Let Her Go

Summary: Amy's getting married to John yet someone isn't happy about it. Can the wedding push through?

Characters: John/Amy/Adam, Trish/Randy, Dawn Marie/Chris, Stephanie/Paul, Lisa/Dave

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Chapter Four: Lisa and Dave's Wedding


It was now the big day for Lisa and Dave. Everyone had been waiting for the day of their wedding and here they were, waiting inside – or outside for those part of the bridal march – for the celebration to begin. Dave, Randy, John, Paul, Chris and Adam were part of those people waiting outside the church. They were waiting for the arrival of the bride, maid of honor and the bride's maids. Dave couldn't help but become nervous and excited at the same time and this did not go unnoticed by his friends.

"You okay over there?" Adam raised an eyebrow.

Dave sucked in a deep breath. "I'm trying to be…"

"Dude, relax." Paul placed a hand on the big man's shoulders. "Being nervous is really part of this whole thing but it'll disappear once the wedding starts."

"Thanks." The dark haired man smiled. "I just can't help it, you know? This is like… The biggest day of my life."

Chris gestured to himself, Paul and Randy. "We've been through the same thing, bro. Just try to stay calm. It won't help if you become all nervous and shit. Trust us. Everything will be fine."

While everyone in the Church waited, six women were still the hotel, doing last minute touches on their outfits for the ceremony. "Are you all sure I look okay?" Lisa asked her friends. "Is my hair okay? Is my make up okay? Is my gown – "

"For the hundredth times, Lisa Marie Varon… You look beautiful. Dave will surely agree with me once he sees you." Stacy Keibler rolled her eyes at her friend. "Whoa… This is the last day I can call you that. After the wedding, you're gonna be Lisa Marie Bautista."

"Ames!" Trish said out loud, stopping the bride-to-be from saying anything. "Can you please wear your shoes already?"

The redhead made a face. "I don't wear high heels, Trishy, and heels of those shoes are pretty high. Can't I wear something with shorter heels?"

"Unless a fairy godmother will pop out of nowhere and use magic to give you a new pair of shoes with shorter heels?" Hazel eyes rolled. "You have to wear that. They aren't that bad, you know. They look comfy to me."

"Will you two quit that already? Ames, you're wearing those shoes and that's final." Dawn waited until Amy had worn them – albeit reluctantly – before she continued. "Now everything's ready, we can go. Everyone's waiting for us in the church."

Stephanie stood up from the couch. "I thought we're going to be late for the wedding…" One by one, the girls pilled out of the hotel room; Amy muttering something under her breath as she did so. Lisa was beginning to get nervous just like Dave was before they were met by Lisa's father when they got to the lobby. The two then went straight to the limo while the other girls piled into another car. They were finally heading to the Church.


"I hate suits." John grumbled as he loosened the tie around his neck, making it look far from being neat. "I hate suits."

Randy let out an irritated sigh at his best friend. "Cena, please? Just shut up about that suit. There's nothing you can do about that now so get used to it. Like what Paul said, you have to wear one for your own wedding."

"Ya know ain't used to suits. I don't dress up as much ya'll do." He raised his hands in defense when Dave raised an eyebrow, as if challenging him to complain more. "Okay, okay. I'll shut my mouth now. No need to get all violent and whatever."

"I'm serious about throwing you out of my wedding if you complain more about your suit. Remember that." Dave folded his arms over his chest.

"You and Amy are really a match made in heaven." Stacy chuckled softly as she approached the men with Trish, Dawn, Stephanie and Amy walking close behind her. "Ames kept on complaining about her heels in the hotel and even in the car."

"Still aren't used to heels, Red?" Chris smirked at the frowning redhead. "They look great with what you're wearing."

"I only wear them when I'm forced to." Amy glared at Stephanie, Stacy, Dawn and Trish. "And I'm holding you four responsible for whatever happens to my feet."

"Nothing will happen to your feet so we have nothing to worry about, right?" Trish stuck her tongue out at her. "Lilian and her father are waiting in the car. Unless you all want to stand longer under the sun, let's start the wedding now."

Once the words left the blonde woman's mouth, those who were part of the bridal march began to assemble themselves with Paul, as the best man, standing at the start of the line while Lisa and his father stood at the end. Well… Everyone moved to their places except for Adam, who was still standing where he had been since he was with the other guys. He was staring at Amy, admiring the beauty of the woman he loved.

"Adam Joseph Copeland…" Stephanie whispered and patted his shoulders. "Not here, please. Someone might notice you. You should join Stacy already." Then, she left him to talk to Lisa before the wedding begins.

The blonde man frowned but nodded nonetheless before he took his place beside Stacy. Meanwhile, Amy approached John, who was paired with Stephanie for the bridal march since the redhead was the maid of honor. "You look beautiful, Ames…" He said before he pressed a kiss on her forehead. "The color of your gown isn't that bad."

"Thanks." She smiled. "I just hate my shoes…"

"I hate this suit as much as ya hate those heels." He frowned as he looked at what he was wearing. "I never did like dressin' up anyways…"

"You look fine, John…" An eyebrow rose as her attention fell on his tie. "And what did you do to your tie?"

John grimaced. "I just kinda loosened it up. It was tight, ya know."

"Kinda" The redhead repeated. She shook her head as she began to fix his tie. "It doesn't look good to me. Just loosen it up after the wedding." While she did so, Adam watched with jealousy in his eyes. He could see what was happening perfectly well since he and Stacy were just a pair away from the two; the pair being Trish and Randy. How he wished he was in John's place. He quickly masked the look in his green eyes when Stephanie passed by, sending him a pointed look before she approached Amy and John.

"Ames, the wedding is gonna start soon so you better take your place in front of Lisa." The brunette informed her.

"Yeah, I will. I'll just finish fixing his tie…" Amy looked at the tie around John's neck and decided it was already okay. "There, it's done!"

John gave his fiancée a quick kiss. "I'll see you later, babe."

She smiled in reply before she stepped away from him, allowing Stephanie to take her place beside him. The redhead gave him a short wave, and then she walked to her place; giving a nervous Lisa and reassuring smile as she did so. In five minute's time, the wedding march began to play, signaling Paul to begin walking as well.

Dave walked after his best friend and he was followed by Dawn and Chris. The two were followed by Stephanie & John, Trish & Randy and Stacy & Adam. Once the bride's maids and the groom's men were already in their proper places, Amy began to walk down the aisle. A huge smile graced John's face as he watched her walk closer and he couldn't help but imagine his own wedding.

"Dude…" Randy elbowed him gently. "Relax… This isn't your wedding. Don't get too emotional, Cena." He smirked at him.

"Can ya please allow me to enjoy watchin' Ames?" John rolled his eyes, taking note that Amy had already taken her place in front of the altar, parallel to where Paul was standing, while Lisa and her father were already walking down the aisle.

As Dave looked at her, he couldn't help but become teary. "You look amazing." He said once Lisa reached him.

"Thanks." The raven haired woman smiled brightly at him. Dave and her father shook hands first before the couple walked to the altar; the wedding ceremony beginning soon after.


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