All right everyone. This is it. Wish me luck at basic training! Maybe I'll write a sequel after.

My Chemical Addiction- The End.

Miley looked from her dad, then to Oliver, then to Lilly, and back to her dad again.

"I think I'll leave you two alone..." Oliver said, and he and Mr. Stewart left the room. Lilly stepped into Miley's room and sat on the bed.

"Look, Miley," Lilly started. "What happened between us was totally stupid. We never should have said the things we said. I should have been there for you. I mean, I knew you were hurting yourself but I was just afraid and I ran. I didn't know what else to do. I'm sorry. I was so stupid."

Miley sat down next to her. "No, Lilly. You're right. I was hurting myself, and it was stupid. But I'm kind of glad we went through this, you know? I think it strengthened our relationship."

Lilly nodded in agreement. "I guess I was scared he would hurt you, Miley. I know I shouldn't have been afraid, but... You know. There was this huge age difference. I didn't like it. I was afraid he'd try and take advantage of you."

Miley smiled at her friend. "I know. I should have listened. But it wasn't his fault. It was mine. The drugs, I mean. He wanted me to stop. He helped me stop, Lilly. I don't think I can ever thank him enough for that. And he was a complete gentleman the entire time. He took care of me. I promise."

"I believe you." Lilly smiled back. She gently pulled at the bed cover. "I'm really glad you're safe. Its important to me. You and Oliver are my best friends. Even when you and I were angry at each other, I couldn't help but worry. He probably wouldn't tell you this, but I called Oliver every day since our fight and asked him how you were. It was my idea to have him call Mikey. I didn't want you to get so caught up in the drug and alcohol scene that you'd slowly kill yourself. Who needs that? Just, don't tell him I told you. I'd rather him believe that you think it was all his doing." The girls laughed. "He could use the ego boost."

"Well," Miley said. "Don't make his ego too big. That would be very bad."

Lilly stopped pulling at the bed spread. Neither of the two spoke. They just wanted to soak the moment in. That is, until Oliver came in, and asked Miley if he could raid the refridgerator.

I don't know how many of you will read this and take home some kind of warmth or take anything from this story to heart and apply it to your own life. All I know is, is that Miley's story, my story, I should say, was something that was dangerous and scandalous. But it came out for the better. I was on drugs and drinking, and, well, it just doesn't work for me. So when Lilly and I were sitting there on the bed, after Oliver left, we shared a hug that embodied everything the two of us had ever expierenced together. It represented the past, the present, and most importantly, the future we were to face. We face it completely together.

I guess I've kept you all long enough. But hopefully you can understand what I went through. My name is Miley Stewart. I am Hannah Montana. I am a recovering drug addict.

I know the ending was kind of confusing. But all along, Miley was telling the story in third person.

Anyway, farewell. I hope to see you all again! And if there is a, there will be Loliverness.