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The Nightmare Begins

Ginny opened her eyes slowly. She frowned. It was not possible, but she thought she could hear male voices drifting around her dorm.

"You idiot, what do you think you are doing?" said an amused but clearly male voice, which sounded horribly close to her bed.

Ginny closed her eyes in an attempt to make the voices disappear. It didn't work.

"I'm trying to see if my butt looks big in this, if you really must know," said another male tiredly. "Millicent said my butt looked fat."

There was a laugh. "Crabbe, your butt always looks fat. You are fat."

Ginny breathed deeply. It was all just a horrible dream. It was not possible that Vincent Crabbe was in her dorm trying to determine whether his bum looked big or not. It was not possible that boys were even in her dorm.

She pinched herself and bit her lip as pain seared through her arm. Okay, it wasn't a dream, but clearly something wasn't right.

"Oi, Draco!" the laughing male called out. "Get your girly looking butt out of that bed and get dressed."

Ginny sat up with a jolt. "Draco?" she repeated, confused.

Why was this boy calling her Draco? Did they get hit with a confundus curse or something? Then again, they were Slytherins, so it was plausible that they would be insane.

The curtains were pulled back and a handsome, tan face appeared before her vision. Ginny realised with a jolt that it was Blaise Zabini. His amber eyes narrowed in faint concern.

"Are you feeling okay, Draco?" he asked. "You look a little pale."

Crabbe snorted, while trying to disentangle his head from his robes—a difficult task it seemed.

"Well, paler than usual," Blaise amended, an amused glint coming to his eyes.

Ginny just stared at him blankly. Blaise Zabini was definitely insane. Only someone with mental problems would think that she was Draco Malfoy. It was just ridiculous, unless he was just trying to pull a prank?

She gazed past Blaise's smiling face to stare about the dorm. It seemed…different, somehow darker, and why were there green curtains around her bed?

Was this their idea of a joke? Trying to make her think that she was insane by calling her Draco and changing her dorm to resemble something from a Slytherin horror movie?

Blaise chuckled and stood up to look in the mirror, his hands giving his wavy, black hair an even more tousled look. "Draco, are you just going to sit there gaping like a troll or are you going to get dressed?"

Ginny slowly stood up out of the bed, suddenly feeling rather unsure of herself. It didn't help that her whole equilibrium was off. It was almost as if she were taller and broader than what she normally was.

A sickly feeling spread inside her. She quickly walked over to the mirror and stared at her reflection. Draco Malfoy stared back at her, though right now his cold, grey eyes were wide with shock, and his thin lips, for once free from his trademark sneer, were open in panic.

"This is not happening!" Ginny breathed, refusing to believe that the face in the mirror belonged to her.

"Uh, are you all right, mate?" Blaise asked. He looked genuinely worried at his friend's odd behaviour and seemed to have no idea that Ginny was the one he was talking to.

"I'm fine," Ginny answered weakly.

That was when she fainted.


Draco smiled and rolled over in his bed. It was going to be a wonderful day, he could just tell. Sitting up, he pushed the covers off him and stepped onto the floor. For some reason he felt a lot shorter then normal. He shrugged, figuring it was because he had just woken up, and made his way towards where his drawers were normally kept.

That was when his brain finally registered one fact: he wasn't in his dorm. In fact, this room was so different from his dorm—with its red curtains and unmistakably girly atmosphere—that he couldn't help but wonder how he hadn't noticed it before.

"What the—"

He became even more shocked when a soft voice issued from his mouth that was nowhere near the deep masculine voice he was used to hearing.

"What's going on?" exclaimed Draco a bit more loudly, panic rising inside him.

A girl sat up from one of the beds. She rubbed her eyes tiredly, a clearly disgruntled expression on her face. "What are you doing, Ginny? I'm trying to sleep here."

Draco stared at her perplexed. Why the hell had she called him Ginny? Wasn't that the horrible she-weasel's name?

"My name is not Ginny," he retorted, again in that horribly girlish voice. It was actually beginning to frighten him.

"Fine, then. Ginevra, would you please shut up!" the girl snapped, and flopped back against the bed as she pulled her blanket up over body again.

Draco stared at the girl. She was clearly mad. Only an idiot would think he was a girl, and a weasel at that.

His stomach grumbled in protest as the morning hunger pangs began to kick in. Out of instinct, Draco looked down and was alarmed to find certain things distracting his vision; certain things that no male was supposed to have.

"I have boobs!" exclaimed Draco, clearly horrified at the knowledge that the two things he was used to ogling on pretty girls was now attached to his body.

He ran to the mirror and stared at his reflection. His face fell ludicrously at what he saw. A girl with brown eyes was staring back at him, a mixture of horror and surprise on her face. Her hair was a flaming red, and that alone should have told him what he was seeing, but he still had to take a moment to digest her elfin-like features and the damning freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks.

It just could not be true, and yet there was no other explanation for it. He was in the body of none other than that damned she-weasel.

Draco groaned. This was a nightmare.


Ginny blinked at the sudden vision swarming before her eyes. Blaise Zabini was leaning over her, a worried expression on his face. To her left was Vincent Crabbe, looking trollish and idiotic as normal, and on her right was Gregory Goyle, who wore an expression very similar to Crabbe's.

"Phew, Draco, you gave us quite a fright," said Blaise, helping Ginny to her feet. "You all right?"

"Umm, I'm fine."

The three boys just stared at her.

Ginny glanced around the room with a sinking heart. It was obvious that she was in Malfoy's body and had somehow ended up in his dorm with his friends. She needed to get out of here and find Malfoy without causing any suspicion—she hated to think how the boys would react if they found out she was not their friend—but the problem was that she really had no idea how Malfoy acted around his friends. Then there was also the question of where the real Draco Malfoy was hiding…

"Well, you'd better get dressed," said Blaise. "We're already late for breakfast and you know how Pansy hates to be kept waiting."

"Uh, right," said Ginny stupidly. She realised she wasn't being a very believable Malfoy, but she was just so confused. Even Goyle was staring at her with a perplexed frown, though maybe he just always looked like a brick had fallen on his head.

"Draco?" prompted Crabbe, giving her his own concerned expression.

"Oh, right," said Ginny, blushing, and quickly walked over to Draco's drawers. She couldn't believe what she was about to do, but what choice did she have?

Ginny opened his drawers and pulled out his Hogwarts uniform. She threw it on the bed and then removed the loose shirt and pyjama bottoms she was wearing, trying desperately not to blush at the now very exposed body she was occupying, which wasn't her body at all.

Malfoy definitely has been holding out on us. Who knew he would have such a hot body?

Oh crap, did I just think that?

Ginny mentally scolded her brain for thinking such treacherous thoughts and quickly got dressed into the older boy's uniform. She looked in the mirror, again finding herself faced with the pointy, aristocratic features of Draco Malfoy. It was somewhat unnerving.

She hurriedly brushed her—his—blond hair and walked over to the group of Slytherin boys. Inwardly, she was cringing at the thought of facing the real Draco Malfoy after having just seen him practically naked. It was going to be very difficult to remove that image.

"Ready," she sighed.

"Good." Blaise smiled, and then paused as he stared at Ginny's hair. "Uh, you're not going to fix your hair?"

"What?" said Ginny. Why was he even asking her such a thing? It looked fine to her…

"Never mind," said Blaise, putting an arm around Ginny, whom he thought was his friend. "Come on. I'm starving."

He led Ginny out of the Slytherin boys' dormitory and into the common room, Goyle and Crabbe trailing behind them. It was rather different to what she had expected. There was an open fire, but it didn't give the same warmth the Gryffindor's cheery fireplace did. Of course, the décor was all in green and silver, and she noticed that there were a lot of black leather armchairs dotted around instead of the cushy sofas that her common room boasted.

Blaise abruptly pulled her through the concrete wall and led her off towards the Great Hall, chatting all the way. It seemed that Malfoy's friend, Blaise, certainly knew how to talk, and Ginny was finding it hard to keep up with his rapid conversation when she hardly knew half the things or the people that he was talking about. Her answers had consisted of "mmm" or "really?" most of the time, but he hadn't seemed to mind. Maybe Malfoy was always quiet?

Blaise suddenly stopped and looked at her, an unreadable expression on his face. "Are you sure you're all right? You've been acting so…odd."

"I'm just tired," Ginny hastily explained, hoping that Blaise wouldn't push the matter. These Slytherins were too sharp for their own good, or maybe she was just a terrible actress. In any case, the last thing she wanted was to be caught out as an impostor.

Blaise seemed to decide her answer was good enough and walked into the Great Hall. Ginny followed, automatically moving towards her usual seat at the Gryffindor table.

"Ready to taunt the Gryffindors already, Draco?" enquired Blaise, amused. "You know they aren't worth it."

She realised her mistake all too late. Crabbe and Goyle were looking at her expectantly, clearly thinking that she was about to give them a laugh at the Gryffindors' expense. Blaise seemed merely resigned, if a little bored.

Ginny found her gaze meeting Ron's and was surprised by the pure hatred reflected back at her. Really, she had to wonder how Draco even managed to say his insults whilst being confronted with such intense rage from her brother's blue eyes.

"Not now," said Ginny quickly. "McGonagall is watching."

Blaise nodded and pulled Ginny away from the Gryffindors' table towards his own, which had suddenly become very daunting to Ginny. She had to assure herself that they would never know it was her. After all, she looked like Malfoy. There was no reason for them to suspect that she wasn't the snooty boy.


She sat down, if a little tentatively, and began to spoon some porridge into her plate. The other boys began to chatter amongst the rest of their house, laughing and joking at the latest on-dits being discussed. Ginny was glad for the moment of peace, and was just beginning to relax, when a girl with black hair and rather hard, blue eyes sat down beside her.

"Good morning, Draco," said the girl, whom Ginny recognised as Pansy Parkinson.

Pansy would have been quite pretty—even with the pug nose—if it weren't for the expression of superiority that frequently occupied her face. There was no sign of that expression right now, though. The girl was merely smiling in what was supposed to be a seductive way, and Ginny suddenly felt a hand move up her thigh that she was quite certain belonged to girl next to her.

"Do you mind?" snapped Ginny, feeling more than a little uncomfortable at Pansy's close proximity.

"Mind what, Draco?" purred Pansy, sliding her hand up further until Ginny felt a certain part of her newly acquired, male anatomy awaken.

Ginny leaned away and looked at Pansy in horror. "What the hell are you doing, you pug-faced cow?"

The Slytherins guffawed at her statement, but Pansy flushed with outrage, her eyes narrowing into vicious slits. Ginny suddenly wondered if she had said the wrong thing. She hadn't really thought about what Draco would say in that moment, being too disturbed by the feeling she had received through Pansy's wandering hand.

"Is that anyway to treat your girlfriend?" asked Pansy in a dangerous voice, her eyes no longer shining with seductive promises, instead taking on the glint of outright rage.

"Girlfriend?" echoed Ginny, surprised. She had always thought Draco was single.

"Yes," said Pansy with false sweetness. "Girlfriend, or did you forget?"

Ginny just blinked. Out of all the girls in Slytherin, he had to go and choose the one who was as vindictive as she was pug-faced? Well, she had always thought Draco Malfoy had bad taste, but this was proof of it. Then again, maybe it was just for the benefits. Ginny had not forgotten Pansy's wandering hands.

"Sorry," said Ginny not very apologetically.

She noticed Blaise shaking with silent laughter across from her at the table. She couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking and why he found this so funny. Admittedly, Pansy looking so offended was rather amusing, but if he were Draco's friend, shouldn't he be at least somewhat surprised by 'Malfoy's' sudden behaviour?

Pansy glared at Blaise, who merely smiled at her with amusement, and then turned her dark eyes back to Ginny. It was somewhat unnerving to be faced by that cold expression.

"I hope you remember our date by the fountain tonight?" demanded Pansy, leaving no doubt that there would be consequences if her 'boyfriend' didn't.

"Of course, I remember," answered Ginny unconvincingly. She had no idea what Pansy was talking about, and, unfortunately, was not a good enough actress to disguise this fact.

Pansy narrowed her eyes even more until she looked positively malicious. "You'd better, Draco. Or else."

Ginny swallowed and tugged at her tie uncomfortably. Being Draco Malfoy suddenly seemed a lot more difficult than she had originally thought.


Draco exited the Gryffindor common room and began walking towards the Great Hall, feeling rather disgruntled and torn by everything that had happened. Trying to put on a bra had been damn annoying, not to mention the fact that ever since he had attempted to put on said bra, he had become rather conflicted in his view of the youngest Weasley.

On the one hand, she was nothing but a disgusting, annoying she-weasel; on the other, she had a very nice body that he had just been able to admire and fondle to his heart's content. Shower time had never been so interesting to him before, and though he felt the tiniest bit of guilt at having taken advantage of the situation, he was male enough to feel that it would have been a waste of a good opportunity had he not.

Still, being Ginny Weasley was not pleasant, and the sooner he got out of her body, the better.

Draco glared at the other students out of habit as he walked down the corridor. It was too hard to think like a Gryffindor—he doubted they even thought at all anyway, impulsive twits that they were. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms snaked around his waist, and Draco had the horror of feeling the unmistakable touch of lips press against the side of his neck.

"What the hell?" yelped Draco, jumping in fright, before spinning around to see Harry Potter smiling at him. A sickening feeling filled his stomach. He had just been kissed by Harry Potter on the neck. Harry Potter had kissed him. Oh, Merlin, he was tainted now, but at least the kiss had not been on the lips…

"I missed you this morning," said Harry. "Why didn't you wait for me?"

Draco quickly darted out of the boy's arms before he was sent into uncontrollable shuddering. "What are you doing?" he hissed, shooting quick glances around the corridor to make sure no one had seen.

"What's the matter, Ginny?" asked Harry, emerald-green eyes clearly confused.

"You can't snog me in the middle of the corridor!" Draco improvised, not wanting to say the real reason for his behaviour while he was still trapped in the she-weasel's body. Besides, he was still trying not to be sick at the feeling of being kissed on the neck by another boy, let alone Harry Potter.

Harry laughed. "Since when did you become so self-conscious, Ginny? No one is going to see…"

Draco rolled his eyes. He was quite disgusted by Harry's lack of decorum.

"Keep your pants on, Potter. I don't want to miss my breakfast."

Harry blinked. "You know, you sounded horribly like Malfoy just then. What's up?"

Draco walked on in silence, hoping that ignoring the other boy would somehow make him disappear. Harry didn't seem to get the telepathic message to vanish, merely putting an arm around Draco's waist (who shuddered) and continued to walk with him down the corridor. The Gryffindor was just lucky that he could not see Draco's expression, for the young Malfoy was looking particularly murderous right now. Unfortunately, while occupying the body of Ginny Weasley, Draco found himself unable to do anything to stop the other boy's advances.

They entered the Great Hall together, Harry taking Draco's hand (who shuddered even more) and leading him to the Gryffindor table. Draco scanned the hall, eyes narrowing as he spotted Pansy talking to the Draco impostor, whom he figured was probably Ginny Weasley.

He watched the fake-Draco lean back in horror as Pansy said something. Draco sniggered, knowing exactly what Pansy would be doing. Clearly the she-weasel wasn't enjoying the attentions of his girlfriend, not that he had it any better with Potter.

There was nothing for it. Something had to be done.


Draco was walking down the corridors later that day when he spotted a glimpse of familiar, blond hair just passing around the corner. He quickly followed, groaning aloud when he saw his body start moving towards the girls' bathroom.

The she-weasel was obviously too stupid to realise that as a guy she could not just go waltzing into a girls' bathroom. He grimaced at what other stupid things she could have possibly done to ruin his reputation while controlling his body.

"Weaslette!" exclaimed Draco, grabbing her arm roughly to stop her from entering the toilet. "What are you doing going into the girls' bathroom?"

Ginny turned to face him and immediately let out a yelp of fright. He understood the feeling—it was odd to look at his own face from another's body—but right now he did not have patience for her to get her wits together and realise that she was staring at herself.

"My body!" she stated unnecessarily.

Draco reassessed his view of her as he rolled his eyes. She was obviously stupider than he had thought.

"Give me my body back, Weaslette."

"How?" responded Ginny. "I don't know how we got this way in the first place."

Draco felt his temper quickly slipping away from him. He was so tired of being in her body, and now the one person who he had been certain could help him had just admitted that she had no idea how to fix the predicament they were in.

"Well then you'd best start figuring out how," snapped Draco. "I've had enough surprises in your body, thank you, and if Potter kisses me one more time, I swear I'm going to kill him."

Ginny laughed in obvious amusement. "You let Harry kiss you?"

"He kept sneaking up on me. In any case, that isn't what I wanted to talk to you about. I want my body back!"

"I'm just as anxious to get my body back as you are, Malfoy, believe me, but I don't know how."

Draco scowled. "Well then we will just have to find a way. Clearly it isn't polyjuice potion, as it's been longer than an hour since I've been in your body."

"So what do you think it is that has happened to us then?"

"I don't know."

He had no idea how they could have possibly ended up this way, but what he did know was that he was not going to have his reputation ruined because Ginny Weasley was an idiot.

"Listen, Weasley. It seems like we are going to be stuck this way for a while, so I think we need to start taking this a bit more seriously. You need to start acting more like me and not go into girls' bathrooms."

"Likewise, Malfoy."

"Then let's go somewhere and discuss what we are going to do. We can't stand in the middle of the corridor like this," said Draco, annoyed, and started heading off down the corridor.

Ginny sighed and followed him. "This is such a nightmare," he heard her mutter under her breath.

For once, Draco found himself agreeing with her.