Chapter 12: Truth Shall Set You Free

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Her blood boiled. For the past week Malibu Barbie had seem to manage to pry Alec away from her and as the day passed, she had come to a conclusion that Alec was spending more time with blondie rather than with her. She gritted her teeth.

"You know what would be easier? Tell Alec what you have been noticing."

Max sighed softly and shook her head at that. "I don't want to play that nagging girlfriend OC."

"Yeah well you can't play the quiet girlfriend either. She's clearly tryin' to steal yo' man away from you. And she's doin' it bit by bit. Girl, if Alec can't see that then you should tell him."

Max pressed her lips upon hearing that. Original Cindy had a point. Of course she was starting to worry that Alec might be on the way of changing his mind about this, about them, about her. Dammit. She can't let that bitch win. There was no way in hell that she would allow that to happen and the fact that she had this nagging feeling that was tugging at her heart constantly. Ugh! Where was Patch when she needed to talk to him? Her only hope of clarifying everything was missing.

"I need to find Patch Cindy. He's the one who knows what the truth is. And I have to find it out fast, before it's too late…"

Original Cindy nodded in response. "Well we can ask around…"

"Or I can just ask Biggs and Mole. They were the ones who last saw him."

"Why didn't you think of this sooner?"

"Because I was busy being mad. Now I'm done moping. Let's go find them."

"Finally, those common sense are kickin' in, ever since you and Alec hooked up I swear you seemed to have lost your bitchiness."

"Yeah well the bitch is finally back."

Smirking Original Cindy nodded at this and followed Max out of the door. It was high time she did something about this, about Malibu Barbie. Max Guevara was done being the nice girl. It was time to bite back, so to speak.

Silently she eyed him. Did he had any idea how much she wanted him? Lindsay sighed softly as she kept her eyes trained on him. Alec was on the couch trying to consolidate a report he had with him when he came over. Pressing her lips, she moved off the bed and then moved over towards the couch and plopped right next to him.

"Alec I'm bored not to mention my hormones are pretty much out of whacked. We have to do something before I go really crazy…"

"I have to finish this. Why don't you go and watch TV? I'll join you in a few…"

Lindsay rolled her eyes. She hated the fact that he didn't even looked at her as he responded. That only meant she had to try harder, needless to say she was getting a little bit frustrated. Where was the old Alec when you needed him? This was all Max's fault. She took him away from her. Moving forward, she snatched the papers off Alec's hands and tossed on the coffee table and then moved to straddle Alec's lap.

"Hey… What are you doing?"

"Relax… we're not going to do anything that you wouldn't have fun…"

Gritting his teeth, Alec grabbed her hips and gently tried to push her off him. "Come on Lindsay… this ain't happening."

"Alec I'm fucking horny!"

"And I'm supposed to do somethin' about it? We're not together Lindsay. You may be pregnant with my child but I'm not your mate. You wanna get laid? Find someone else."

Lindsay creased her brows, a hurt look plastered all over her face. Pressing her lips, she pushed off him and made her way back to the bed. Plopping down on it face down she began to cry. Or at least that was what she made him to believe.

Alec closed his eyes once he heard her sniffling. Great. Just great. Exhaling loudly, he forced himself to stand up, made his way towards the edge of the bed and looked at her.

"Come on Lindsay. You know we can't…"

"You mean you won't. Alec you have no idea how this is hard for me. My hormones are driving me crazy with all the cravings, not just with food. And believe me, if my body would only allow it, I'd have sex with someone else, but I can't. This body wants you Alec. Only you. I can't help it."

Alec lifted up his hand and scratched the back of his ear. What was he supposed to do? Do whatever she wanted? That wasn't possible. Needless to say Max would kick his ass if he so much entertained any thoughts of getting physical with another girl. Well not just another girl, this was Lindsay. Of course getting intimate with her was totally not an option. Pursing his lips, he moved to sit on the edge of the bed. "Lindsay… there really isn't anything I can do about this. I'm really sorry."

"Just go Alec. Leave me alone. I don't need you here right now, not when I'm feeling like this."

Sighing softly, Alec stood up and walked back to the couch. Bending forward, he grabbed the papers as well as the envelope on the coffee table and placed the papers inside it. Looking back at her one last time, he turned to leave.

Keeping close tabs on his movements, she sniffed loudly for effect before turning her head towards Alec's direction.

"Where are you going?"

Alec paused and creased his brows at the question, he turned to look at her. "You told me to leave you alone. That's what I'm doin'."

She shook her head, pushed herself up and sat on the bed. "No don't. I didn't mean it. I'm just… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to demand something like that with you. I know Alec, it's not my place to do that. I just… can you just lay with me instead? Until I fall asleep? Please?"

He stood there thinking for a moment. With creased brows, he looked back at her. "Alright okay. No funny stuff?"

"No funny stuff. I just need you to hold me right now. That's all I'm going to ask. I promise."

Alec nodded before moving to place the envelope down the table again and made his way towards the bed. Lindsay shifted and made a space for Alec to lie in. A smile adorned her lips. As soon as Alec was settled next to her, she moved to lay her head on his chest and draped her arm over his waist. She smirked when he felt him tensed up a bit before he finally found a way to relax. It was only a matter of time. Alec was going to be hers again. She will make sure of that.

"I haven't seen him since that day that we dragged his ass out from Alec's office Max." Mole said before turning to look at Biggs who was standing beside him. The transgenic nodded in agreement.

"Me too. That was the last time I saw him. Another medic is filling up his shift for the past week. We can ask around though if you want."

Max shook her head. "No it's okay. I'll hunt him down myself. Thanks for the offer though." Smiling she turned and sighed softly. Original Cindy reached out for her arm and gently rubbed it up and down as they stepped out of the lounge area.

"So where to now?"

"Patch's room. Maybe we can get a clue there…"

"And if we don't find anything there?"

"Ask other medics if they know something."

OC nodded in response. "Aight then. Lead the way…"

With a short nod, Max lead Original Cindy towards the room where the medic occupied or at least used to. Max turned to look at Original Cindy when they reached the door before the transgenic reached for the door handle and turned it. Pushing the door open, she was surprised to find Patch standing over the lone drawer inside the room. Patch quickly turned to look towards the door and swallowed when he saw Max. He really thought he was in trouble now. Max creased her brows.

"Patch? What are you doing here?"

"I was just getting some more of my stuff. I'll be out of here before you know it."

Max shook her head and stepped further inside the room. "Who said I want you out of here?"

Patch stopped what he was doing and turned to look at her, his brows knitted. "What do you want then?" he figured to ask before he continued rummaging through his clothes drawer.

"Before Mole and Biggs dragged you out of the office, you were trying to tell Alec something. What was it?"

Patch had to smirk at that. One week had already passed and she was just asking now? But then again, he had been hiding out, staying clear from the path of everyone especially the paths of Terminal City's appointed leaders. Taking a few sets of clothes out from the drawer, Patch tossed them unto the bed and unzipped his backpack. Stuffing his hands inside the bag, he unzipped another zipper located inside the bag and took out folded, almost crumpled pieces of paper. Standing up straight, he turned to look at Max and handed it to her.

"I was able to make copies just in case. And I'm sure glad I did. I wanted to give that to you but I didn't know how you'd react if you saw me so I just stayed away."

Max took the papers from him and looked at it for a few seconds before she finally opened them up. She creased her brows as she began reading the results.

Subject: Female

Series: X5

Condition: Pregnant positive, 6 weeks in gestation

Her heart beat faster inside her chest, if her memory serves her right this was about right, and add one more week she would be seven weeks pregnant right now. So what was that important thing Patch wanted to tell Alec?

"Second page."

Tossing the medic a quick glance and a nod, Max turned to the second page and began to read the results once again. Original Cindy moved to look over Max's shoulder to see the results as well.

Subject: Female

Series: X5

DNA Package: Felis concolor (mountain lion); Zenaida asiatica (white-winged dove)

Designation: 331425789624

624? Max creased her brows. Wait... This was not... Lifting up her gaze, she looked back at Patch. "Lindsay's designation is 231 right?"

"Yeah. That's right. That's what I was trying to tell Alec. He was right. The urine sample 231 gave me was not hers. 624 is the one pregnant, not 231. I bet her plan is to convince Alec she's pregnant and most likely while doing that, she's actually going to try and get pregnant…"

Max folded the paper again and gritted her teeth. Blinking, she nodded at Patch and offered the medic a small smile. "Thanks." Patch nodded and smiled back at her, quite thankful that she finally found a solution to her problem and that somehow he had something to do with that.

"I'm really trying to change Max. Believe me."

Max nodded in response. "We'll talk about that later okay? In the mean time, I have to hunt a certain Malibu Barbie and possibly tear her limb from limb." With that said, Max walked out of the door.

"Okay, I'll make sure she doesn't really do that…" Original Cindy managed to say before she followed Max outside.

Patch was left there standing and smiling. He had finally done something right and it damn felt good. He was going to show them that he could do this, that he could change for the better. He just hoped that their fearless leader was not too late into making their second in command see what Lindsay was trying to do. It didn't even take a genius to figure it out. Patch was sure that Lindsay was going to be in a whole lot of trouble if Alec finally found out. All hell would break lose he thought.

Max pushed the door open. She didn't found it necessary to knock. She was mad, no make that furious. Original Cindy had tried her best to have the furious transgenic calm down but there was nothing the ordinary could do at the moment. Before they rounded the corner, Max had told OC to just stay clear. Being inside a room with three transgenics who was about to do a confrontation was not an ideal situation for an ordinary to be in. And even though OC was adamant in coming, Max had managed to convince her to just stay out of it.

"I can handle it Cindy. You know I can."

"Okay. Just do me a favor and slap her good for me aight?"

Gritting her teeth, Max eyed the two forms lying comfortably in the bed, cuddling. Cuddling? Okay. Kill Lindsay then kick Alec's ass later.

Alec lifted his head up to see who had just come in and creased his brows when he saw Max. Oh crap. This was not good. He sat up quickly which startled the other transgenic that was lying beside him. "Baby what's wrong?" she asked before turning to follow his line of sight. Lindsay pressed her lips and rolled her eyes.

"Oh… it's you."

Alec swung his legs on the edge of the bed and stood up. "Max it's not what you…"

"Shut up!"

Alec had to pause at the outburst. He could see rage in her eyes but the anger was not really directed at him but towards Lindsay, because all this time, Max had not taken her eyes off the other transgenic since she stepped inside the room.

Lindsay smirked as she too got up from the bed and turned to look at Alec. "Are you just going to stand there and let her talk to you like that? You know Alec, if I was your girlfriend, I wouldn't even talk to you like that…"

Alec raised his brows at that and turned to look at Lindsay with a glare. She shouldn't have done that. Then he saw a movement from the corner of his eye. Max was going to lunge at her and he saw it just in time. Moving in between Max and Lindsay, Alec caught Max just in time before she was able to tackle the other female transgenic.

"Dammit Alec let me go! She's a fuckin' bitch! Can't you see that?!"

Alec gritted his teeth as he tightened his hold on Max. "Maybe if you clue me in on why you're callin' her a bitch…"

Max stopped trying to get out of Alec's grip and instead tore her eyes away from Lindsay and turned to look at Alec. "She's a fuckin' liar Alec." Jerking her arm free from Alec's grip, she moved it behind her, pulled the paper Patch had given her earlier from her back pocket and slightly slammed it on Alec's chest. It wasn't enough to hurt him though.

Creasing his brows, he tilted his head down and looked at the paper before he lifted up his hand and took it. Pressing his lips, he unfolded the paper.

At first, Lindsay could not help but smirk when Alec stood between her and Max. She had assumed that Alec was trying to protect her and with the response Alec gave Max when the latter called her a bitch only made the smirk into a full blown smile. But just as soon as the smile appeared, it was gone the minute she saw the papers that Max had slightly shoved into Alec's chest. Her heart raced inside her chest as she watched Alec open the folded papers. No. No way. She had burned the original copies. Fuck. Damn medic must have created copies of it. Instinct told her to grab the papers so that was what she did, she lunged at Alec with an intention to take the papers away from him.

Alec was able to jerk the papers away from her grasp just in time and pushed her away from him making her lose her balance for a moment. As she stumbled and tried to regain her balance, Max quickly stepped in between her and Alec, making sure Alec had enough space to finally see what was inside. Lindsay creased her brows as she finally felt helpless. Even though she had ten years of training inside Manticore, she knew she was no match for Max, especially not when Alec was there to protect his so-called mate.

Pressing his lips, Alec finally turned his attention back to the papers he was holding in his hand and started to read. It wasn't until he reached the next page that he showed a more visible reaction. The last line seemed to glare back at him as he stared at it.

Designation: 331425789624

She lied, made him believe that she was pregnant, that she was being this damn good friend to him no matter how screwed up the situation was and the fucked up part was, he totally fell for her act. Hook, line and sinker. Gritting his teeth, he tore his eyes away from the paper and looked at Lindsay. Intently. His transgenic hearing immediately zeroed in on her heartbeat. It was beating so hard one would thought that it would explode at any moment. He stalked forward, his eyes trained on her like a predator eyeing his prey.

When he brushed past her, Max didn't even made any attempt to stop Alec. She figured that she really did not have to do anything. She was sure Alec was now boiling mad at Lindsay basically because she was a crazy, obsessed ex-girlfriend who lied big time about being pregnant with his child. This was something that one should not really lie about not when one was on the right frame of mind that is.

Lindsay took a step back until something behind her stopped her from moving further, she didn't even had time process what it was. All she could focus on was how mad Alec was at her. Alec stopped right in front of her and held up the copies of the results for her to see. "You lied to me?"

"Alec I…"

"You fuckin' lied to me? I know I had hurt you but this is just way beyond crazy Lindsay. Not only did you lie but you manipulated me. You made me believe that you really were pregnant… You made my life so fuckin' complicated… And you seriously posed a threat on my relationship with Max."

"Alec I'm sorry, just please let me…"

"Shut the fuck up! You don't belong here Lindsay. If this is what you are capable of then this clan doesn't really need you…"

"Do you even know what you're doing Alec?"

"Yes I do. Our people are trying to work together to be united, to be free, and if you're capable of ruining relationships within our unit, I suggest you get out. Now. Before you cause some serious damage."


Alec eyed her. "Beat it." And he really hoped she would. It didn't matter to him at that moment that she was a female because hell he wanted to slap her across the face. Hard.

Lindsay creased her brows. Defeated, she sighed and started to make her way towards the door. Max pressed her lips, she was going to regret this but something had to be done. "Wait... You don't have to really go…"

Alec creased his brows and quickly turned to look at Max. "What?! Maxie…"

"No Alec, let me handle this. Please?"

He did not like this, not one bit, but all he could do was nod before he folded his arms across his chest. He let Max continue. Max turned her attention back at the other X5. "You can stay but in the farthest part of Terminal City. You are not permitted to mingle with other transgenics or transhumans. As far as rations are concerned, someone will send you your supplies and that's it. No special requests. If you want to come back, that's something you have to work hard for. Trust is something that's hard to come by Lindsay, when you have it you have to do everything you can to keep it and once you break it, it's not easy to get it back."

Pressing her lips, Lindsay nodded. "I love Alec Max. I'd do anything for him that's why I did what I did. I'm sorry." Turning around she walked out of the door and closed it behind her. It was finally over.

Complete and utter silence followed once the soft click was heard. Was it really over? Were they really free to be with each other? Pursing his lips, Alec moved to unfold his arms across his chest.

"So… does this mean we get to have hot hardcore sex now?"

Max rolled her eyes before smirking and turned to face Alec. "You just have to cheapen the moment huh?"

Alec smirked as he moved to take a step forward and somewhat closing the distance between them. Reaching for her waist, he pulled her towards him to which Max responded with her arms snaking around his neck.

"Of course. I mean come on, this is us we're talkin' about. You and me, we really don't have any moments."

"Oh? And what do we have Mister-I'm-so-hot-every-girl-wants-me?"

"Hot hardcore sex."

"You're incorrigible."

"Oh come on Maxie, admit it. You know you want to…" he replied as he wagged his brows playfully at her,.

"I hate you."

"No. You love me. So much in fact that you can't stand not bein' able to touch me…"

"Shut up."

"Make me."

Max raised her brow at that. Yep. Alec McDowell was pretty much hopeless. But then again, so was she. Hopelessly in love with him that is. Smiling, she pulled his head down to hers as she leaned in and met his lips halfway. Finally, fate was on their side. For the first time in their lives, Max Guevara and Alec McDowell could not ask for anything more. At least for now…