A/N: Yay! Round two for Krauser and Leon. Except this time, he's got help!

Resident evil 4: A Twist In Reality

Chapter 38: The Hunter and the Hunted

It was business as always with the merchant. Some witty words were exchanged, money was given for an upgrade or healing item, then the farewells were given as they departed. Nothing else was said between the four as they trudged on to the next area. From the looks of things, this was some kind of ancient ruins of an old village. Older then the village of Pueblo. And unlike that evil little village, this one was clearly abandoned long ago. Or so they thought.

Leon was ahead of the group, making his way across the ruins. As he drew closer a small, old, square one room building, he noticed that maybe this place wasn't a ghost town after all. The metal bar door with an electronic lock definitely didn't fit the time period when this place was a thriving small city.

Further proof of a presence among them was when a deep, taunting voice spoke from across the way.

"So, you two are all hooked up now, is that it?"

The small troupe paused, looking at the large man. HE had discarded his tactical shirt, standing bare chested with the exception of his weapons belt criss-crossed around his chest. His face was painted with red camo paint, as if an Native American Brave with his war paint on. He was completely intimidating in this representation of confidence and power.

"Where's the girls?"

Krauser snorted at the agent's naive question.

"Do you really want to know?.. They're beyond that gate. But you four will need three insignias to open it."

"Leave them out of this. This is between you and me, Krauser."

But the determined, calm man continued on as if he hasn't said a word, walking slowly with his arms crossed.

"There's one in the north... and another in the east."

Krauser stopped walking, looking at the group with a creepy excited expression.

"And let me guess... you have the last one."

Chuckling, Krauser replied, "It pretty much means I have you four on a tight leash. But I'll settle for you, Leon. The rest can turn around and leave in one piece."

Krauser pulls out a TMP and aims it at Leon. His orders were simple. Take out Leon, allow the other three to live. But people can get caught in the crossfire, it happens every day. And that is the story he's sticking with when he's completed his objective.

"Sounds like you thought this one out pretty well," Leon replied evenly as he slowly reached for his tiny grappling hook.

Conversation done, Leon threw the grappling hook at the ex-soldier while making a mad dash for cover behind a crumbled, unstable wall. The others had to settle for backtracking a little for cover since Krauser had easily knocked the grappling hook to the side with his gun, then sprayed the entire area with bullets.

"Run, Leon! Run!" Krauswer taunted loudly over the gunfire.

The wall Leon used for cover wasn't holding out well. He had to move on, and do it alone.

"You guys stay back! This is between me and him!"

Before the others could reply, Leon made another mad dash toward to small, square one room building. The barred door opened easily, though that was the only easy thing about this new predicament. Now, the ultimate life and death game would begin. Without stopping or looking around, the agent climbed up the metal ladder, knowing that Krauswer wouldn't be too far behind.

When the gun fire stopped, Chris gave a look at the other two, then ran toward the building. The human blur of the determined blond knocked him to the ground, then leaped uptop of the building LEon waiting on.

Krauser smirked when seeing Leon standing there, knife poised and ready. Pulling out a larger knife, the bitter man zipped back and forth so quickly, that the agent found it hard to predict what he was going to do next. It wasn't till Jack was standing in front of him and attempting to slash his neck did the agent react.

Knives clashed, and for the moment, Leon seemed to have escaped the danger. But Krauser wasn't palying by the rules, using his new superior strength to back hand the agent into next year. Poor Leon felt a new world of pain explode from the contact, and as he flew threw the air, he swore he saw stars. His back hit the edge of the building, nearly toppling over. Instead, he found his balance and managed to slide down ungracefully on his butt.

"Come on, Leon! Is that all you got?"

Several gun shots in the back interrupted the battle between hunter and his prey. Locking eyes with Chris, Krauser sneered.

"So you decided to join our little game. Heh! Wesker gives you more credit on your intelligence then you deserve."


Krauser threw a flash grenade down, blinding the two men as he made his escape. Luis and Claire's voices of concerns down below in the small building slowly brought them back from their blinding haze.

"We're fine. Just a little... dizzy," Chris grumbled, shaking his head in attempt to get rid of the ringing and dizziness effects from the flash grenade. "I'm beginning to hate that guy."

"You shouldn't be here. This is between me and him," Leon repeated what he said earlier as he angrily climbed down the latter.

"Tough, Leon. We're not leaving you. That's what the Rambo wanna-be wants," Chris replied as he chose to just leap down instead. It wasn't a long drop, so no flattened Chris, folks.

"You don't know Krauser like I do," Leon replied angrily, pushing past the concerned Claire and Luis as he opened the back bar door to the next area. "His military mind is none like any other I have come across. His strategies on the battle field and skills of disappearing is the best in his field. He could come up and slit your throat before you can blink. And that was before the accident! Now he's... he's..."

"Leon, you can't face him alone. You should know this is just some sick, rigged game that he plans to end with your death," Claire said as she followed him out. "We have to stick together, or none of us will survive."

"This isn't the place or time for you guys to be-"

Leon was unable to finish as Krauser's blade nearly made contact with his temple as leaped out from the first, crumbling wall on the left.

"She's right about one thing," Krauser said as he flipped his knife in the air, uncaring about the guns Leon's friends were pointing at him. Catching the knife with ease, he continued, "None of you will leave this place alive."

In a blur of motion, Krauser charged. This time, Leon was ready.

He ducked as the large deadly knife passed overhead, then flipped back when the larger man tried to deliver a round house kick. With quick motions that shouldn't be possible after everything he's faced, Leon fended off the knife easily till finally, he was able to retaliate with a drop kick with both feet.

Chris quickly joined the battle with his knife, proving to be a not so easy kill. Leon cursed as he ran over to keep the short knife battle in Chris's favor. But even with the two of them matched against only one of Jack Krauser, the beastly man was able to leave without a single scratch. His laughter was heard echoing as he yet again pulled the flash grenade trick.

"Great. Now it's too late for you guys to leave," Leon spat out while stalking off down the short pathway and down the stairs. "He loves challenges. You interveining gives him the thrill he's seeking."

"Man up, Leon. We're not going anywhere," Chris replied as they examined the stone door to the north. There were three empty slots where the Holy Beast insignias needed to be placed.

"Yeah, I see that."

"I wouldn't mind staying here," Luis interjected. The last battle with "IT' was enough in his books.

"Shut-up, Sera," Chris ordered. "We stick together from here on out. The creep knows we're here to stay, and probably would take any chance to kill one of us to get even with Leon. Am I right?"

"Yeah, you are," Leon replied reluctantly. "Like I said before, it's too late to turn back now."

"Now that's settled; the big ape said that there was a insignia to the north and one on the east. Since it seems the next path so far is leading east, so we shouldn't be too far from it," said Chris as they reached the central, stone bridge.

A grenade landed in front of the talking Redfield, shutting him up instantly.

"Grenade!" he shouted as he and the others leaped to the cover of the left pillar.

The explosion sent some rocks and debris flying around them, but none were harmed for the present moment.

"This is my playground, Leon! I hope you and your friends enjoy it while you can."

Muttering curses under his breath, Leon took out his sniper rifle from the case; removing the cracked Infrared scope to replace it with his long range one. He waited patiently for Krauser's burst of gunfire to cease, then took action.

Krauser grunted as the high caliber bullet found its mark in his gut. Now, it was his turn to duck and cover.

"Not bad, Leon," came the taunt. "But a true marksman uses this!"

Further down on the building across the bridge, Krauser pops up like some deranged mole from that classic game, 'Whack-A-Mole!' Except for this dirty mole, he has his special bow and arrow. Now, what's a bow and arrow set got against Leon's automatic Rifle?... Nothing, just some arrows tipped with a special gun powder with a timer ready to set it off. No biggie.

The arrow found its mark in the left stone pillar, beeping loudly.

"Oh snap!" Claire squealed.

They barely managed to dodge to safety as the arrow and its 'BOOM!' substance exploded.

"That is it! Luis, give me your Mine Thrower," Leon ordered as he reached for Luis's case. The Spaniard eyes widened as he snatched it away from Leon's reach.

"Hell no, cop! Never again!"

"I told you that wasn't my fault, dumb-ass! Now stop acting like a paranoid game character and give me the freaken'... weapon!"

The struggle between the two would have been amusing if it wasn't so sad. Not to mention happening when a freak like Krauser was happily throwing grenades and using a special 'Boom!' arrow to show his complete lack of sanity. So, as the oldest of the group, it was up to Chris to break up the fight. But since he had no time to play the father figure, he did what any of us would have done in that situation. He grabbed both of them by the back of their collars and smashed their heads together. Effective and less time consuming.

"Ouch!" Luis whiined as he rubbed the front of his forehead.

"That hurt!" Leon growled as he covered his own.

Snatching the case from Luis's free hand, Chris opened it and took out the heavy duty weapon.

"Never send in a boy to do a man's job," Chris growled as he took a chance by stepping out on the bridge.

Krauser laughed as he lined the confidant Redfield in his sights with his bow and arrow.

"Like shooting fish in a barrel," he crowed, his scarred face set in a hunter's glee.

Carefully looking through the scope, Chris fired off a couple of mines. Both almost made contact with Krauser bare chest. But the older man leaped and dodged the heat seeking tiny missiles. The mines attached themselves to the lower portion where he stood.

"Ha! You missed!"

"No, I didn't," Chris replied.

The two mines went off, breaking the unstable portion of the roof of the building. Krauser and the roof came tumbling down, though Chris knew that the surprised lunatic wasn't no wear near dead.

Cursing loudly, Krauser shook off the dusty rubble. A deep bloody gash oozed blood down his face, somehow making him look even more psychotic and dangerous. Or maybe it was the way that deep wound quickly healed itself.

Raising his large knife, Krauser pointed at Chris and announced, "You will pay for that."

His answer to that was shooting another mine at the big boy. Instead of running and avoiding the deadly mine, Krauser somehow flicked it hard with his knife, deflecting it without a second glance. The mine went off far from its target. Cool, but not for Chris.

Leon joined Chris's side and began to use his Rifle. Krauser gave up the chase for the moment, throwing his flash grenade to make his escape.

"We're going to need a rocket launcher to take down this guy," Chris said in a exasperated tone as the group quickly crossed the bridge. "Or a da-n tank!"

The next barred door was locked, as well as the lever next to it.

"I guess we go this way," Claire commented, nodding in the direction of the tall building. "He's waiting for us, I guarantee it."

"Then let's not dissapoint him," Leon replied, shouldering his sniper rifle in favor of his knife. He knew that Krauswer would be wanting more hand to hand combat.

Leon ran up the twisting passage way, with Claire surprisingly hot on his heels. When the found themselves in a open space, among what looked like a Roman theme balcony; bars slid down behind them, keeping Chris and Luis from joining their side. The trap was set, giving them no way to avoid Krauser.

"Look, there's an insignia!"

Leon turned and saw at what Claire was pointing at. Both hurried over, and found that it was indeed one of the missing pieces. Just then, Krauser seems to appear out of no where, his knife drawn out as he circles the two. Protectively, Leon keeps Claire behind him at all times.

"What do you intend to do, restoring Umbrella?"

"To bring order and balance to this insane world of ours."

Leon snorted as grabbed the panther insignia and tossed it in the air before catching it, "A psycho like you can't bring order or balance."

Jack Krauser smirked, casting Leon an amused glance.

"You don't seriously think a conservative mind can chart a new course for the world, do you?"

Leon and Krauser simultaneously charged and attacked. Both were a sight to behold. Strength, power, and agility was in each step and deadly swing. Both in their elements as the battle between good and evil, old and new, came together in a battle almost worthy to be put in the category of 'Clash of the Titans'. A hero with normal human strengths facing off with the monster with a special power and superior genetics.

But even heroes make mistakes. Soon, Leon found himself in on the defensive, and loosing ground quickly. His mind on his friend who was nearby, and easy target for Krauser. As for Claire, she wasn't so much worried for herself, but for Leon. She couldn't get a clean shot, knowing that the risk in ending Leon's life was too great.

Chuckling, Krauswer leaped upon the crumbling wall, the did a fancy backflip up on higher ground. He takes out his TMP and begins to fire.

"Dance for me!"

Leon grabbed Claire's hand and quickly led her behind the crumbling wall. After a minute of endless bullets that were lazily shot in every direction, it finally stopped. Leon peeked around the wall, seeing that Krauser was smiling down at him with a predator's smirk.

"Don't just stand there. Come out and fight like a man!"

"I'm not falling for that one!"

"Just trying to have fun."

Quickly, Krauser leaped down. Giving Claire strict orders to stay put, Leon came out of hiding and again entered a knife fight with his old comrade. But this time, Krauser wasn't so straight forward in his dealings with the tiring agent. Using his new speed and agility in a game of deadly tag. Jack was never one to play fair; exploiting weakness of his enemies a big past time with him.

Leon swung his knife when Krauser was literally right there in his face. But instead of getting the satisfaction of disemboweling him, he only found empty air. He paid for the miss. Pain exploded in his lower back as his swift enemy delivered a powerful karate chop, the bones in his large hand able to take the impact against the bullet proof vest Leon wore. He collapsed down to his knees, one hand covering his lower back region.

"You're making this too easy," Krauser sighed, kicking him in the ribs. Despite the protection the tactical vest gave, it couldn't stop the mini explosions of pain with each powerful action Krauser delivered. "Get up, Leon. Or I guess I'll have to make sport out of your weak, cowering girl over there."

Jack's taunting grin was replaced with an explosion of pain stemming from his groin area. Something that even the virus and parasite couldn't quite make invincible. Claire stood behind him in a defensive stance, her steel toed boots coming in handy after all. Krauser sank to his knees, looking over his shoulder at the auburn haired woman with a mixture of respect and surprise.

"This weak, cowering girl just whooped your ass!.. Well, maybe not your ass," she said with a pleased smirk.

"That's my girl," Chris cheered on from behind the barred door. "Now get your a-s back behind that wall, Claire!"

Leon took the opportunity of distraction to stab Krauser, the blade sinking deep into his left pectoral muscle; all the way to the hilt. His face laced with pain, Krauser chuckled as he quickly sprung up. With a quick flick of his wrist, he used the flash grenade to leave without notice, leaving Leon's knife behind.

Gears shifted as a stone statue was slowly raised from beneath the stone floor surface. The Gargoyle perched on the base of the statue was broken, missing its grizzly head. And as Leon and Claire moved the blasted thing over on the floor switch, they found themselves grateful that it was missing that particular head.

The sound of the bars covering the lever within this area shifting was good news. Pulling the lever, the gate barring them from leaving lifted, allowing all the heroes to reunite. Though trust me, there was no room for celebrating. The dangerous camando Umbrella freak was still roaming the premises; hunting them as they hunted for the remaining Holy Beast insignias.

When reaching the crumbled building they left earlier where the now free lever was, Krauser made another appearance. Though this time, they were expecting him. Pulling the pin from the grenade, Leon tossed it toward the shadow around the corner. Loud cursing mingled with the loud boom, satisfying Leon's urge for payback.

Jack stepped from around the corner, frowing. The burns and and damage done by the blast now becoming just a memory as the inhuman blood within already began to heal the wounds.

"Good Leon! It's about time you lost that boy scout code of ethics. I never remember you using such underhanded tactics... I'm impressed."

"You know, I'm getting tired of hearing you yak," Leon said between clenched teeth as he suddenly whipped out his Blacktail and fired at the larger man point blank.

Krauser was pushed back from the better edge the Blacktail had behind the power of each shot. But even that superb 9mm handgun couldn't keep Krauser down for long. Heck, even when the others joined in with their handguns, the big scary guy with the freaky arm wasn't affected like they so desperately wanted it to.

Leaping up over the wall, landig on the ledge in a handstand; the show off tossed a flash grenade before flipping out of sight with flair and grace unusual for such a large man.

"Luis, you're a scientist. Are we going to have brain damage if the Poster Boy for 'Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Fan-Gone-Horribly-Wrong' keeps leaving us his special goodbye presents?"

The scientist shrugged as he followed the others, leaping down to the last leg of Krauser's twisted playground. Though that didn't mean it was any easier in the least. What with hidden mechanical surprises waiting for their prey to come in their sights...

"I wouldn't worry about that, Chris. You're safe," Luis replied as they came close south to the landing point. Chris seemed satisfied with his assurance. That is, until he continued, "The lack of functioning brain cells in that mind of yours is as low as the count can get. I'm amazed that you're able to form coherent thoughts at all."

Chris paused and raised his gun. Luis swallowed as he turned to see the gun trained in his direction, and nervously chuckled.

"It was a joke, Americano. Just a-"

"Don't... move," Leon ordered.

The three Americans were looking at Luis. Well, actually behind him. And though curiosity demanded Luis to turn around and face whatever was behind him, he much rather follow Leon's orders. He knew that his luck in this world was against him, so playing it safe seemed to be the best course of action.

"What is it," Luis asked with apprehension.

"Some of Krauser's toys he's worked on perfecting through the years," Leon replied, raising his Blacktail to aim at the mechanical mechanisms. "From my experience, they're accurate and too deadly. Only one way of handling them."

Luis wasn't sure if he was okay with the way this was heading or not. "And that is?"

The laser dot rested on the mini robotic technology hidden mostly underneath the dirt. It's twin less seen as the only part of it seen was the blue light on its head, trying to detect the enemy.

"Leon?" Luis tried again, noticing how the agent stiffened in preparation in using his firearm. "Chris? Guys?"

Luis jerked when both men fired. His pant legs literally felt the wind as the passing bullets nearly connected with flesh instead of metal. He stumbled toward the so called protectors of human kind, looking at the small deadly robots kicking and jumping wildly as their systems began to go on the fritz from the bullets. Their blue lights turned red as a beeping sound filled the relatively silent area. Finally, the two four legged drones blew apart in small mini explosions. Bits of metal covered the area.

"Stay sharp. There's more around here that are even more deadly then these," Leon warned as he took the lead.

"You know, I'm really getting tired of being shot at," Luis muttered, getting a sympathetic pat on the arm from the lovely Claire Redfield.

Continuing on, each one of them heard the sound of a strange wind blowing. It almost sounded mechanical somehow, like some mini-jet nearby. At any rate, the others were more alert and on edge. Their more careful and paranoid nature proved to be a wise thing. For just around the next corner, a slight shift of the top layer of sand had everyone freezing in their tracks.

Giving Chris a silent signal, Leon edge carefully closer while his friend aimed at the area where their carefully hidden enemy lay in wait. When Leon was within at least three feet from its location, the little camera bomb robot lifted its round head, blue light turning red. Leon raised his hand for the go sign; unflinching as Chris fired. The robot didn't give a dying performance like its last two brethren. It exploded immediately with a puff of dirt and sand.

Taking another a couple steps forward, Leon became slightly more relaxed and declared this little bit of land was safe for the moment. Together, they proceeded until they neared the entrance to the final showdown that would soon be occurring.

"What is it you fight for, comrade?"

They looked up to see Krauser balancing perfectly on a crumbled wall.

Knowing that the question was directed to him, Leon answered truthfully, "My past, I suppose."

"Hmph. Umbrella."

The strange wind sound they heard earlier was back, this time making its presence known. A strange circular flying robot came hovering down, its camera blinking red when aligning them in its sights. Another ground-bot leaped from its hiding spot in the dirt and immediately back to charge forward, its red light blinking as the beeping sound was heard yet again. As they tried to get away form the ground danger, the threat in the air showed how lethal it could be by firing its automatic attached gun.

They managed to escape the bullet melee and even avoid the self destructing critter on the ground. But the hovering air robot wasn't finished as it proceeded to hunt down its prey. But in the end, it proved easy to destroy as it appeared around the corner. Once good shot with Chris's Riot gun was all it took.

"I think we should switch to heavier gunfire; don't you?"

The others were in totally agreement, the feeling that this game of hunting was coming to a close. Claire was handed Leon's TMP, which suited her just fine. Chris preferred to stick with his Riot gun since it was his most successful weapon of choice in defense and offense for himself. Leon had his Striker out, locked and loaded with plenty of ammo thanks to the Merchants last and final upgrade for the powerful weapon. One hundred shotgun shells in one weapon wasn't anything to sneer at. As for Luis, he had the Broken Butterfly and the Mine Thrower to choose from. Since the old unstable tower they were about to embark on seemed too small and not ready for anything that would cause major structural damage, he decided the magnum was the best choice. The problem was, he didn't have much ammo left. It was loaded to the max, but in his box of ammo was only two bullets left. Not very comforting.

"You know that you three can go back to the wall and wait for me. I hate to repeat myself, but this battle is between me and Jack. Not you guys."

"We know. And we respect your wishes. Really, we do... Now shut up, Martyr-Boy! We have to make sure this lackey of Wesker's doesn't pull another stunt in kidnapping innocent girls for world domination," Chris replied, pushing past the reluctant agent.

"Just so you know, I would happily let you deal with the Neanderthal on your own if it were up to me," Luis chirped up as he followed behind the others. Leon scowled at the Spaniard behind him as he and the others crossed the threshold.

Suddenly, bars slid shut, seperaiting Luis from the other three.

"Well, maybe my mistress Lady Luck is back on my side after all."

"Or maybe Krauser is picking off the weakest from the herd," Chris retorted.

Luis looked both offended and slightly uncomfortable at that statement. Either they were about to face the scarred, traitor, American face to face, or he was about to come in contact with death yet again.

"Either way, it looks like this is it. Krauser isn't about to let any chance of escaping, unless..."

"Unless he dies," Claire finished for Leon.

"Well, let's make sure he's the one who dies," Chris said as he gave Luis a nod before going up the winding stairs, Claire following closely behind.

"Leon, take this," Luis said as he pushed the heavy, powerful, Broken Butterfly through the bars. Leon looked started by the request. "It's been upgraded enough to hold ten bullets. It's fully loaded and ready for action. Here's the rest of the ammo. I know two bullets doesn't seem like much, but when you're in a corner and without it, well..."

"It's better having something then nothing... Thanks."

"Don't get mushy on me now, cop. Just take care of business and get the two remaining insignias," Luis said with his old charm. As the agent turned to go, the mysterious scientist had one tip left. "And Leon, watch out for that arm of his. The virus in his blood isn't the only thing that changed him."

He gave Luis a short look, as if trying to read all of his secrets. Then without another glance, he ran up the winding stairs, magnum in hand while the Striker was put away back in his case. If push came to shove and he ran out of bullets, then his knife would do nicely for what had to be done.

"You ready for this," Chris asked, looking up the ladder that will lead them to the final showdown.

"No, but I was thinking of winging it," Leon replied.

"Cute, Kennedy. Real cute," Chris retorted as he climbed up the ladder first.

"Wasn't trying to be."

"Enough with the witty quips, guys. It stopped being cute an hour ago."

All three on the roof of the circular tower, they could see the entire ruins and beyond from their viewpoint. It would have been beautiful if this was a tourist trip in Spain and not a rescue, survival, horror filled mission. Which is why the beauty and historical value of the scene wasn't even considered as they dogged on to find the elusive second insignia. But eventually, Leon cam across it to the west of the entrance where they came from. The Eagle Holy Beast puzzle piece was found, leaving one to go.

Sensing rather then actually hearing him, Leon and his two friends took a few steps and looked up to see Krauser standing high above them. In his hands is his modified TMP.

"Two down, one more to go, Krauser."

"Hmph. We'll see about that."

Tossing the TMP away, Krauser begins growling low in his throat as pain and a certain maniac glee took precedence on his face. He held up his right arm as the muscle beneath the skin began to ripple. In fact, the large biceps and tendons in the entire arm began to expand. The skin getting tighter and tighter till the very tissue that encased it ripped from the pressure. His hand morphed exaggerating into long sharp fingers, then the skin there ripped as well as something sharp broke through the wrist. The whole arm at this point began to mold with the bone like claw grew massive, soon arching and becoming sword like with its curves. The parasite and virus had indeed melded into something lethal and terrifying.

And with a burst of triumph, the arm and the jagged edges of the bone jutted out as Krauser spoke with conviction and complete intensity that resonated with passion and violence.

"Witness the power!"

With a look of disgust at the throbbing mutilation of what was once a good man's human arm, Leon replied, "You've lost it completely, Krauser."

"God, what the hell did you let these mad men do to you," Claire asked, refurring to Wesker and Saddler.

Looking down at the humans who would never understand or be capable of it, Jack responded the only way he could. Violence.

"Prepare for your deaths, human scum!"

Krauser leaped down with his sword like arm arched in anticipation of cleaving one of these pests in two. But his prey were quick and proving yet again it would take more then inhuman strength and speed to take them down. What they didn't know was that he had pressed the button on a wireless detonator that was linked to the dynamite he had placed all over the ancient ruins. Even if they managed to kill him and take the last insignia from his cold dead hands, they still had to beat the time on the clock. Either way, he won.

Meanwhile, down below, Luis is waiting patiently for the others return. There was no use going back to the gate they needed to unlock since he presumed they would be returning back through the way they came. Well, that's what he hoped for. Not that he didn't have faith in them, but Jack Krauser was something that even Saddler has never completely been able to control. It didn't take a genius that this seemingly American traitor didn't join the cult by chance or even by the lie he gave in order to join. No, somehow, Luis knew he was here for the sample. The same as the lady in red. If they were enemies or allies has yet to be determined in his mind.

"Well, well, well. Fancy seeing you here."

Luis raised his head, surprised to see Ada's beautiful face. He quickly stood up, unsure exactly what to do or say. Was running an option he should consider?

"What's the matter? Have I rendered that endearing wit of yours speechless for once?"

"No. Just... surprised to see a lady of your exotic and enticing looks in this part of town. You looking for a handsome bloke like myself to show you a good time?"

A quick but very much seen amused smile brightened her face for a moment. Then the mysterious hard to read face was back in place.

"I presume that means you haven't retrieved the sample back from Saddler."

Sighing, Luis gave a curt nod. "Kinda hard when at every corner death seems to be waiting for me. Besides, I have a feeling that you would rather have me retrieving it without a certain ex-cop and his friends catching me in the act."

"Oh yes, I do. Which means you will have to ditch this company at the first ample oppertinuity."

Her simple observation was more then it appeared. More like an order then a suggestion.

"I will. Once I help them extract the parasites, then I'll take my leave. I promise, I will get the sample."

"You better," she softly replied, leaning in and placing both hands on the collar of his shirt, as if straightening it. "The organization's success in ridding the world of these dangers is riding on your actions. If you were to fail..."

His collar was suddenly twisted tightly in her slender fingers.

"Well, it wouldn't end pretty for either of us. Understand?"

Luis wordlessly nodded his head.

"Good," Ada Wong replied, releasing him and taking a step back. She looked up at the sound of Chris's loud curse. "Leon and the gang fighting Krauser and that arm of his... I seriously hope they kill him soon."

Remembering the remark Krauser made when Ada stepped in at the right moment to save Leon's life, Luis replied, "Could it be because he knows more about you then you let on?"

Smiling at his intuitive reasoning, the spy simply turned around and said as she walked away, "Actually, it's because of the dynamite he has placed all over the ruins. Krauser likes to cover all his bases."

Luis looked up and all around, till he spotted some flashing lights up on the base of the ciruclar tower. Plenty of dynamite was there, which meant...

"He probably already pressed the trigger."

And with that, she was gone. Leaving a more frantic and panicked Luis then he was before she showed up.

The battle up above was intense. Krauser was fast and powerful, his arm adding more to his advantage. But what made him near impossible to kill was the way his arm sprout out these razor sharp shards of bone that protected him as a shield whenever they fired at him at close, blank range. There wasn't much strategy except to try and keep Krauser between the three of them, shooting from different angles. But when the intended target still had human cunning and superior strategy planning, the plan wasn't able to be put to much use.

The only weapon that seemed to have gotten some lucky shots in was the TMP. Claire was able to keep herself from being targeted much by the big hulk of a man, which was needed considering her injury. But that soon changed when Krauser performed a back-flip over Chris's head, managing to charge the surprise young woman by knocking the weapon from her grasp. The TMP clattered far down below, useless and out of reach.

His human hand wrapped around her neck, raising her high up in the air. For a second, her eyes flashed red, giving Krauser a pleasant surprise. The thought of taking the auburn haired Redfield with him just in case he couldn't retrieve the sample took root. Wesker would get his specimen and have his enemy's cherished little sister.

"Let go of her, you rat Basta-d!"

The blasts from the Riot gun had Krauser dropping his new hostage, taking the focus off of her for the moment. With a curl of his lip, Krauser sped forward with his thrusting forward. Chris ducked, then rolled as the arm slammed down in attempt again on his life. A sharp, annoying pain in his right shoulder had Krauser taking a step back while grabbing the hilt of the protruding knife. With a growl, he turned and threw it at Leon. He dodged it, the knife now wedged in the old stone of the tower.

"Stabbing other in the back was always your specialty," Krauswer huffed as he leaped in the air across the distance.

Leon rolled out of the way and tried sweeping his legs out from under him. Jack jumped as he tried, then slapped his super arm down. The agent rolled out of the way, and continued to do so as Krauser repeated his actions over and over again.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Leon managed to get back up on his feet to fend off his old friend's attacks. Chris came running up and attempted to blow the back of the super soldier's skull off. But Krauser was quick and much intuitive to his surroundings. He grabbed the barrel of the Riot gun and batted it down with his large deadly arm, pinning it as he punched Chris with his human but no less lethal hand.

"I'm talking about you telling our superiors exactly who was responsible for taking my arm on our last mission together!"

Leon lowered his magnum and shot at Krauser's left knee. With a grunt he knelt down, releasing Chris's gun and becoming exposed to both men. Both blasts from the weapons to his chest sending the large man several feet back near Claire. She had her handgun drawn out and shooting desperately in his body.

Krauser sprung back up, though less in speed then he usually did. Though the large gaping wounds in his chest was quickly at work repairing itself, Krauser had to take a deep breath or two to get back in the swing of things.

"I had to tell them! She was loaded with the T-Veronica virus. They had to know to save you from becoming another Umbrella tratedgy," Leon exclaimed as he and the others resumed firing. This time, he was in prime position to be hammered at all sides.

Getting tired at being shot from all angles, Krauser went berserk and went for the one he wanted to kill the most. Leon. The magnum was ready though and had him stumbling again. Coughing up tainted blood, Krauser looked up at the younger man and sneered.

"A little too late for that, Leon. But well worth the price."

With a howl of rage, he pushed his body to the limit with his arm raised. Leon then emptied all the rounds in the powerful gun, saving his life and the others in the process. Krauser groaned, his head lolling forward as his running steps slowed to a stop. His human hand clutched the gaping holes in his chest. Suddenly, a spray of blood spewed forth from his chest as his heart seemingly gave out. His eyes were wide with shock at his own demise. With one last howl of outrage and loss, Jack Krauser fell forward; unmoving.

Chris placed a hand on Leon's shoulder as they looked down at the still form.

"Krauser... What happened to you? You used to be a good guy...," Leon whispered. But he and the others already knew the answer to that. Umbrella.

"What? Luis, I can't hear you! Speak louder," Claire shouted down. Apparently, the anxious Spaniard has been trying to get their attention the past minute.

"Wander what's got Sera's panties in a twist now," Chris wandered aloud, sharing a grin with Leon.


Nobody spoke for a second, freezing at the implications...

Then they all reacted as one. Leon searched the body, finding the last insignia while Chris and Claire ran up to the spot where they came in. Only now, it was closed. As if sensing their anxiousness, it slid open as the bars down below that led to the short cut to the gate unlocked. They quickly climbed down the metal ladder, spotting the short cut.

As the last one made it down from the short leap down, Luis rounded the corner to join them, panting heavily. Leon quickly placed the insignias in. Panther, Eagle, and snake. At first, the old stone slab did nothing. Luis was looking at his watch, eyes widening by the second. Though he didn't know how much time they had left, he presumed it wasn't long. But I do know how much time was left... They had exactly twenty seconds left!

Finally with a groan, the stone gate slid away to reveal the metal one. They now had less then ten seconds. Five, four, three, two-

The explosion was loud and intense, catching the attention of every living creature on the island. I'm sure you guys want to know if the heroes made it or not. If you have to ask, then I think you should stop reading because... OF COURSE THEY MADE IT! DUH! WHAT KIND OF AUTHOR KILLS THE MAIN CHARACTERS JUST WHEN THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET EVEN MORE INTENSE!

Yes, they made it. A bit rattled, tired, and aching from the none stop boss battles. But yeah, still in one piece.


Saddler smiled as he checked the vitals on Ashley. So far, she was making progress with no danger to her life. It would seem that the capsule was doing exactly as it was designed to. It was pleasing that at least one thing was going as planned. That and the silence that now reigned. The red haired American teenager was quiet and unmoving on the flat, sterile hospital bed nearby. Like with the capsule, his own way of nurturing the queen parasite inside was working so far. In about fifteen minutes, if she was awake or not, he would again resume with his procedure.

As I said, everything in his world seemed to be going more smoothely. Even when one of his loyal Ganado soldiers came in to report the death of Krauser, it didn't affect his mood. Not when that very same man represented a whole new set of problems different then the American agent and his nosey friends.

Taking out his radio, he contacted his enemy without delay.

SADDLER: So, it seems you killed Krauser too. How should I return the appreciation?

Leon's face on the small monitor brought a smug smile to his own. Though unknowing that Leon and the others knew a little bit more then he did on exactly who Krauser was working for.

LEON: Wha- What are you talking about? I thought he was with you.

Saddler chuckled.

SADDLER: What are you talking about? Did you really think I'd trust an American? To tell you the truth, I was contemplating how to get rid of him. But thanks to you and your friends, that's no longer necessary.

LEON: You were just using him right from the start.

SADDLER: Oh, I must hand it to you... You've demonstrated a bit of promise by killing Krauser. When your assimilation with Las Plagas is complete, I'll have you and the young woman serve as my guard.

LEON: Unfortunately, me and my friend will have to decline your generous offer. We have prior engagements.

Saddler's lips tightened into a thin line.

SADDLER: Hmph. Enjoy your smart mouthing while you still can.

He cut the connection, tired of exchanging words with the irking agent. His pale eyes settled on the soldier Ganado.

"Our guests are on their way. I hope you have the welcoming party ready?"

The soldier nodded eagerly, proclaiming that there was no way that the infidels will be getting past the army waiting for them. Saddler wasn't believing that for a second. Somehow, these pests have managed to survive everything that he has had thrown at them. Even that traitor Luis managed to elude death. Until he could see for himself their grisly death, the leader of the cult would remain wary and prepared to change courses if the need arises.

A/N: Done. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I have writing the chapter. If anyone is wandering, I still made the battle with Krauser more Leon focused. Considering that they have a history together, it seemed fitting to keep Leon as Krauser's main target. As for Jack being out of the picture yet; if you played Separate Ways on the Resident Evil 4 game, then you know there's still a little bit more life in him.

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