Title: Elucidations to the Heart
Author: EvilAnimeGoodness
Word Count: 475
Troy really should learn to be more observant.
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Rating: PG/K+
Status: Complete/?
Setting: Lava Springs Hills
Period: Post-Talent Show
Warnings: N/A


Gabriella. Troy thought; static electricity was sent through his body as soon as their lips touched. Troy was pretty sure that even if there wasn't a firework display tonight, he would still see them. He nibbled slightly on her lip and she did an action even more shocking then denying his request.

Gabriella shoved Troy away.

The push took him off guard and soon he was at the base of the hill. His few steps back made it able for Troy to notice that her shoulders were rigidly positioned. The hand Gabriella used to push him away was still extended and shaking slightly. Hanging her head shamefully low she struggled to speak, choking out her words.

"Troy… I, I c- I can't do this."

No. The basketball prodigy's eyes widened significantly in shock. He scrambled back up the hill to grab a hold of the crumbling brunette before him. Her head tilted up slightly, but snapped back down as soon as the young woman saw Troys' face. "What are you talking about? Gabs, hey… Gabs! At least look at me!" Troy tugged her chin lightly upward – yet her head hadn't moved. She refused to make eye contact; she didn't deserve it. "What's wrong we did it before and yo-"

"I'm not talking about that!" Gabriella hissed out in a strangely gentle manner. She gulped down most of her trepidation. Her head being turned to the side gave her the chance to scan the setting. Chad, Taylor and Kelsi had dropped their currently activities and from what Gabriella could analyze, were currently pretending to talk while glancing I her direction every two seconds. Great, not only can three of our closest friends see, but they've got front row seats! "I'm talking about… us."

"Wha… what about us?" Troy persisted. "I don't understand."

"Troy… when we were singing, did you bother to take a look at me?" Aware of Troys pursing eyes, Gabriella trailed her hand up to her necklace. She covered the pendant hanging from the necklace that he gave…

"I never back you back my necklace!" Troy exclaimed. He found Gabriellas nod ambiguous. "S…so? That's just your necklace right?" She shook her head. "Then it's yours?" Once more her head shook. "Then whose is it…?"

Gabriellas hand trembled vigorously. Slowly her hand left the necklace.

Troy shut his eyes as hard as he thought possible. He did not see that. He couldn't have. There's no way, it's impossible!

Gabriellas fingers slowly caressed the small letter 'R' pendant that clung to the metal chain. Tears brimmed from the corner of her eyes.