Set after the Great Brain Robbery.

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A man leaned back in his thick Italian leather chair with a bit of a groan. He had taken careful steps to get back to the position he was in after everything had happened. Maps, charts, books and even useless pieces of paper lay scattered around him as his quest for his answers continued every waking hour. He considered going back and asking his main source of information about the location of what he sought but had no energy to match wits with the creature at the time. Lex Luthor had hit a dead end once again.

He leaned forward once again, a pencil now in hand and started doodling. A stupid thing to do really, most of the Society was already in doubt of him after the whole switched brains incident. He paused his pencil as he thought back to that day.

Anytime anything had been taken away from him, this hero had been involved.

This man had taken Brainiac from him. The one thing that he had wanted more then anything in this world had been stolen and not by Superman as most would think. No, by the idiot of the Justice League. The Flash.

And even we he had been given a new chance for better opportunities using the Flash's body, it had once again been stolen from him and Luthor could only blame The Flash for that as well. Tala had told him how 'he' had acted when the switch had taken place and he was peeved to hear how she sounded disappointed that he had been switched back. Dr. Polaris on the other hand had wasted no time in beating him as attempted to take over his Society. Well, Lex had certainly taken care of him.

He now stopped the pencil and looked down at the paper to see a face looking back up at him.

It was the face that he had seen when he lifted up the Flash's mask.

It was the face of the man who had destroyed the greatest thing he had ever had.

And it was the face of the man he was going to get back at.

"Tala!" He yelled, glaring at the paper with narrowed eyes.

The witch, never to far from Luthor, entered the room, swaying her hips as she came closer.

"'Vat is it?" She asked, draping her thins arms around him. As she did so, she easily saw the picture he held, "Oh, baby, he is very 'andsome." She purred into his ear.

Luthor ignored her advances as he always did, still gazing at the picture.

"I need to find this man."

Tala pouted for a moment, "'Vhy do you need a boy…vhen you 'ave me?"

Luthor rolled his eyes and still looked at the picture. "Make copies of this and bring it back. Send it to some of the bounty hunters around here but I want him alive." He snapped, thrusting the picture up at her. His eyes told her to do her work quickly and her common sense told her to make sure Lobo never heard of this bounty.

She growled softly, again trying to get him to pay more attention to her. Didn't he see her swaying? Lex could be so blind at times nevertheless she took the paper and began to leave the room.

"May I ask what you're going to vith the boy?" Tala turned, her eyes slowly leaving the handsome face and returning to the scowling one of Luthor.

Luthor leaned back once more, feeling a little bit…dare he say it? Light hearted. He pushed his fingertips together, a dreadful smile now playing upon his lips.

"Nothing much. But make sure to keep this between us. I hate to have Polaris ruin my fun."

Tala shrugged, she was never one to miss out on any fun. She left the room to do her job, leaving Luthor to his planning.

It truly paid to have a photographic memory.

Wally woke up as his door bell rang…once, then twice…finally the door just opened. Hell, sometimes even the fastest man alive was a little slow getting out of bed.

"Kid?" John Stewart looked around the apartment for a moment, "You here?" He called out again, tucking away his set of keys, the red covered key being a spare to Wally's apartment.

Wally had now stumbled to his doorway, pulling up his sweat pants a bit more and scratching his bare chest. He was clearly still waking up.

"Mhmm…" Wally yawned, his tousled red hair moving around as he did so. "…my one day off and you show up at the crack of dawn?" He muttered to the former marine.

"Seven in the morning isn't the crack of dawn, Wally."

Wally's eyes rolled onto John who had walked closer to him. "You're the one that said that concerts take a full day to enjoy. I thought we could start with breakfast."

Wally smirked. "The concert doesn't even start until 8 at night, John but hell…I'm up…and breakfast sounds good. Give me a minute to change."

John walked around his living room for a moment, picking up a few magazines that Wally had left on the floor and threw them back onto his couch. He wasn't Wally's maid but knowing the kid's luck he'd end up slipping on the magazines. And nobody wants to hear about how the Flash was taken down by People magazine.

"Where you wanna go?" Wally called from his bed room and John watched as old shirts flew past his door. "…where's my DVC shirt?"

John shook his head at the sight of Wally's attempts to find his band shirt. "It's up to you…but how about Benny's?"

"Sounds swee-HELL YEA!"

John took that as a sign Wally had found his shirt.

Wally came back out of his room, pulling shirt down as he did so. He flattened his hair with little effort, giving a rough look to it.

"Ready to rock?"

John rolled his eyes. He had little idea how Wally had been able to talk him into it, only recalling that the younger man had told him none of his cool friends could go and if his best friend couldn't go either he might as well go with Batman. John had been torn by the feeling of indignation at not being a 'cool' friend, a sense of closeness from being called a best friend and had wanted to laugh out right when he picture Batman at a rock concert. He was actually somewhat glad Wally had asked him to go. DVC had been around when he was younger and they had some pretty good hits as far as he was concerned, though they were a little bit before Wally's time, it seemed the most of the people Wally's age listened to them anyway

They left the apartment a few minutes later, having to go back after John told Wally off for forgetting to lock his door.

As the two made their way down the street, a scope singled them out, the operator sitting on a rooftop across from Wally's apartments. It focused on them both before shifting over to Wally.

"Target acquired."



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