Hi all this is my first fan fic so be nice. Please? Well I might as well start of with my favourite pairing in FFVII, Reno and Elena. Sorry if the characters (Tseng, Scarlet) act ooc I've yet to fully understand his personality. Yes the title is cheesy Never been good at these things.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: No I don't own the FFVII characters; if I did I would be rich and not writing this. So the characters belong to Square Enix.

Background info, this takes place a couple of years after Advent Children.

Chapter One

The petite, blond was typically in her office finishing of the paper work for her last assignment, with her thoughts else where, when Tseng appeared at her door. Elena, surprised by his sudden appearance blinked. Tseng looked pointedly at the just completed paper work. Elena jumped to her feet, "Sorry, Sir I was just about to give it to you". Tseng merely nodded and took the paper work and left.

Elena rolled her eyes, wondering how she could have ever had a crush on him. Having finished for the day she left the office. On her way out she passed her annoying red-headed superior. Reno was busily flirting with their secretary, when Scarlet appeared and called to Elena, "Someone's in a hurry". Elena frowned, "What?" she said. Scarlet grinned and drawled "If I remember right, which I do, you would be luck to leave this place before 9 pm". Elena shrugged and said "I guess times change".

Elena kept walking. Scarlet however was not finished, smirked and said "In a rush to see your boyfriend are we?" "I-I don't know what your talking about" stammered Elena (who was blushing). Elena cursed mentally and thought "Damnit, where does she get her gossip from we only met yesterday night".

Still smirking Scarlet said "Really, so Dilan was your imaginary drinking friend and dance partner?" seeing Elena's look of shocked surprise said "You get great gossip when you have a bar tender for a friend". Elena sighed, resigned, not surprised.

Reno who had been uncharacteristically silent during this exchange reminded them of his presence gave his trademark smirk and said, "Lena's got a boy friend?" Elena gave Reno the scowl which seemed to be reserved for him, replied "We only met yesterday if everyone MUST now, so he is NOT my boyfriend".

"Ooo, so Dilan does exist?" Reno teased. Elena let out a frustrated sigh wondering how much the secretary would miss her mug of coffee if she (Elena, not secretary) was to hurl the porcelain cup and contents at Reno (preferably his head).

"Yes" Elena snapped, "Not that it's any of your business". "Now, now Lena mustn't lose our temper" Reno mocked. Still smirking "Us Turks need to look out for each other? Right." Elena merely glared at him and stalked of to the elevators.

Scarlet laughed and gave Reno a conspirative look "One hundred gil for the time and place she's meeting him". Reno looked slightly impressed "Howed ya know all that?" he asked. Scarlet simply smirked replying "Bar tenders hear more than they tell" "so you want to know the details or what?" Possibilities raced through Reno's head, "Hell yeah" he said wickedly.

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