The lovable chase

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/ means inner thoughts or kyuubi/

It was a fine day in Konoha for almost everybody. Naruto Uzumaki wasn't so lucky.Want to know why??? Well it seems after returning from a five year trip with the perverted sannin he had gain the charms and looks of his old man the FOURTH HOKAGE.(Don't worry I'm making it official he's Naruto's Dad.)He had it good with the ladies both young and old. That's where our story starts...

" Hey old hag where are you???" asked Naruto.

" Would you stop calling me that?" said Tsunade.

"Listen you gotta help me someone's..."

" OH NARU-KUN WHERE ARE YOU SWEETIE??" said a dangerous voice.

"Yeep hide me old hag."

"Fine Naruto but you have to take care of yourself from now on."


"Hide in the closet over there."

Then came in not one but two ladies on with an oversized coat and another wearing a fishnet clothes.

" Hey hokage lady have you seen our Naru-kun?" asked a miss Anko.


" Well yeah miss hokage but its not what you think."said Kurenai blushing.

"Yeah right. Anyways he's hiding in the closet."

" Thanks." Anko said.

" Curse you old hag." Naruto said as he is being dragged away by the ladies for who knows what.

That was the daily routine, whether it was Ayame and Hinata teaming up, Anko and Kurenai, Sakura and Ino, or Ten-ten and Temari it seemed after all those years Naruto got that attention he wanted .

" Man sometimes I wonder how Sasuke dealt with this."

/Go ask him idiot./

"Shut up baka fox!!!"

/You asked me and I gave you the answer stupid./

"Sometimes I want to kill you foxy."

/Yeah well I want to kill you kit but our dreams aren't coming true./

Meanwhile a brooding Sasuke spied on Naruto and well he hated that Naruto stole his fangirls and the respect he believes he deserves and also he's very gay for Naruto.

"Yo, dobe."

" Hey teme just the girl I wanted to see."


" What did you want to talk to me for, loser??"

" Its about the fangirls I have."

" Oh boy."

" You see I haven't been able to shop for food , buy some new clothes or train because they have been trying to rape me!!!"

" Quite a dilemma you got there , dobe." said Sasuke.

" So what did you do when you had fangirls, Sasgay?"

" If your going to insult me then why bother helping you?"said Sasuke smirking.

" Fine then I'll ask Shikamaru at least he's smart."


" Wait dobe I didn't say I wasn't going to help you."

" Wait a minute you just said why should I bother helping you?" said Naruto.

" Look do you want me to help you or not?"

" Nah forget it I'll ask Kakashi-sensei he will know more than you Sasgay."

Then Sasuke was left there to cry for how he lost his long love...

First Chapter down, geez writing three stories at the same time is a bitch but just testing my writing skills so hopefully people think its decent...