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Chapter 10

Reno woke up to find himself in a cell of some kind. As he uncurled Reno suddenly realized that the 'cell' was more like a dungeon, further more he, Rude, Tseng and Rufus were literally manacled to the wall. The manacles had about one meter of chain on them each. Reno realized he was about 80 metres away from Rufus, while Rude and Tseng were parallel to them. The cell was made from stone and was a square about150x150.

Reno noticed that Rude and Tseng were already conscious, and Rufus was showing signs of waking. Reno opened his mouth Tseng shook his head, indicating that they should not let their captors know that they were conscious. Reno nodded.

Reno then saw Rude indicate his head, and followed the direction of the nod. In a cell less than a quarter the size of theirs was Elena. She like them was manacled; however she was chained to the floor. Elena appeared to be unconscious; at least that's what Reno hoped. Reno took in her appearance, as she was facing them; she had big bruise n the right side of her head, Reno's throat constricted at the site of that. He felt a rush of relief saw her body tense as she opened her eyes.

Reno noticed that Rufus was now conscious as well. Elena look surprised and shocked as she took in their appearance, but gave them a small smile. Reno suddenly realized he still had Elena's present on his lap.

They all tensed as a voice said "we know you're all awake so, you may as well say good bye to each other. Seeing as this is the last time you'll see each other alive". A man with golden blond and two guards behind him hair came into sight. The men immediately recognized him from the file. Elena however had no clue who he was.

Victor went to Elena's cell, and bowed to her and said "milady, would you give me the pleasure of dinning with you tonight? I have a business proposition for you." Elena blushed slightly, Reno noticed this and growled. Elena nodded and said "okay" she silently thought it would be great way to find a way of escape.

Victor smiled charmingly "I am not stupid Elena; you will be escorted to the dinning quarters blind folded." He then turned and left the soldiers behind him. They heard a door close.

Elena sighed and grumbled "well so much for that plan. How did he know my name" she added to no one in particular.

Reno who was still, a little disgruntled at the dinner invitation said "ask Dilan as that's his cousin Victor".

Elena's jaw dropped. She then noticed Reno was holding something "What have you got their Reno?" Reno smiled and he moved his hands to reveal a black kitten, with white paws, and a crimson ribbon tied around its neck "for you Lena" he said roguishly and added referring to the kitten "they grabbed us together". He hoped Elena like his present. Reno was rewarded when he heard Elena's excited squeal.

Elena's excited chatter filled the dungeon "Awww, it's so cute! Thanks Reno, that was really, really sweet. Is it a boy or girl?" Reno laughed softly pleased with her obvious delight, "It's a boy" he answered.

Elena beamed at him "If I weren't bloody chained to the floor I'd kiss you" she told him. Reno looked at her his eyes twinkling mischievously, "I'll collect it when we get out of here". Rufus, Tseng and Rude had been watching the scene with amusement till this point, when Tseng frowned and said "Interoffice dating is against the rules".

Reno snorted and said "Like any of you could stop me dating Lena? I'd like to see you try. Its not like any one follows that rule any way". Tseng shook his head, as the last part was relatively true. Reno was the only person who could get away with insubordination.

Elena said brightly "I know I'll name him Julius." As she watched the kitten walk around on Reno's lap. She gave Reno a smile which made his heart speed up.

They heard a door open, and saw Victor he smiled and said "change of plans, Elena join our team a computer hacker and you will live". Elena spat "Never, you had me shot". Victor smile saddened "Dilan said you'd saw something like that, and the bullet was meant to hit the red head not you". Reno felt guilty, when he heard this.

Elena noticed the guilty look on Reno's face, and glared at Victor and snarled "Then you're lucky it hit me, judging by where it hit me it would have killed Reno". This made Reno smile slightly, he knew Elena telling him it wasn't his fault. Elena frowned and asked suddenly "where is Dilan?"

"Right here" it was Dilan who replied, as he stood next to his cousin. He looked at the bruise on Elena's temple "You alright Lena? I'm sorry about the bruise… I'm sorry you got involved at all". Elena stared daggers at him, but was perplexed at the sincerity and concern in his voice and eyes.

Dilan looked at Victor chewed his lip and said "Vic, why not let them go. They have nothing to do with the past. Shouldn't you be satisfied with the revenge you got on the Turk Bruce?"

Victor looked livid and snapped "No… Soldier Ramrod, you are close to insubordination, do not question me decisions again! Understood?" Dilan barked "yes Sir! It will not happen again". As they left the dungeon Dilan shot Elena an apologetic look. The prisoners hear the door close.

Tseng frowned; he would have to look into what happened to the Turk Bruce, when they got back to head quarters. Before he could dwell on the situation, Elena caught his attention. The blond was squirming, as she seemed to try to reach something inside her black high heeled boots.

Elena finally got her boots off and reached in and removed the sole, as she triumphantly pulled out a set of lock picks. She put on her boots, and looked at the stunned faces of her colleagues, and smiled and said "I almost forgot about these, good thing I was wearing these boots". She made short work of the manacles and dungeon door locks.

Tseng looked impressed "Well done Elena, I didn't think you would put lock picks in your shoes" Elena beamed as she replied "Just using Initiative Sir". Elena went to over to their cell to let them out but got side tracked when she saw an iron ring on the floor. Elena opened the trap door and gasped. There were enough weapons and Materia here to equip at least a dozen soldiers. Elena released her co-workers once she recovered from her shock.

Elena quickly picked up Julius and cuddled him to her chest, who was wondering about the dungeon. Rufus and the Turks then began armouring up (an unspoken agreement had been reached that they would be bringing Victor down). Elena asked hesitantly "Could we try to bring Dilan back alive? He doesn't seem as bad as Victor". Rufus and Tseng looked at each other and nodded.

Reno then handed Elena a small back pack. He said "this should make carrying Julius easier and its out of your way". Elena thanked him, as she pocketed some Materia. She gently put the kitten in the back pack, making sure that the zip was partially open, so that Julius had a supply of fresh air.

Rude snapped the neck of the guard who had been left to guard then dungeon entrance. They left the dungeon in silence. It seemed that Victor had simply modified some sort of barrack as there was only one flight of stairs. The stairs led to a hallway with three rooms on each side, as well as a flight of stairs at the end

Tseng indicated for them to split up. Rude kept look out, while Rufus and Tseng took the right hand doors while Reno and Elena took the left. They had had holstered their guns, and all had withdrawn the army knives which had been found in the dungeon as they didn't want to alert anyone of their escape.


With Tseng and Rufus.

The first room had been empty, they then entered the second room to find three men playing poker. Before they had time to register the intruders, Tseng had slit their throats. The third room was empty as well. They waited with Rude in the hallway for Reno and Elena. Rude had killed a pair of soldiers, while waiting for his companions.


Elena and Reno

The first room had contained three sleeping soldiers. It hadn't been difficult for Elena and Reno to dispatch them. The second room had two men. One was in the shower while the other was watching TV. Reno immediately headed into the bathroom, while Elena snapped the neck of the one watching TV. Even though she had been a Turk for a while Elena still didn't like to kill anyone, but knew they couldn't risk anyone barging in while they dealt with two first class soldiers. Reno exited the bathroom after slitting the man's throat.


After making sure the third room was empty. Elena and Reno met up with the others. All of them put the knives away and, silently drew the guns they were carrying, and turned off the safety. They went up the stairs and found themselves of the roof. Dilan and Victor were both waiting for them, with their guns drawn and safety feature off. Victor shook his head "I'm impressed, you got out faster than I expected, not that it matters as we're going to kill you now anyway".

Victor aimed his gun Reno while, Dilan took aim at Rufus. Elena suddenly had brainwave of a bluff. She quickly moved forward. Victor immediately aimed at her. Elena boldly said "How Victor? Your gun's on safety feature".

Victor looked startled and instinctively checked his gun. Tseng calling Elena's bluff, pulled the trigger of his gun, which was aimed for Victor, and fired. Unfortunately for Tseng, a fraction of a second later, Dilan also called Elena's bluff

Dilan surprised the Turks by attempting to tackle his cousin out of the harm's way. He was partly successful, as the bullet missed Victor. Elena watched in shock as, the bullet buried itself into the side of Dilan's neck instead.

Victor howled as he jumped to his feet. He began shooting wildly, somehow managing to shoot Rude in the arm, and Elena on the right shoulder. "DAMN IT! Will you stop bloody having me shot?!" Elena yelled, majorly pissed, after her experience with Kadaj's gang, being shot was nothing. The Turks were now dodging the bullets Victor was firing, before Rufus calmly shot Victor in the head. Victor's slowly body crumpled to the ground.

Tseng said quietly "Let's go". They left in silence.

Two hours later Elena had had her injury patched up, and was now at home feeding Julius, when she heard a knock on her door. After the last few days Elena wasn't taking any chances. She clicked the gun off safety and opened the door. Reno was standing put side with a smirk on his face "Gonna shoot me Laney?" he asked as he saw her carrying the gun.

Elena smirked back, "haven't decided yet" as she clicked the safety back on. "Come on" she said as she stepped away from the door. Reno sauntered, into her kitchen, and leaned against the door way. Elena putting the gun away, asked "what are you doing here?"

Reno looked at her mischievously "This and that, mostly collecting unpaid debts". Reno loped over to Elena and backed her against the lounge room wall, placing his hands above her shoulders. Bringing his face close to hers, he said softly "Remember you owe me a kiss?"

Elena smiled impishly "So I do" and swiftly kissed him on the cheek, then ducked under his arms.

Reno glared "tease" he grumbled. Reno grabbed Elena and pulled her against him. He wrapped one of his arms tughtly around her waist, and whispered persuasively "surely my present deserves more than that" as he threaded his other hand through her hair at the back of her head. Elena wrapped her arms around his neck smiled sweetly and whispered "Maybe". Reno smiled softly, than felt her lips own his.

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