The Lovable Chase

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The construction worker wiped his sweat off due to the massive overtime they were forced to do or shall he sugar it, participated as the Hokage would say for the construction of the casino. At first the villagers were upset at the new work in progress but quickly diminished when a certain busty woman gave them a cold hard glare the Nine-tailed fox would be proud of and nobody disagreed with her, not Shizune, not anyone.

Naruto just sighed trying to come up with a way not to do this mission but the urgency to comply was to great. S-ranked missions were awesome compared to D-ranked and after defeating the bastard Akatsuki and Oroch while dragging back the Uchiha he was too used to dangerous missions with great pay he might add.

" Man baa-chan is finally deciding to abuse her power and for her damn gambling habit too." sighed Naruto as he arrived at the construction.

" Woah it's one huge ass casino, hey look it's bushy brow and Gai-sensei I wonder what they're doing here unless...oh no!" Naruto's eyes grew wide at the realization that those two clowns were here to destroy Tsunade's casino.

Gai and Lee nodded and with that just agreed to be the victims of an angry sannin who takes away their loved one , whether it be Orochimaru and his little boys, Jiraiya and the hot naked women he peeps on, or Tsunade's gambling obsession. If someone dared take those three their loved ones you stood no chance of surviving, unless you had a bijuu in you but that's another story.

" Yosh Gai-sensei let us destroy this unyouthful place called a casino." Lee smiled as his teeth shined brightly.

" Yes youthful Lee we must destroy it or else watch Konoha's youth fall into despair. For the sake of the village let us defend Konoha's power of youth." shouted Gai with a pumped fist in the air.

Naruto quickly used his Hirashin technique and moved in front of the duo.

" No don't for kami's sake don't do it!" exclaimed the blond as he spread his arms and legs denying them access.

" Yosh Naruto your youthfulness is here to destroy the casino too? That is most wonderful!" smiled Lee as he gave Naruto the thumbs up.

" No Lee if you guys destroy this casino no one on earth will be able to stop her from killing you guys." panickly said Naruto.

" Who are you talking about youthful Naruto-kun?"asked Gai as he scratched his head to figure out the identity of this strong person.

As Naruto was about to say , the green duo went to work and with their power of youth destroyed inch by inch of the casino using Dynamic entry and other excellent Taijutsu tools of destruction.

Meanwhile with Tsunade...

She was giddy ok she was beyond giddy after all she had gone through for the village, she decided to reward herself with a nice built casino where she could play her favorite game, poker. Of course other times it would be a place for her to get plastered and gamble away her money. So she whistled a happy tune as she neared the destination.

/ Soon we shall be together my precious./ thought Tsunade about her casino of course not sounding like a certain golem from a lord of the ring movie.

As she looked her eyes became wide and ready to cry as she saw that the casino she loved and had asked to be made was destroyed into pieces and in front of it two spandex men were smiling about youth...youth?

" G-GAI...LEE!!!" growled the Hokage as she stomped on the ground shaking the earth's core causing the civilians, workers and Naruto to run for their lives as she walked towards the two stupid shinobi with a sadistic smile that could scare the hell out of Madara.

" Oh good morning youthful Hokage-sama isn't this a wonderful..." was all Gai said as he got a strong fist connect to his mouth launching him a great distance.

" Gai-sense!! Hokage-sama what have you done to my youthful master..." another sentence cut short as she bashed him on the head, grabbed him by the collar of his spandex and slammed him into the ground over, and over again as blood spilled over the young men who were very youthful but not as youthful as the big boobed Hokage.

" Tsunade-baa-chan stop your killing him!!" shouted Naruto as he tried to get a grip on Tsunade but she was too intent on killing Lee so Naruto thought of one way of stopping her.

/ Why me?/ cried an inner chibi as Naruto turned Tsunade around and kissed her right in the mouth surprising the woman thus letting go of Lee who very youthfully ran away to save his sensei and hide for a few weeks from her wrath.

After a few more seconds, Naruto sweated like crazy as Tsunade was still in shock. The blonde knew that he was going to get sent into space but realized that if he died at least he did a good deed for his friends so prepared himself but all he saw was the woman looking at him...smiling?

" Your not a bad kisser gaki but someone's still going to have to build my casino." Tsunade sighed she really wanted to gamble but Naruto looked at her.

" Well Tsunade-baa-chan since you didn't kill me I could construct it and I'll try to finish it as fast as I can." the blonde scratched his head sheepishly as he got to work with the Hirashin no Jutsu and Kage Bushins.

/ He's such a good kid risking his life like that just to save those imbeciles. Still it was awkward to have him smooch me like that I guess I'll have to beat on Jiraiya for making him perverted./ smiled inwardly Tsunade as she walked away.

A few hours later...

The female kunoichi were still arguing about who was going to win the contest and claim the young jinchuuriki as theirs.

" Please the fact that you can even through a punch isn't going to be enough to win forehead. Naruto's as good as mine." smugly said Ino as she got a slap in the face by Sakura.

" Face it , Naruto-kun has always like me and when I'm done beating on you piggy he's going to be all mine." smiled Sakura.

" Cha!! Naru-kun's all ours you tell those bitches!!" exclaimed her certain inner.

" I thought you had regrown your crush on Sasuke-san, Sakura unless you seem interested in a gang bang with your teammates." Temari questioned as she got a red blush from the thought.

The arguments had gone through every female shinobi as they continued to argue that is when they saw Hinata freeze as her nose started to bleed.

" Hey Hinata are you ok you seem to be..." was all Ten-Ten could say as all the kunoichi drooled at the sight. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze without his shirt on sweating as he continued to work and drink a nice cool bottle of water.

Not a single female said anything for a while, from Anko to Temari they just stood quiet as their noses began to flow with red liquid not even noticing Jiraiya's giggles of them eyeing Naruto or hell even Shizune's and Tsunade's nose bleeds as well.

As they all stood mesmerized as the young blonde had already finished two-thirds of the casino and sat down.

" Man I'm so tired and hungry I'm going to faint, 'ttebayo, but if I do I might get raped out here. I better put my shirt on." lazily said Naruto as the kunoichi appeared before Naruto with smirks on their faces.

" E-Eh hi." Naruto gave a small wave as he noticed the females looked to have very bad intentions with the young man or good for most guys would think.

" So Naruto-kun seeing that your exhausted you could come over to my place and rest there." smiled Anko although it looked more like a creepy smile than anything else and Naruto couldn't help but sweatdrop.

" N-N-No thank you I-I can just rest in my house." said the frightened blonde as the group surrounded the blonde slowly walking towards him like a group of dogs getting ready to pounce the meat they saw on the floor.

" Oh come on Naruto-kun we won't bite...much." lustfully said Ino as the girls all pouted making Naruto's effort to resist weaken.

" N-N-No that's just playing dirty." Naruto looked away not wanting to see every female's secret weapon, the pout.

/ I'm impressed with these vixens kit, this is some power I've never felt, it's making me want to bow down to them./

/ Shut the hell up fox, you're not helping./ thought Naruto but the moment he spaced out the girls had caught him and taken him back to their evil fortress of doom or for any straight man a beautiful paradise as none of the girls noticed a white haired man cursing Kami for giving Naruto luck with gambling and women.

The next day...

Tsunade grew impatient and nervous, she felt that her little pseudo-brother had been taken again and just wished they left him alone so Shizune could have him.

/ That girl is always making me do work and constantly around me, she needs to get laid and with who better than Naruto./ sighed Tsunade as all the females had arrived in the room.

" First off until the tournament ends no one is allowed to touch or be near Naruto." which got a whiny voices from all the females.

" Silence! Next I have the matches, so due to the fact that you Shion-san, Yuki-san, Haruna-san, and Ayame-san don't have fighting skills you will be placed in your tournament. Here's how it goes...

Ayame Ichiraku vs Princess Haruna

Priestess Shion vs Princess Yukie

The room stood quiet as the four females glared at each other preparing to fight to the end for their Naruto.

" Ok now that those matches have been set , the kunoichi tournament have been made and I'm going to announce..." said Tsunade as she grabbed some glasses and began to say the matches..

Sakura Haruno vs Sasame

Temari no Sabuka vs Ino Yamanaka

Hinata Hyuuga vs Haku

Anko Mitarashi vs Yuuhi Kurenai

Ten-Ten will have a first round bye and faces the winner between Ino-san and Temari-san. The winner of the kunoichi tournament will face the winner of the ladies tournament, not that you kunoichi aren't ladies." sweatdropped Tsunade as she chuckled nervously.

" The fight between the ladies vs kunoichi will be held in a few days and the rules for that fight are simple, no taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu or any kunais, or paper bombs will be allowed." explained Tsunade as the kunoichi girls awwed in disappointment.

" Now as for you Naruto..." Tsunade smirked at seeing the blonde squirm in her eye sight..." You'll be placed under supervision by an Anbu to make sure not to get away." Naruto gulped and nodded, this was her chance to gamble and he knew if he took it away she would obliterate him like she did with Lee and Gai who are still recovering.

" Now go and be gone.." as everyone separated but not before the contestants glared at each other and then all eyed poor Naruto who ran home.

Tsunade just sighed before the Anbu appeared in front of the Hokage...

" You called me Tsunade-sama?" asked the Anbu.

" Yes, Uzuki Yugao you are here by in charge of keeping an eye on Naruto Namikaze." stated Tsunade as the Anbu bowed and took off.

/ Yes we've got the blonde god to ourselves the time has come to enjoy it./ inner giggled Yugao as she prepared for a night both she and Naruto wouldn't forget.

To be continued...

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