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6 years later . . .

            It was a very humid midsummer's day at the Outer's house.  Most likely in protest of this heat, the occupants of the home had decided to stay inside rather than venture outdoors.  In the front living room window sat a little girl no older than four and a half.  She sat silently, gazing intently down the street.  The sound of a car caught her attention, and her bright blue eyes looked hopefully as the car came closer, and drove right by.  She pushed her shoulder length purple-black hair behind her ears, and stared down the street again.

"Honestly Ayami," Michiru said as she walked into the room, "Staring like that isn't going to make them get here any faster."

"How come they are taking so wong Miru-mama?"  She asked impatiently.

"They'll get here when they get here."  Michiru laughed and sat down on the couch.

            Abandoning her post, Ayami hopped down from the windowsill and sat down next to Michiru.

"Is mommy gonna come back home now?"  She asked, her eyes wide with curiosity.

"Yes, your mommy is coming back home to stay."  Michiru said to the smiling child.

"Mommy's tummy was sooo big!"  Ayami giggled, "Is she still gonna have a big tummy and haveta eat more food than daddy and Ruka-papa?"

"I don't think so.  Adrian and Haruka's food storages are safe once again."  Michiru said, trying to control her laughter.

"Ayami!  Your lunch is ready!"  Setsuna called from the kitchen.

"Coming Suna-mama!"

            Ayami no sooner got into the kitchen when a car horn sounded from out front.  She squealed in delight and ran back to the front window.

"THEY'RE HERE!!!"  She screamed and ran out the front door.

            Adrian was just getting out of the driver's side when a smile came to his face as his daughter plowed her way into him.

"Whoa there squirt."  He ruffled her hair as Ayami gave him a gigantic hug.

"We just came from the hospital and already you want to send us back."  Hotaru said smiling as she got out of the passenger side.

"Mommy!"  Ayami cried with delight and ran over to embrace her mother, "I missed you so much mummy!"

"I missed you so much too sweetie."  Hotaru said as she returned the hug.

"Your tummy!  It's not big anymore!  Umm…" Ayami eyed the backseat, "Does that mean…?  Cause daddy told me what it meant."

            Hotaru walked over to Adrian's side and opened the back door.  A few minutes later she stood back up, holding a newborn baby in her arms.

"Aya, I want you to meet your new baby brother, Akito."  Hotaru said and bent down so Ayami could see.

"He's so wittle!"  Ayami said, and then cried in excitement when the baby clasped one of his tiny hands around her finger.

            Adrian smiled and bent down next to his daughter as she gazed at her new brother.  Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka all came out and surrounded them.

"And we thought you guys would never get here."  Haruka said, trying to sound sarcastic, but failing as she watched Ayami interacting with Akito.

"We made a little stop at Dad's work on the way."  Hotaru replied, "He's gonna stop by after he gets out."

"Oh he's just too precious!"  Michiru exclaimed as a little giggle came from Akito.

"He looks a lot like you Adrian."  Setsuna said, looking at the little blond haired baby.

"But he has Taru's eyes."  Adrian said, smiling at Hotaru.

"Can I hold him?  Pweeease?"  Ayami pleaded.

"Alright Aya, but only if you let me help you."  Hotaru said and carefully placed the baby into Ayami's arms.

"Look!  He's smiling at me!"  She joyfully exclaimed.

"I'm going inside for the camera."  Setsuna said, "I want a few pictures of you four together."

"Better use the older one, we don't want Adrian to break the expensive camera."  Haruka said.

"Look who's talking Haruka-baka."  Adrian shot back and Hotaru and Michiru sighed as another match began.

"Hi Akito, I'm your big sister Ayami!"  She addressed the violet-eyed baby staring curiously at her, "And of course you know mommy and daddy.  And that's Miru-mama, and over there's Suna-mama, and the one fighting with daddy is Ruka-papa.  Don't worry about them fighting, that's perfwectwy normal…"

"I do help out a lot!"  Adrian yelled at Haruka.

"Sure, you go to work and come home and expect my kitten to wait on you hand and foot!"  Haruka yelled right back.

"…And over here is their house, and owr howse is there across the stweet.  But don't worry, mommy and I will show you it later…"

"You wouldn't dare touch my bike!"  Haruka continued.

"Sure I won't.  Just like you wouldn't crash it into my car anymore, or do I suppose that was an accident too?"

"…And I'll show you all my paints and we can make pretty things together.  And I'll show you how to make cookies, mummy does most of it though, but daddy and I will sneak a few for you this time too…"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

            Hotaru had the hardest time containing herself as she watched her daughter explain everything in the world to her newborn son, and her grown husband and adopted parent as they stuck their tongs out at each other, looking a lot like two year olds.

"I have the camera all ready!  Break it up children!"  Setsuna teased.

"We are not children!!!"  Adrian and Haruka said simultaneously, indeed sounding like a pair of two year olds.

"Oh stop acting like a baby and get over here!"  Michiru said as she pulled a pouting Haruka away.

"And you better wipe that smile off your face too young man."  Hotaru said and dragged her husband over by their kids.

"Yes mother."  Adrian said and kissed her on the nose.

"Behave yourself in front of the kids."  Hotaru smiled.

"Aren't I always a good little boy?"  Adrian asked innocently.  "Besides, we can just wait until the little one's bedtime…"

"Hentai!"  Haruka said pointing at Adrian.

"Don't even get me started on that one!"  He replied.

"Oh for heavens sake you two!"  Hotaru laughed, "And besides, my dear Mr. Velac, if you would recall with our first child, sleep is something we will not be getting for some time."

"Even better for what I have in mind."  Adrian smiled and pulled Hotaru into a passionate kiss.

"Eww…mummy and daddy are kissing!"  Ayami said, scrunching up her face before turning back to her little brother.

            Adrian and Hotaru both smiled as they moved to pose for the picture.

"Mommy?"  Ayami said, looking up very seriously at Hotaru, and then stating proudly, "I'm gonna be the bestest big sister there ever was!"

"We know you will be."  Hotaru answered to her smiling child.

            As they sat there, Hotaru holding Akito, Ayami sitting on Adrian's lap, and his arm around Hotaru, she couldn't help but think how different her life had turned out.  In all those battles and years of fighting, she never believed that she could ever be as happy as she was now.  She had a family: A wonderful husband who she loved dearly and two great kids as proof of their love.

"What are you thinking about Firefly?"  Adrian asked.

"Nothing much, just thinking of how I have such a perfect family."  She replied.

            Adrian smiled and kissed her gently on the lips.

"I love you too."  He said, kissing her again.

"Hold it right there, that's perfect!"  Setsuna said and took a picture.

            That picture was hung in the living room of the Velac household.  In it, Ayami and Akito were happily sitting on their parent's laps, and Adrian and Hotaru were smiling lovingly at one another.  They were defiantly one perfect family.

The End

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