Title: Behind These Hazel Eyes

Chapter 1: Tell Him

Background: Set right after Freak Nation. All transgenics are now forced to stay behind the walls of Terminal City. They are now trying to cope up with the new life they have. And it's not easy. Aside from more pressing matters, Alec is now forced to face something he didn't really realize before. His feelings towards Max.

Pairing: slight ML / MA (eventually? hopefully)

Disclaimer: I don't own DA or any of the original characters there.

Rating: Mature for languange and sexual themes.

LOGAN: Now look what you've done...

Two weeks. It had been two weeks since the siege of Terminal City. Nothing much has changed. Police authorities stood guard around the perimeter. No one got in. And no one got out. Or at least that was what they all thought.

"How's everything?" Max asked as she approached Alec who was currently checking the inventory of their supplies.

Creasing his brows, he lifted up his gaze from the clipboard he was holding and turned to look at her. "As far as food is concerned we're good for at least two weeks."

Pressing his lips, Alec moved to close the clipboard and fully faced Max. A soft heavy sigh escaped his lips. "Max, we can't live like this. We're trapped like rats here and some of the transgenics are getting a little bit agitated. I know we agreed on taking a stand but it's been two weeks Maxie. Two weeks. Wehaven't heard anything from you."

Max exhaled loudly at that. "Don't you think I know that Alec? I can't just declare an all out war with the whole world. Taking a stand doesn't mean declaring war. I don't want anybody getting hurt. Trained to kill or not, we're not going to prove to those people outside that we're just like what they think we are. Like savage animals." It wasn't easy. Being the leader. Filling in the position certainly wasn't as colorful as the name. It wasn't just her now. It was the whole transgenic population. Everyone depended on her. And it was now finally sinking in. As much as she didn't want to be scared, she was. Or was beginning to be.

She had a point. And a good one at that. His face softened. Taking a step forward, he tilted his head to the side to catch her attention. And it did. Max looked at him. "I'll talk to them. Don't worry. You don't have to carry the entire load. I'm here. And then there's OC, Sketchy, Joshua and a whole bunch of other transgenics who'd do anything to help out. And then there's Logan..."

Alec smiled at her for a moment before he cleared his throat. "Speaking of which, how are you two? Been seein' you and him all lovey-dovey and what not. 'Course with all those rubber gloves I can't see how you both can even stand it. If it were me, I'd be really, really, really. Frustrated. If you catch my drift that is."

A dull slap echoed through the air. Alec jerked back instantly and glared at her. "What was that for?"

Max glared back at him. "Me and Logan is none of your business. As a matter of fact, whatever we do it's between me and him. I don't have to explain it to you or to anyone for that matter."

Alec huffed at that. He shook his head. "Maxie, I think it is my business. Since you know, I'm your quote unquote your boyfriend. Logan has been trying to corner me for two weeks wanting to talk about somethin'. And for some reason, he has trouble going about it. You haven't told him that this is all bull have you?" That last bit came out as a statement than a question.

In Logan's mind, technically, Max was sneaking around behind Alec's back. At least that was what Alec figured what Logan had been wanting to tell him. He could see the guilt in the other man's eyes. He could just tell him that it was all a scam to get him to stay away from Max. But at that point, Alec figured it wasn't his place to tell. Max should be the one telling him the truth. Not Alec. After all this was all her idea. He was merely a player on this so-called charade of hers.

Max shook her head. Moving towards one of the wooden boxes, she hopped up on it and took a seat. Alec pursed his lips and placed the clipboard on one of the carton boxes near him and sat next to her. He licked his lips before looking at her.

"What are you waiting for? Tell him the truth already. I can't even bear to see the guilt in his eyes. When in the first place, he doesn't have anything to be guilty about."

Max looked at him. A small smile on her lips. "You know you're actually full of sense when you're not full of yourself. You should try this more often. Make sense I mean."

His soft rich laugh permeated the air. "Where's the fun in that? 'Sides, I think I'm horridly addicted to the sight of you glaring at me for some odd reason."

She scoffed and then rolled her eyes. Max moved to stand up and faced Alec. "Get back to work. And I'll need those reports bright and early tomorrow. Get to it." With that said, Max turned and walked away. She needed to find Logan. They needed to talk.

Shaking his head, Alec watched her walk away.

Looks like another long day down at Terminal City. At least for him.

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