. Okay? Okay!" Sheila mentally assured herself. But that voice she only knew too well spoke to her in his gruff, smug way, confirming the side of her that was believing it. The other half was in oblivious land, and wanted to stay there.

"Very good. You had me worried there for a minute. I thought I would get my hands dirty from the massacre that you would have caused. In a way, I'm kinda disappointed."

Sheila's temper grew from his horrible statement. How dare he say that! Nobody intimidates her! The teenager straightened to her full 5'3 height and poked him in the chest, telling him off in her own typical way.

"Oh really! How dare you come and threaten my friends and the people here! Do you know who you are messing with pal? Do you think I'm going to take this crap from you, you good for nothing, stupid, smelly, ugly, sicko, MONKEY BUTT!"

Sheila trembled with rage and stared at the Jack Krauser wanna bee. He just stared back, his eyes narrowed and his fists clenched. Anger deflated as her sanity returned. Biting her rose pink bottom lip, the teen started to think that maybe she went too far. It's not the smartest thing to do, in fact, it is downright stupid. The point was proven when in a blink of an eye, the man reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a syringe filled with a clear drug.

She gulped and started to smile, saying, "Hey there! Now put the large needle down. You said some things, I said some things. Heh, let's put it behind us and move for-"

The needle pierced the fragile skin of her neck quickly, and injected the drug. Her vision got blurry as her legs became numb.

She fell into the mans arms, faintly hearing him say, "Hmph. You talk too much. I could kill you for your idiotic words, but I better not. You're the perfect specimen for the "Queen Plagas project".

He scooped her iup bridal style before placing the teen in the back of the van none too gently. Slowly strolling over to the drivers side, he them pulled out his cell and dialed the number he k ew from heart.

"I found the perfect subject for your plans... Yes sir... Of course. It'll be a little tough to get Saddler to go along with the slight change of plans, but I already got an offer he can't refuse... I know... Ada! But sir... Yes sir. I understand... I won't let you down, Wesker."

And after hearing that, Sheila slipped into unconsciousness.

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