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Cho was starting to sweat. As soon as she had knocked, an instant hush had fallen over the whispers she had previously heard issuing from the solid door before her. The solid door that failed to, however, instantly open and instead glared at her accusingly as she waited forsomeone on the other side to get the idea in their head that, really, she wasn't going anywhere and yes, would like to be answered any time now. After standing on the doorstep for a full minute, Cho knocked another time.

She heard a creaking as more whispers started again and she was relieved to hear footsteps start to come towards the door where she still stood (patiently, she might hasten to add) waiting. Honestly, the things she did for Harry.

As the door opened to reveal a searching green eye, Cho waved hesitantly.

"Cho! Oh it's you, sweetheart; we thought it might be another newspaper—"

"Just can't keep their hands off this boy here." A voice said within. Mrs. Weasley leaned away from the door enough to look behind her at the speaker, allowing Cho her first glimpse within.

It was large. Which was surprising for the relatively small outside, but, well—magic and all that she supposed. There was a plethora of red-haired, freckled-spotted, boys scattered across the room and Cho realized that her previously hoped for thought of only speaking to Harry was slowly going down the drain. The monotony of red was stopped only by the brown of Hermione's head as she reclined against Ron in their couch as well as the jet black of—


Forgetting for a moment why she was there in the first place, it was all Cho could do to blink. It...it really hadn't been that long since the last time she had seen him, and yet it seemed like it had been a millennia. Her throat closed up, her tongue grew thick, her stomach dropped, and she felt like she could have walked on air if only he had asked her.

"Cho? What can we do for you, darling?" Only to crash land back on earth in an instant as Mrs. Weasley interrupted her Harry fantasies—

Musings, really. Yes. Musings. She was over him. Really.

"Ah—" Cho cleared her suspiciously dry throat, "I'm here to talk to Harry…" all eyes immediately were drawn to the boy wonder himself who was unable to do anything but blush. Cho felt an echoing blush heat her checks as all the gazes—as if a ping ball had bounced between them and perfectly in sync—refocused on her.

"Well, there he is," a voice said from the hallway and immediately the previously intent gazes went everywhere but on Cho or Harry, "Say what you need." Cho resentfully tore her eyes off of Harry and watched as Ginny waltzed in from another door (not the kitchen, she dryly noted mentally) and sat on the unoccupied space next to Harry on the loveseat.

Loveseat. Damn it.

Cho cleared her throat again, "Just…just checking in. Wanted to see if Harry—ah, everyone was okay. What with never catching up, and worrying, and disappearing, and—ah…" Desperate, all eyes were once again upon her and she could actually see their pity for the poor lovesick girl growing as her ramble increased and she didn't know what to say, so just said anything, just to get them to stop looking at her like that, "And well—I…I see George's not, well, doing well…but who could blame him and I was just—"

"What?" One of the red heads sitting in a seat to the right of the door said. All Cho could say as to recognizing the red-haired boy was that he wasn't Ron. Grateful for the distraction nonetheless, she ran with it.

"George. He just left now. I ran into him by the kitch—"

"Damn that little sneaking brat!" Cho was surprised at Mrs. Weasley's outburst. She never knew that she could flare-up like that…

"I'm sorry?" Cho replied hesitantly, "Should I have stopped him?"

"Oh no, dear, don't worry. We just…Well, George's not taking it so well. Obviously."

Cho had nothing to say to that so only made the best sympathetic face she could, which, given the stressful circumstances, must have just looked like she was creasing her eyes in constipation. Ah well, it was the thought that counted.

Mrs. Weasley, understanding despite the mixed signals as only a mother could, patted her on the head, "I'll give him your sympathies dear. Charlie!" The read head from before snapped to attention and Cho nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden shout, "Go get him back here now!"

With another snap the figure disapparated immediately.

"Look, dear, it's not that we don't appreciate you coming by—"

"But this is a family matter…I understand." Cho sighed, no she didn't. Harry and Hermione got to stay but she had to leave? True, that wasn't really fair but she had come all the way over here to talk to him and she wasn't in the mood for being fair about anything, "Just wanted to check up on you, Harry."

"Thanks, Cho." Harry said with a smile, hooking an unconscious arm around the girl next to him, "I'm doing fine."

Yes. It seemed he was.







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