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Wally groaned as he forced his eyes open, regretting it as soon as he felt the light hit his eyes. He blinked quickly but even that felt as if it took a massive effort.


"He's coming around." A soft female voice spoke out, but with his blurry vision Wally could barely tell who it was, until he heard the familiar command tone.

"Bring some water."

Yeah, that was Diana.

Wally felt numb and he could tell he was being heavily medicated. He knew that something bad had happened and he knew that if Diana was there it might two things. One, that Supes was in the corner, looking over his medical chart for the sixth time; he probably had a hand by his chin, in a thinking pose. Second, Batman was probably on his way over to glare at the morning shift doctors after spending the night glaring at the night shift ones until Diana talked him into getting some sleep, which meant in Batman terms that he was to go get a large coffee, black.

Wally whined a bit as a doctor forced open his eyelids wider only to let a bright flashlight further blind him.

"He's reacting well." The doctor told somebody Wally couldn't see before returning to the other eye. "Wally, do you know where you are?"

Ah, his real name was used, meaning a really high level doctor was with him, probably being covered by the Bat HMO.

"I'm bettin' it's not Kansas." Wally muttered, forcing the joke out more for the benefit of his friends rather then anything else.

The doctor finally turned off the light, letting Wally see his face. Dr. Samson.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I just got hit with the yellow brick road." Yeah, another Wizard of Oz joke, Wally knew he must really be out of it.

He heard a cough in the background and he took a moment to focus his eyes on the Green Lantern. John probably wasn't ever going to let those ones go.

"Well, you seem to have suffered some pretty serious injuries, Wally. You won't be running for a while."

Wally winced, but at the same time, he had expected that one to come.

Diana grasped his hand softly,

"Wally, what happened?"

"…Well…" Wally went into details about his abduction in the bathroom up until he got to the barn. "So, they took me outta the van and…and…" He struggled for what happened next, everything was become fuzzy. "I think the roof fell in on us…a beam hit me…I guess I must have blacked after that…next thing I know, I'm seein' your face again, Princess."

John blinked at him.

"…are you sure?"

Wally gave him a puzzled look, "Of course, I am…" He said with more certainty then he actually had.

John nodded, "Right. I'm gonna get something to drink, I'll bring you something too."

John smirked as he heard Wally's request for a triple mocha get shot down by the doctor. He stepped out of the med bay and wasn't surprised to see Batman standing there.

"He doesn't remember what happened." John told Bruce.

Bruce raised an eyebrow from behind his cowl, which always gave off a cool effect.

"So, J'onn was right when he said his memories had been altered." Remembering the conversation he and the Martian had had when they had brought Wally to the medical bay.

"But by who? Who would go through all the trouble of kidnapping him just to break his leg and make him forget everything? It's not even as if he'll be out of action long, the way he heals."

Batman was frowning now just a little bit more then he normally did on a regular day. John looked over at him,

"You gonna go see Ranger again?"

"I already did. He's dead."


"Looked like a suicide but of course…it probably wasn't."

Bruce look genuinely pissed that he had become stuck on this case, more for Wally's sake then anybody else's.

"Maybe J'onn could go through Wally's mind again?"

"No. Doing that may just cause more damage, for now, let him believe what he wants. It'll probably be better for his recovery."

John nodded, sighing a bit as he did so, "Right."

"Hey…hey! Aw! Man!" Wally's body twisted as he moved the controller everywhere, as if that would help his character jump further.

John was watching him play the game, grabbing his shoulder whenever he felt that the younger man was going to topple over the couch.

"GO GO!! NOOO!! MARIO!!" He smashed in the pause button.

John raised an eyebrow as a smirked played on his lips, "Nice try. You can un-pause it and fall now."

Wally leaned back against the big couch, moving his leg a little bit to get it more comfortable. It was almost completely healed by now but Wally had still be enjoying the vacation. Even Bats had been nice to him, bringing some Taco Bell one night when they had montiering duty together.

Still, he couldn't wait to get back to running.

"Hey, look, old man. You just can't appreciate the awesomeness that is Mario Bros…"

John looked as though he had the urge to slap the kid upside his head.

"I'll have you know. I was playing arcade games before you could stand."

"Tch, I'm gonna take that as a challenge!"

"You're on."

The two spent the rest of the afternoon battling it out.

"Lex, how are you feeling?" Tala's throaty accent purred over him and Lex brushed her hand away.

"How am I feeling?"

Tala's eyes lingered over his shirtless body. "Yes, baby. You had a rough day, after that man tried to kidnap you…"

"Ah, yes." Luthor's memory suddenly came back to him with stunning visuals, "The Ranger who thought he could make a quick buck through ransom. What a fool. You've dealt with him like I asked?"

Tala nodded, "Of course, Lex."

She had taken care of Ranger and his lackeys, taking out anybody who could possibly have any connection with the incident. As long as her spell stayed strong, Lex would be none the wiser.

She wondered for a bit what had happened to the boy. She thought he was quite handsome and maybe…if things had been different.


"Yes, Lex?" She blinked out of her day dream and found her hand somewhere on Lex's body that was still covered.

"There'll be time for that later. I've got work to do." He pushed her off of him and slid out of the bed. He had a few days of work to catch up on and some meetings with the Legion that he had to attend to.

Tala stayed in the bed, holding her head up with her hand and sighing a bit.

Sometimes, she wondered why she bothered. But then she stared at his ass as he marched out of the room because there went her perfectly good reason.

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