Author's note: Hi everyone

Author's note: Hi everyone!  I wanna thank all those who read my last story and reviewed it too.  Everyone's enthusiasm for my first fic inspired me to write this one.  And here it is, the sequel to Together Forever.  I strongly suggest reading the first story before you read this one, just so you understand everything.  Just as a forewarning this fic will probably take me longer to write than the first.  I still have some planning to do and school will unfortunately take up a lot of my time.  So everyone just bear with me and I promise a great story in return.  Still going to be a Saturn romance with Hotaru and Adrian paired up.  And before I start:

Disclaimer:  I do not own Sailor Moon the show or any of the characters; it belongs to Bandai, Toei, and Naoko Takeuchi.  I do however own Adrian since I created him so please do not use him without my permission.

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To Be With You Tomorrow

By: Hotaru Tomoe

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

          She had confronted many evils as one of the Sailor Senshi.  She'd seen things that no one, no matter how young or old, should have to see in their lifetime.  But none of the nightmares she'd faced could have prepared her for this experience: Shopping with the girls.

"That dress is so kawaii!"

"Let's go to that store!"

"I'm hungry!  When are we gonna eat?"

"Over there!  Cute guys!!"

"Look!  There's an ice cream store!"

"Can we stop by the tracks while we're here?"

"Hey, they're having a clearance!"

"I could use some new paints."

"I'm starving!"

"I'm going to kill myself."  Hotaru said as she walked amidst the squealing group of girls.

"Did you say something honey?"  Michiru asked.

"It was nothing."  She answered.  "Maybe we should do this some other time.  I mean, I thought just you and Haruka-papa were coming to help me."

"What!"  Usagi said turning to her (and forgetting her hunger.), "How could you think that we all wouldn't want to be here for this!"

"I just thought you all would have more important things to do."

"Are you kidding?!"  Minako jumped in, "What could be more important than this?"

"Face it Hotaru, you're stuck with these guys." Haruka said.  "It isn't everyday that one of your close friends gets married."

            Three years had passed since the confrontation with Metallia, and the reunion of Adrian and Hotaru.  He had continued to live in the Outer's house after the danger had passed, much to Hotaru's pleasure, and to Haruka's annoyance.  And then, on Hotaru's eighteenth birthday, Adrian had proposed to her.  Hotaru was so ecstatic that she accidentally knocked her cake over on Usagi.  She said yes immediately.

            Hotaru smiled at the engagement ring on her finger as she walked down the street with the rest of the girls.

"Alright everyone," Haruka began, "For the remainder of the day we have only one objective: To help Hotaru find her wedding dress.  Agreed?"

"Agreed!"  Everyone cheered.

"Maybe I'll even get a head start on finding my own wedding dress!"  Usagi suggested.

"Usagi!  This is Hotaru's special occasion!"  Rei shot back, "Yours can wait!"

"But I don't have much time left until my wedding!"

"You have over a year!"

            The rest of them groaned as the two shot back insults at each other.  This continued until Rei noticed:

"Hey, where'd Hotaru go?"

            All of them stopped at Rei's question and turned around.  Hotaru was a few steps behind them looking at something in a display window.  Everyone turned and walked to see what she was looking at.

"How lucky is this!"  Makoto exclaimed as they came to the display window of the bridal shop.

"Well don't just stand there, let's go in!"  Usagi and Minako said and pushed Hotaru into the store.

            The two sales attendants looked up in surprise as the girls stampeded into the store.  Each girl ran in a different direction and came back with a dress for Hotaru to try on.  Hotaru had to hide behind one of the stands until they went to the other side of the store to look for her.  She came out after they left and went to what had originally attracted her to the store in the first place.  It was her dream dress.

            The upper part was tightly fitted with a lily lace pattern swirling all around.  The shoulder area was bare with the straps only an inch thick.  From the waist down the dress just flowed out leaving a small train behind.  The veil went down to the floor, and also had little lace lilies hanging from the side.

"Excuse me."  Hotaru said to one of the attendants, "I'd like to try this on."

            A few minutes later everyone came out of the store with Hotaru carrying her new dress.

"The flower one would have looked great on me."  Usagi whined, "Why wouldn't you let me try it on!?"

"Because," Rei began, "We were in there for Hotaru, NOT for you!"

"Why don't we go get lunch now?"  Minako said, stepping in-between the two.

"Food!"  Usagi squealed while jumping in the air.  "Where are we eating?"

"That baka said he'd meet us at the 10th Street Café."  Haruka said, "I think Mamoru will be there as well."

"Mamo-chan?  Why?"

"Because they got their tuxedos today.  Mamoru is going to be the best man after all."

"That's right!"  Minako exclaimed suddenly, "Who is going to be your maid of honor Hotaru?"

"What!"  Hotaru jumped back, "Well, I originally wanted it to be Chibi-Usa but…"

"But she's gone back to the 30th Century so now you need a replacement."

"I'd make a perfect maid of honor!"  Usagi said.

"You're joking right?"  Rei said, "I'm much more qualified to be Hotaru's maid of honor!"

"What about me!  I want to be Hotaru's maid of honor!"  Minako said.

"What about you?  What about us!"  Ami and Makoto jumped in.

"Calm down you guys."  Setsuna said, "Don't you think we should leave this up to Hotaru?"

"Hotaru!  Who do YOU think should be your maid of honor?"  All four girls said as they turned to Hotaru.

"Um…" Hotaru said quietly as she slowly backed away.  "I have to go meet Adrian now so I'll see you all later BYE!!"  She yelled and made a run for it.


"Wait a minute!"

"Where are you going?!"

"Wait for us!"

            The rest of the girls began to run after Hotaru, who was already halfway down the street.  She paused a minute as she rounded the corner, then sped up again.  A group of people at the bus stop were watching with amusement as the chase continued.  The bus came and they all got on, except for one man.  He continued to watch, but his eyes were focused on Hotaru.

            He was a middle-aged man, his suit and tie a little tattered, and on his lap he firmly held what appeared to be a small black jewelry box.  He cracked it open, and began to whisper to something inside.  He listened for a second, then nodded his head and shut the lid.  He looked up again, but Hotaru had already disappeared from his sight.  Instead of following, he got up and walked the other way, and vanished around the corner.