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Setting: After the movie "Hannibal" in Paris, France. The story follows Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Gabrielle Helfire who is on her Junior Class Trip with her high school and has already been in Paris for three days. Dr. Lecter arrived in Paris at five-thirty that morning.

Chapter One: Paths Crossed

Monday, March 12th '07, 10:15 AM

"Gabbs c'mon! Get up! Mrs. Mathews is taking us to the Louvre! C'mon!" Becky yelled excitedly as she shook her best friend awake.

"I'm up, I'm up! My god Becky." Gabrielle said as she opened her eyes, "Now what were you saying? I heard you talking but I couldn't understand you 'cause you were talking so fast."

"I said..." Becky replied as she rolled her eyes, "Get up. Mrs Mathews is taking us to the Louvre! The bus will be here in fifteen minutes!"

Gabrielle threw off the covers as she exclaimed, "Yes! I knew it. She said she would be taking us to her favorite place in Paris. I remember her talking about how much she loved the Louvre at the beginning of the year. This is gonna be so awesome."

Becky and Gabrielle were best friends and because they had been the first people to hand in their permission slips and money were able to room together. Gabrielle quickly looked through her side of the closet, trying to find something to wear. She grabbed a light blue, flowing, knee length skirt from the closet. Then she grabbed her favorite tank top. It was white, lacey, form fitting and semi low cut. Then she ran to her side of their dresser and grabbed nylons and a bra. Gabrielle dressed while Becky was in the bathroom putting her make up on.

Gabrielle grabbed a pair of white, open toed, one and a half inch heels out of their closet, and brushed her hair and put her favorite white hairband on. She loved this hairband because it made her hair flair a little. Gabrielle then did her make up and stood away from the mirror to look herself over.

"Cute." Becky said when she saw that Gabrielle was fully dressed, "Your gonna have a list of French boys wanting you by the time this trip is over ya know that right."

"Oh please. Just because I know how to wear my clothes and not let them wear me doesn't make me pretty." Gabrielle protested pathetically.

See Gabrielle is five three with blue eyes and brunette hair. Her hair is barely shoulder length and when the sun hits it just right you can see her natural blonde and red highlights. Becky is five two with brown eyes and black hair that goes down just below her shoulders.

"Yes it does." Becky argued with a smile, "Now before we're late, lets get down to the lobby."

Gabrielle nodded and grabbed her purse and the left.

When they got down to the lobby all their classmates were there.
"Its amazing how fast we can all get ready." Gabrielle said as she looked around.

"Not all of us are going to the Louvre today." Becky said as she started walking through the crowd.

"Well duh. I figured that. It would be a little hard if all two hundred of us took the tour on one day. So how have we been split up?" Gabrielle asked as she followed Becky through the crowd.

"Mrs. Mathews broke us up into four groups of fifty. One group is going to the Eifle Tower, one group to the Opra Garnier, one group to Versailles, and the last is going to the Louvre." Becky replied as she stopped infront of the front door next to Mrs. Mathews, their main chaperon.

"So what is our schedule?" Gabrielle asked.

"You two are together, just like you asked to be. Today you are going to the Louvre. Tomorrow you are going to the Opra Garnier. Wednesday you are going to the Eifle Tower, and Thursday you are going to Versailles." Mrs. Mathews piped in.

"Sweet! So what are we doing after that?" Gabrielle asked turning to her teacher.

"What you do from Friday till the day we leave is entirely up to you. All I ask is that you keep a journal of where you go each day." Mrs. Mathews answered as the buses arrived.

"You're kidding?! Mrs. Mathews you're the best. Oh this field trip is gonna be soooo much fun!" Gabrielle said as she waved to her teacher and followed Becky to the right bus.

When they got on the bus they found a seat near the front and sat down.

"Oh, we're gonna have a blast!" Gabrielle said when they were seated.

"Either your hyper cause you haven't eaten yet or your hyper cause you've never been out of the country before." Becky said as the bus pulled away from their hotel.

"It's a combination of both I think. Plus I've been wanting to come to France since I was seven. This is like a dream come true for me and the best part is, is that we will be here for the next three months! I can't believe the school is allowing us to stay here that long! It's great! Now before I get to crazy I'm gonna put my headphones in and get lost in my music. You won't mind will you?" Gabrielle replied as she pulled out her Ipod out of her purse.

"No I don't mind. I'm gonna do the same as well." Becky said as she opened her purse.

For the next thirty-five minutes they both daydreamed as they listened to their music on the way to the Louvre. When they arrived they got off the bus and headed for the entrance. As they walked they put their music away at the same time and it was a mirror image. The girls looked at each other and laughed as they realized what they had done.

The girls were the first in the group to reach the door. They were greeted by a smiling door man and when he opened the door for them and he directed them to the main desk. The girls smiled and thanked his as they entered the building. When they arrived at the main desk they were met by five tour guides. The girls nodded in greeting then turned to wait for the rest of their group.

The guides watched as the group filled the space in front of them. They were surprised at how enthusiastic the group was.

"Wow!" said one of the guides, "This is the most enthusiastic group we have had in months."

"Yeah it is." said another guide, "And this is a foreign group."

"Well that explains it. American?" asked the first guide.

"Yup. This is the first of four." said the third guide, "The others will span till Thursday."

As the third guide finished her sentence the last of the group caught up. Gabrielle and Becky turned back to face the guides.

"Welcome to the Louvre." said the center guide, "My name is Tish. The two guides on my right are Jay and Crystal. On my left is Charlie and Amy. We will be your tour guides today."

"How many are in your group?" Jay asked.

"There are fifty of us." Becky answered.

"Well, at least there should be." Gabrielle added with a chuckle.

"Alright, well " Amy said as she took a quick headcount, "We'll break you guys up into five groups of ten so its not overwhelming."

Becky and Gabrielle looked at each other and linked arms, determined to not be separated. As they turned back to the guides they saw Jay step forward.

"Alright, I'll take the first group. Starting with... you two." Jay said as he pointed to Becky and Gabrielle.

The girls smiled at each other and moved to stand behind their guide. After Jay had completed his group they left down the left hallway, leaving the rest to be sorted.

"Alright We'll start with my personal favorite." Jay said as they walked down the hallway, "The Mona Lisa."

The tour lasted three hours and by the time they got back to the main desk it was twelve-fifteen.

Gabrielle noticed there was a large box on the main desk with their school initials on it and asked, "What's in the box Jay?"

"Just a memento of your time here at the Louvre." Jay said as he opened the box, "We have t-shirts for the boys and tank tops for the girls. We also have purses too."

The t-shirts and tank tops had a picture of the glass pyramid that stood in front of the building on the front with "The Louvre" under it and "Appreciate Art" at the top on the back. The purses were a medium size. What was on the purse was what was on the t-shirts and tank tops.

There were two colors of everything, white and black. The writing on the white ones was black and the writing on the black ones was red. Gabrielle grabbed a black tank top and a black purse. Becky grabbed a white tank top and a black purse.

"Thank you Jay." Gabrielle said as both her and Becky put their tank tops in their new purses.

"Yes, thank you." Becky said as well, "Umm, just a question though. When does our bus come back?"

"Your bus will be back at twelve-forty-five, so you have a half'n hour before it arrives." Jay replied.

"Okay, thanks." said Becky as they turned to go outside in the sun.

As they started to walk to the door a man walked in carrying a couple of boxes piled on top of one another. Gabrielle stopped when she saw the top box start to sway and when she saw it was going to fall she dropped her stuff and ran toward the man. She got to him just in time to catch the box before it hit the ground. Gabrielle heard the clinking of glass has she caught the box and hoped that nothing had broken.

"Thank you miss." said the man.

"You're welcome." Gabrielle replied politely.

"Would you carry that to the front desk for me miss? I don't want to risk dropping it again." the man asked as Gabrielle got a better hold on the box in her hands.

"Of course. I hope nothing has broken." Gabrielle answered as she turned around and started to walk back to the front desk.

"I hope so as well. I would be quite disappointed as would the curator." the man agreed.

When they got to the front desk Jay took the box from Gabrielle and put it on the desk and asked, "Are these are the vases the curator has been waiting for?"

"Yes they are. They have to go up to him immediately." said the man as he put the other box down.

"Alright, well Amy should be down in a minute. When she is finished with her group we'll bring them up to him." said Jay as he took a marker and wrote 'For Curator' on the two boxes.

"You won't remember where they're supposed to go Jay?" the man asked.

"Oh, no. I will it's just that I don't want them to get mixed up with the boxes that we have behind the desk for the class tours we're doing." Jay said as he picked up the box Gabrielle had been carrying and put it behind the desk.

Gabrielle backed away from the desk so as not to get in Jay's way when he came back to get the other box. Becky came up behind Gabrielle and handed her, her stuff.

"Nice catch back there Gabbs." Becky said as Gabrielle took her stuff.

"Thanks Becky." Gabrielle responded.

"Yes that was a nice catch." said the man as he walked toward her and extended his hand, "My name is Dr. Williamson. Richard Williamson."

"Gabrielle Helfire. Nice to meet you doctor." Gabrielle said as she shook his hand, "This is my best friend Rebecca Perry."

"Ms. Perry." Dr. Williamson said as he shook Becky's hand.

"Doctor." Becky replied.

Gabrielle took the time when the doctor and Becky shook hands to give him the one over. He was tall, about five-eight five-nine. He wore black shoes, white pants, and a black belt. He was wearing a dark blue shirt that was buttoned up all the way, and a white suit coat. He also wore a white fedora with a dark blue strip around it and dark sunglasses.

"You have great reflexes Ms. Helfire." Dr. Williamson asked.

"Thank you Doctor. Martial arts has definitely helped with that. I used to be such a cluts." Gabrielle replied.

They all started to walk to the front doors as they saw another group coming down the hall.

"I had a friend who trained in Aikido. It's a soft form of martial arts, where a person uses their attackers energy against them to defend themselves." Dr. Williamson said as he held the door open for the girls.

"Thank you Doctor." Gabrielle said as she went through, "I'm currently taking Shoalin Kung-Fu. I find it to be a great work out."

Doctor chuckled as they stepped out into the sun.

"So what type of doctor are you? If you don't mind me asking." Gabrielle asked as they started walking toward the huge glass pyramid.

"I'm a psychologist." Doctor Williamson replied then asked a question of his own, "You're accent, you're not from France are you?"

"No, no we're not." Gabrielle answered with a chuckle.

"We're from America. The New England area." Becky added with a small smile.

There was something about the doctor that didn't seem right to Becky. She couldn't put her finger on it but her gut feeling was telling her to get away from him. She convinced herself that it was just because they didn't know him and a good portion of it was probably her fear of psychiatrists. Ever since Becky's mom was committed to a psyche hospital for the damage her psychiatrist, who wasn't really a psychiatrist, had done Becky never really trusted therapists or psychiatrists. So Becky just followed her friend as she talked to him, but stayed out of the conversation so she could keep watch, keeping her and her best friend safe.

"New England huh? I've been there a few times. The winters there are unpredictable. Especially in New York. One day its seventy the next its forty." Dr. Williamson said with a smile.

"I think Massachusetts is worse." Gabrielle said as they stopped in front of the pyramid that is in front of the Louvre, "The weather man could say we're supposed to get eight to ten inches of snow and we only end up with like three or four. I don't know if that's because our weather is so unpredictable or if it's because the weatherman doesn't know how to do his job."

Becky laughed at Gabrielle's statement and Dr. Williamson cracked a smile.

"So I take it you're from Massachusetts?" Dr. Williamson asked.

"Yes, weird weather and all. So where are you from? You can't be native to France 'cause you don't have a French accent." Gabrielle asked.

"Italy, but I have houses in many different countries. One for every season one might say." Dr. Williamson replied, "Have you ever been to Italy before Ms. Helfire?"

"No, actually this my first trip out of the country. My family has never had money for such things. I worked as much as I could last year so I could come here. Even then I fell short. Mum gave me the rest of the money I needed then pulled more out of her own savings to give me some spending money. I told her to keep it but my mom is one of those people who doesn't take no for an answer." Gabrielle said as she looked up the length of the pyramid.

Just then Gabrielle's cell phone went off. Her ringtone was "See who I am" by Within Temptation and it was on high.

"I'm sorry." Gabrielle said as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

When Gabrielle looked at her caller ID it said "Out of Area" but she recognized the number immediately.

"You've go to be kidding me! How did he get this number? How dare he! You know the man doesn't give me a minute of his time for eight years. All that time I'm try'n to get his attention, then I basically ignore him for two years and now he won't stop call'n me. He seems to think he deserves an explanation, when the explanation is something he refuses to face and take responsibility for. God he's good at ruining a good day! " Gabrielle fumed to herself as she put her phone back in her pocket not even bothering to answer it.

"It might have been your brother you know." Becky said knowing who Gabrielle was talking about.

Becky saw the tears start to form in Gabrielle's eyes and she rubbed her back trying to calm her. Becky knew the last thing her best friend wanted to do was breakdown in front of some one they just met.

"No" Gabrielle said as she took a deep breath to calm down, "It's too late. It's eight in the evening and Jim is in bed by seven 'cause he's still young. You know the man's probably drunk on the couch watching food network."

"But it's Monday. Doesn't he work nights?" Becky asked.

"That's probably where he is supposed to be but knowing him, he had another all day beer fest and called out sick because of a small headache. Besides it was his house number not his cell." Gabrielle said as she finally calmed down, "I'm gonna have to call mum later and ask her how he got my number."

"Well that's for later. Right now lets just get back to the good day we were having." Becky said with a smile.

"It might take some work this time, but okay." Gabrielle said and she turned back to Dr Williamson and said, "I'm so sorry 'bout that. I didn't mean to freak that much."

"That's alright. It sounds like you have some issues with your father that go deep." Dr. Williamson replied, "Anyone will tell you that you have every right to 'freak' as you call it. It's better to get it out than to keep it bottled up."

"Yeah I know, I've already been down that road. It's not fun. Martial Arts helps me get out those feelings." said Gabrielle as she looked at the pyramid again, "Is it true that the man who had this built requested there to be six hundred and sixty-six panels of glass and when he counted one too many he smashed one and told the builders to start over? I learned that in school but I don't really believe it."

"I'm not sure. I've never heard that before, so I couldn't tell you." Dr. Williamson replied.

Just then one of Gabrielle's and Becky's class mates walked up to them and asked, "Excuse me. Gabby do you know the day we're leaving?"

"Yeah, it's the seventh of June, why?" Gabrielle answered.

"I was just told that there is going to be some kind of concert in May and I wanted to know if we would be here for it." said the class mate and then he left.

"I hope you're aware the it's a Celine Dion concert! Not that Screamo stuff you listen to!" Gabrielle called after him with a small chuckle.

"You know whatever he's doing is to get some." Becky said with a chuckle.

"Probably, seeings how Tasha broke up with him a week ago 'cause he was pressuring her for it." Gabrielle said as she felt happy again, "Hey, I thinks that's just what I needed."

"What? An idiot boy who will do anything to get laid?" Becky asked as she started to laugh.

Gabrielle could only respond with a nod because she was laughing too hard to say anything. Just then Gabrielle's phone went off again.

"Excuse me Doctor." Gabrielle as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

"Hello? Hi Mrs. Mathews Yeah we're still at the museum not for another ten minutes Yeah she's here hold on a sec." Gabrielle answered.

"Mrs. Mathews is doing check in and wants to talk to you." Gabrielle said as she handed her phone to Becky.

"Chaperon?" asked Dr. Williamson.

"The head chaperon. Check in is around twelve thirty. So how long have you been a psychiatrist?" Gabrielle replied.

"About thirty years or so. You're going to be here for the next three months?" Dr. Williamson asked.

"Yeah. It's our junior class trip. What's really cool is that from this Friday till the end of the trip we can do what we want. The only thing that our teacher wants is for us to keep a journal of where we go every day." Gabrielle replied.

"Here's your phone." Becky said as she gave Gabrielle's phone back to her.

Gabrielle put her phone back in her pocket as she asked, "How long are you gonna be here?"

"Just until the end of the summer. Then I'm headed to Spain." Dr. Williamson replied.

Just then the bus Gabrielle and Becky had been waiting for pulled up.

"That's our bus Gabbs." Becky said as she looked at Dr. Williamson, "It was nice meeting you Doctor."

"Like wise." Dr. Williamson said to Becky and then turned to Gabrielle and pulled a card out of his jacket, "Here's my card. Give me a call any time if you need to talk and "unbottle" things."

"Thank you Doctor. It was nice meeting you. I hope we run into you again." Gabrielle said as she started to walk away.

"Where are you going to be tomorrow?" Dr. Williamson asked, "I would like to continue our conversation."

"Umm We'll be at the Opra Garnier tomorrow." Gabrielle said as she turned to look at him.

Becky gave Gabrielle a little tug to tell her to pay attention to where she was going. When they got on the bus they sat in the same spot they had sat in on their ride there.

When they sat down Gabrielle pulled out her phone and said, "I'm gonna see if IfatherI decided to leave a message."

"For your sake, I'm hoping he didn't." Becky said as she pulled out her Ipod.

Gabrielle checked her voice mail and found that she did have a message. She was surprised that her father had left a message but she wasn't surprised to here that he was drunk.

Gabrielle's face became stern as she heard her father slur, "Hey hun, just wan'd to say hi. You were always talk'n 'bout how I ne'er call you so I decided to give you a cahl. Thought maybe you wan'd to talk. Your bro'der misses you and was woner'n if you could come up this weekend. If you woner'n how I got your number, I just called the operator. They can find cell phone numbers now, did ja know thah? Well gotta go, my bottle's empty. Bye."

"God he makes me sick." Gabrielle muttered to herself as she dialed home, "Hey Steve, it's Gabby... Is my mom there? Thanks... Hey mom yeah I'm fine for the most part... Did you give dad my cell number?.. Are you sure 'cause some how he got my number... yeah he left a message...yeah he was drunk ...he called at twelve thirty, my time... no I didn't pick up... yeah just checked it... yeah I saved it, figured you would want to here it... no he didn't even try to hide the fact that he was drunk... no don't say anything to him... I don't want to give him a reason to call me again ...yeah Becky was with me. She helped me keep calm for the most part... yeah we're rooming together... nope just us... alright I just wanted to let you know he called... love you too... I will, buh-bye."

Gabrielle shut her phone and put it in her pocket. Then she pulled out her Ipod and got lost in her music. When the girls got back to the hotel they went up to their room. Gabrielle transferred everything from her old purse to the one she got at the museum while Becky ordered room service so they could eat lunch. Then the both got changed into some comfortable sweats and the tank tops they had also gotten at the museum.

The girls decided to start the journals they were required to keep while they waited for their lunch. They were finished by the time room service got to their room and after they ate they pulled the thick curtains on the room windows shut and they both took a nap. They got up at dinner, checked in, ate and and then went back to their room and went back to bed.

After Dr. Lecter saw that Gabrielle and her friend were on their bus he got in has car and went back to his house. He was some what surprised that the girls hadn't recognized him. He knew his face and description were everywhere in the US. He knew Gabrielle's friend, Becky, was uncomfortable around him but she had pushed it aside, but her could tell she kept on her toes.

From the conversation he had with Gabrielle he was pleased with her. She was very polite to him and he could tell she had a good upbringing, at least with her mother. When he got in his house he started planning for the next day.

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