Let Her Go

Summary: Amy's getting married to John yet someone isn't happy about it. Can the wedding push through?

Characters: John/Amy/Adam, Trish/Randy, Dawn Marie/Chris, Stephanie/Paul, Lisa/Dave

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that you recognize.

Author's notes: Stephanie and Paul are married here. Please review!

Chapter One: Engaged

"What the hell are they doing?" Adam Copeland raised an eyebrow as he looked outside the coffee shop he was in. At first it was only Trish Stratigias-Orton and Dawn Marie Psaltis-Irvine he saw running around back and forth. But soon after, Randy Orton and Chris Irvine, their husbands respectively, joined them. Now there's a reason why they wanted to go to the mall.

"Watching them is making me dizzy." Lisa Marie Varon muttered.

Dave Bautista watched as John Cena ran past the coffee shop before he replied. "Hell, yeah…"

"Why are they all in such a hurry and as if they are all looking for something?" Adam asked. "And why are we the clueless ones?"

"I guess we'll find out in the near future." Dave wrapped his arm around his fiancée's shoulder. He and Lisa were getting married in two weeks. "I bet they'll tell us soon. They better do."

"Hey, guys." John came into sight once more as he entered the coffee shop nearly catching his breath. "Where's my g-girl?"

The person he was talking about was none other than his girlfriend for a year and a half, Amy Dumas. "She's somewhere with Stephanie and Paul." Lisa replied. "Why?"

"Okay. Call me if they come back an' we're still somewhere." He said as he turned around and ran off, nearly bumping into Mr. and Mrs. Orton in the process. Trish and Randy were bringing paper bags with them.

"Are those candles?" Adam asked when he got a glimpse of the store logo on the paper bags.

Dave nodded. "Yeah, I think it is."

"Why do they need candles?" The blonde Canadian said curiously. He was really confused. "And what the heck is going on?"

Lisa shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine."

Half an hour later, John, Trish, Randy, Dawn and Chris walked back into looking really exhausted. They just came back from the parking lot since they had to put all their things in their cars. John looked relieved when he saw the Amy, Stephanie and Paul weren't back yet.

"This is the last time I am running around the mall for you." Trish told John with all seriousness as she tiredly sat on the empty chair beside Lisa. "God, I'm tired."

"You guys look like you really need to rest." Dave commented with a shake of the head.

Dawn let out a deep sight. "And I thought that part was pretty obvious already."

"What's going on any-" Adam said but he was cut off when Chris got up from his seat and approached Amy, Stephanie and Paul as they entered the café.

"I'll tell you guys later." Trish mouthed to Lisa, Dave and Adam. The trio had no choice but to nod in agreement. "Just wait."

Chris went to Stephanie and whispered something that made the brunette smile widely. Stephanie then whispered the exact same thing to Paul and her husband had the same reaction. "This is perfect." Paul grinned.

Amy raised an eyebrow at the three but didn't say anything at all. "Where'd ya guys go?" John asked as he pulled a chair for Amy to sit on.

"Pet store." She replied after giving him a quick kiss. "We looked at the dogs."

Stephanie chuckled. "She's planning on getting another dog to add to your little family."

"Wow, Mackenzie is going to have sisters and brothers." Randy said in the best kiddy voice he could muster.

"Shut up, Randall. Ya sounded gay, ya know." John shook his head. "It's no problem for me she wants to buy another dog."

Amy looked at her boyfriend, Trish, Randy, Dawn and Chris. "You guys look like you went on the Amazing Race or something…"

"Actually, that's a good way to say it." Chris grumbled. Dawn elbowed her husband a bit hardly, giving him the look that clearly meant 'shut up'. "Just kidding."

"There is something really going on." Lisa muttered softly to herself. She could only imagine what it was.

An hour later found Amy and John in the hotel while the others were off somewhere. She knew something was going on when Trish and Dawn, surprisingly, didn't drag her to go shopping with them.

"John! Why the hell are you in a hurry to get back to the room?" Amy nearly screamed when John practically ran out of the elevator and dragged her with him.

"I'll explain later." He replied. It was finally time.

Once they got to her hotel room, the redhead was surprised to see a pink blindfold on the doorknob. She looked at him with a curious and confused look on her face. "Felix, what's this?"

"You'll find out really soon." He smirked before he took the blindfold. He carefully placed the pink cloth over her hazel orbs. He noticed that Amy was still slightly shaking.

The brown haired man wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Baby, relax. Don't worry. I didn't plan anythin' scary."

He planned something…? She thought. John took the keycard from her hand and opened the door before he slowly led her into the room. The West Newbury native smiled as he looked around the room. Trish, Randy, Dawn and Chris, you guys are the best.He thought as a smile made its way to his face.

"Are ya ready?" He asked as he left her side and stood beside the dining table.

"Y-Yeah…" Amy nodded hesitantly.

"Remove the blindfold."

The redhead did as she was told and she slowly opened her eyes. Her hazel orbs widened in shock and he jaw dropped as she looked around her. Red, pink and white candles were scattered all over the room. A table for two was set up in the middle of the room with all the needed utensils and the food. Slow and sweet music played from his iPod. John stood beside the table with a bouquet of daises in hand.

Amy was speechless for a moment. "John… Wh-What's this? How did you manage to pull this off?"

"This is the reason why Trish, Randy, Dawn, Chris an' I looked like we participated in Amazing Race awhile ago." John grinned. "They helped me pull this off."

A grateful smiled graced her lips as she thought of what her four friends might have gone through just to prepare for that night. "They're beautiful." She said as he handed the bouquet to her.

He took her hand in his and led her to the table. He did everything that a gentleman would do like pulling the chair for her and all that. "No offense, babe, but I really find the way you're acting really… weird." A beat passed. "And I never thought you had that kind of music in your iPod."

"Don't ruin the moment." Blue eyes rolled. Then, he laughed when she rolled her eyes back.

"No offense." Amy emphasized.

John smirked. "I know… And blame Dawn for putting that kind of music in my iPod. It was her idea. It was either that or she'll personally hire someone to play the violin or something. I wanted to save her from all the trouble an' save myself from the headache."

After that, the dinner went on smoothly. Amy couldn't believe everything that's happening. She knew that John wasn't the type of guy who gets all mushy. Everything that was happening that night was a complete surprised for her. And I really love everything…

"Ames?" John whispered once their dinner was finished half an hour later. He had to do it.

She lifted her head to look at him. "Hmm…?"

"Can I ask you something?"

Amy could only watch with a shocked expression on her face as everything unfolded…

Something's really going on. I'm sure of it. Adam thought as he paced back and forth in his hotel room. He still couldn't help but think of why John and the others looked like they were preparing for something big earlier. It seemed that he was more bothered about it than Dave and Lisa, who were also clueless about everything. And there was only one reason for that.

Adam Copeland was also in love with Amy Dumas.

He has loved her ever since they met. He loved everything about her. I've been in love with her longer that John has. The blonde man added mentally. He was even surprised at himself for being able to pretend that he was happy for John and Amy. He was also surprised that he was able to resist the urge to tell her how he felt.

But even if he loved Amy so much, he didn't break John's heart. John's my friend. I'm supposed to be happy that he's happy and in love with Amy. Oh, shit… This is going to be hard. What do I do nowThe blonde man knew he had to decide which was his priority – to make Amy his or take care of his friendship with John.

"Adam? You there?" Lisa's voice and persistent knocking on the door snapped him out of his thoughts. "It's Lisa."

He sighed. "I'm coming."

Adam swung the door open and the raven haired woman nearly waltzed inside, looking so happy and so excited. It was as if she was going to scream. "Listen closely, Ads. This is our part of the plan. We have to organize a breakfast together to celebrate –"

"Hey, wait. What plan?" An eyebrow raised. "What's going on?"

"Trish told me why they were running around in the mall awhile ago. It was all part of the plan and I asked why you, Dave and I weren't part of it and she said that the breakfast thing is our part." The raven haired diva replied.

"What's going on?"

"Amy and John are engaged so what we have to do is to make sure all of us meet for breakfast so that we can congratulate the two and maybe help them start planning their wedding…"

Lisa continued to explain everything but Adam wasn't listening anymore. What Lisa said earlier kept repeating itself in his head.

Amy and John are engaged.