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Reform School Girl by Cara Mascara

Chapter 2: She's A Rebel

-Caleb's POV-

I placed in an order to Nicky and surveyed the crowded hangout for my sister. Shit. I saw Reid and Tyler in the distance. Reid was nose to nose with Aaron Abbot. I rolled my eyes and marched over to them, stepping between the two testosterone fueled males. "Cool it guys." Abbot sneered at me and Reid slowly broke his glare with his archenemy. They're so childish.

"Hey Caleb," Tyler said, trying to give Aaron and his cronies the hint that whatever the previous argument was, is now over.

"Hey, listen. You guys haven't seen Vada, have you?" I noticed Tyler's face pale slightly and Reid raised his eyebrows.

"Vada's here? Nah, haven't seen her." Then Reid got a look of realization over his face. "She totally blew you off didn't she?" Glad someone finds it amusing.

"Whoa, Danvers. Your sister's here?" I felt my blood boil at Abbot's interest. I spun to face him and he licked his lips, rubbing his hands together. "Where's she at?" I wanted to punch him in the face.

That just happens to be one of the many reasons Abbot and I don't get along. He slept with my sister... more times then I'd like to think about. When I found out I beat the crap out of him. The next day, he sent me an e-mail with a video of him fucking her. Definitely not something I wanted to see. And as if it couldn't get any worse, I found out she didn't even know he was taping it. I figured she was just being a bitch, but I've only seen my sister embarrassed on a few occasions and that was one of them.

With some magical assistance, I was able to make the footage non-existent.

-Vada's POV-

"So then Bordy pukes all over his jacket," Stacey finished telling me his story about the end of summer party at the Dell's a month or so ago. We both laughed. We were in the backseat of his Cadi, parked at Marblehead after taking a joy ride on the Ipswich back roads.

My eyes watered as I continued to laugh and Stace passed me his pipe and his lighter. I still chuckled as I kept thinking about Aaron Abbot getting puked on in front of the entire student body of Spenser and probably half the public. We have a rough past.

I took a hit and choked on the smoke when I laughed again thinking about Abbot. Stacey staerted laughing again too. "Dude, stop laughing," he managed to get out while I coughed and reached into the front seat, sipping some watered down ice coffee he had up there to try and soothe the choking.

"F-fuck," I coughed out before taking another sip of the coffee flavored water.

"Dude, that's been in here for like... like a week or something," Stacey snorted, putting his hands over his face. As nasty as it is, I started cracking up about it.

After a long fit of laughter and Stacey bitching about me smoking all his pot we both calmed down and I leaned my head against his shoulder.

"Sooo... did you fuck any chicks at G to the L?" He giggled at himself and I scoffed. He looked at me expectantly.

"Well what the fuck Stacey. That's all that was there." He threw his head back and groaned.

"That is so hot. Did you tape it?"

"Retard. No! You're fucking stupid." He scratched the back of his neck and moved onto his knees, leaning forward and grabbing me by the hair.

Stacey growled a little and put his forehead against mine. "I missed the fuck out of you," he hissed and roughly kissed me.

"I missed dick," I snickered.

"Good," he breathed, unbuckling his pants and whipping it out. He used my hair to push me down and I laughed when he put himself in my mouth. I haven't had any sort of sexual contact with a male since June, which was the last time I was home. Stacey and Reid both got some from mw until I went back about five days after I got home. Four months is a long time. I don't mind girls, but I prefer guys. They aren't bitches. Well, all except Simms. Haha.

Stacey groaned at the feeling of my tongue and gripped my hair even tighter. He started to take my open jacket off while I blew him. He was really hard by the time he pulled my head up and kissed me roughly. I whimpered and laughed at the same time into his mouth and he started to move his hands under my shirt, over the skin of my stomach. His hands were freezing and I got a chill from the contact.

Stacey didn't waste much time. He yanked my shirt over my head and tossed it to the side then unclasped my bra right away, getting rid of that too and latching onto my chest with his mouth. I cried out pretty loud when he bit me and pulled at his hair. He just laughed and used his hands to reach under my skirt. "Oh my god. No panties," he mumbled, laughing again into my skin.

"Pull my hair. I like it," he groaned, moving me onto his lap. I could feel his erection under me and I did what he wanted, yanking his thinly braided hair back. He adjusted his hips a little before he put his dick in me. I swear I almost died. I started to grind against him but not even fucking two minutes into fucking, there was a knock on the window.


-Caleb's POV-

"How could you lose her Caleb?! You know that she was bound to run off at the dump Nicky's!" I sighed and rubbed my hand down my face.

"I'm sorry mom. She just... she's so freaking ridiculous! I just went to the counter to order and ten seconds later, she's completely disappeared!" no one seemed to know where she'd gone, but I had a pretty good idea she ran off with that guy Stacey she hangs out with. I have no idea where they would've gone though.

My mom sighed and rubbed her temples. "I can't deal with this right now. I have to talk to Gorman in the morning to make the private funeral arrangements for your father and I just- I have a headache!" She shook her head and made her way upstairs. Shit.

Knock, knock, knock.

Who the hell is knocking on the door at this time of night? I mean Vada wouldn't knock. She'd kick the door open, forget to shut it behind her and march up the stairs, slamming her bedroom door nice and loud.

I walked to the front door and swung it open, pissed at the sight before me. It was Vada all right. Her arm was hooked by a cop.

"Caleb Danvers?" I sighed and nodded my head.

"Yes sir."

"We found your sister up at Marblehead in a car engaging in sexual intercourse, under the influence of marijuana with dug paraphernalia on her. These are all minor offenses, but if something like this happens again, she'll be take into custody and sent to juvenile hall." I have never been so pissed off in my life. Is she a fucking idiot?!

"Yes officer, thank you very much for bringing her home." The cop nodded and let Vada's arm go. She stormed past me into the house and I closed the door behind her. "Are you out of your mind?!" My voice boomed through the huge house.

"Fuck you Caleb." I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back, bringing her down to the ground. I know that probably wasn't the smartest thing in the world to do because now she's going to flip her lid, but tough shit.

"No, you listen to me. This bullshit, bad girl, rebellious thing has got to stop! Do you want to end up in juvie?! Because you're about one misdemeanor away from going there! Mom has practically given up all hope and I'm sorry, but I'm not going to waste my life watching you like a hawk and bailing you out of prison!"

She pushed herself off the ground and came at me like some rabid animal. She caught my jaw with her fist and I growled, using her arm to flip her back onto the ground. Those karate lessons came in handy.

"Stop it!" Mom stood at the top of the stairs looking completely exhausted. "Vada, one more move like that you'll go right back to Germanie Lawrence, understood?!" I haven't head my mom yell like that in a long time. "And if you ever pout your hands on Caleb like that again, I'll call the police!"

Vada got up and stormed upstairs and I was seriously afraid she was going to hit Mom. Instead she just glared at her, obviously seething. "Yeah, wouldn't want to damage the perfect face of the favorite, would I Evelyn?!" With those bitter words, she moved past Mom and went into her bedroom.