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A/N: Okay, I wanted to post this story. I have 3 more ideas for Covenant stories, and another pending that will probably only be a one shot. So I'm going to be in this fandom a lot longer then I predicted. I started writing this chapter and ended up finishing, so I decided to post it. This story will have some Reid/OC romance in it, but it's going to concentrate more on the Danvers family. This will be my first and only (as far as my ideas are going now) attempt at a sister fic. Maybe she's cliché, maybe she's not. I'm really not that concerned about it. But she doesn't come off as a nice person. I don't want her to. Maybe as the story progresses, but don't count on any fluff lasting very long at all. Her name is pronounced Vay-dah, like in My Girl.

Reform School Girl by Cara Mascara


"Boys, Sarah. I need to speak to Caleb alone for a minute please," Evelyn Danvers said as she walked from the living room to greet her son and his friends. He'd been through an ordeal; that she was sure of. But this couldn't wait.

She'd been relieved. Relieved when James Danvers had willed his power to his son. Relieved when Caleb had called her on his cell phone, letting his mother know he and Sarah were both fine. But not so relieved when he'd told her they didn't find Chase Collin's body. She had to do this. She knew she had to do this, even though it was the last thing in the world she wanted to do right now.

Caleb nodded to his mother and she noticed how exhausted he looked as he walked over and followed her into the sitting room where she enjoyed drinking away her sorrows. He was dirty, his tux was messy and he never made to the dance that night, along with Sarah. Tyler and Reid had been there, but they came running to the house when Caleb had called.

"What is it Mom?" he asked, perching on the arm of a plush armchair. Evelyn pushed her hair back and closed her eyes, exhaling loudly before opening them again to look at her strong son.

"Your father… he willed-" she started but Caleb interrupted his mother.

"I know what that means Mom. You don't have to tell me." He knew his father was dead now. He knew. And the funny thing was, it didn't even bother him. He might as well have been dead for the past three years anyway.

"The fifth. They didn't find his body Caleb. He could be dangerous. What if he isn't gone?"

"The thought definitely crossed my mind," Caleb nodded at his mother, not exactly looking pleased or comforted by the idea.

"She has to come home," Evelyn blurted out. Caleb's eyes grew wide. "If he finds out about her… I don't know if I could live with myself if something happened to her Caleb. Knowing she would've been safe here."

Caleb pursed his lips and looked away from his mother, into the fireplace at the crackling flames. He lifted one arm, which had been crossed over his chest with the other, to his forehead and used his index finger and thumb to massage his temples. He didn't need this right now.

"Caleb… she's your sister."

"Yeah, and she's your daughter, but that doesn't seem to matter much to her, does it?" He sighed and looked sympathetically at the older woman. "I'm sorry. You're right. She needs to come home. But what about her schooling?"

It was Evelyn's turn to purse her lips now. "I was planning to send her to Spenser."

"You've got to be kidding me. Do you really expect them to take her?"

"They'll take anyone if we offer enough money," Evelyn informed her son. It was true. Spenser Academy would certainly accept the occasional bribe.

"So, do you expect them to keep her there? I wouldn't be surprised if she got expelled within the first week!" Caleb threw his arms in the air in emphasis.

"What else do you want me to do Caleb? I can't keep her locked in this house! I can't handle her alone!"

"Are you saying you want her to board there? Mom, you're insane! Leaving her on her own like that to do… God knows what! She'll run wild."

Evelyn sighed and rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on. "I don't know right now Caleb. All I know is someone has to call and tell her her father is dead. That's enough to worry about at the moment. We'll talk about it later. I'm gong to bed." With that, Evelyn sighed, heading for the stairs, but stopping and backing up into the living room, snatching a bottle of Whiskey off the coffee table and disappearing out of the sitting room.

Caleb slumped down into the chair he'd been on and sighed, leaning his head backwards and staring up at the ceiling. He heard the clicking of Sarah's heels and two other pairs of footsteps against the wood flooring enter the room. A masculine hand clad in a fingerless glove waved back and forth over Caleb's eyes and the owner's blonde head replaced it as he looked down at the only ascended Son of Ipswich.

"What's up bro?" Reid asked as Caleb stood from the armchair and faced him, Tyler and Sarah. His girlfriend walked up to him, resting a comforting hand on his broad shoulder. Again, Caleb sighed and Tyler raised his eyebrows.

"You okay man?" the blue-eyed brunette questioned.

"Fine, fine. It's just… you know how they didn't find Chase's body?"

"He's dead Caleb. Probably a big pile of douche bag ash," Reid spoke up.

"Yeah, well my mom isn't as easily convinced, and I can't say I am entirely either. She wants to bring Vada home and put her in Spenser."

Reid snorted with laughter. "That's a joke if I've ever heard one." The sarcastic blonde crossed his arms over his chest. Tyler looked at me unbelievably.

"They aren't gonna let her into Spenser," Tyler muttered, shaking his head. "No way."

"Why not?" Sarah questioned. Vada had been mentioned once or twice to her. She noticed the other Danvers spawn was not exactly a popular topic of conversation among the boys. All she really knew was she was ten months younger than Caleb, an accident when Evelyn thought her tubes had been tied (courtesy of Reid), and attended an all-girls boarding school in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Another snort from Reid. "Because she's trouble, to sum her up in one word."