Transformers belongs to Hasbro last I heard send the lawyers after them!!!
I have only seen the American version of the cartoon so I don't know where the others came from I know about the comic version but this is based on the cartoon it takes place in the year 1992 oh yeah this is also a prequel to the movie.

A small ship is seen flying to earth and a young autobot is seen trying to mess with the controls "oh great" said the autobot I lost control we are going to crash" "That last fight with the decepticons trashed the engine" said a female voice "no duh" said a sarcastic voice "knock it off" said a commanding voice who obviously was the leader of the group "Kup, how long to impact?" asked the voice "about five minutes" replied the autobot named Kup. Shortly there after they crashed into a swamp. Meanwhile at the Ark Skydive is doing scans of the planet when suddenly a blip zooms on to screen and suddenly disappears off the radar Meanwhile in another part of the ship Optimus prime was talking with his human friend Spike Witwacky. Optimus had just learned from Spike that his wife Carly was going to have a baby "well if it's a girl we'll name her Melissa if its a boy we'll name him Daniel ." meanwhile skydive went to check on the disturbance quickly transforming into his jet form he took off for the coordinates. When he got there he was suprised to find an autobot shuttle in the swamp. Quickly going in he noticed the occupants scattered all over the ship quickly going to the idento computer he noticed it was still functional. After typing in some commands the computer's satellite went out to find forms for the autobots he was relaxing waiting for the computer to finish when suddenly alarms started going off. "warning computer error" after going to check on the autobots he was suprised to see that one of them ended up with a car form and a helicopter form
"wow cool." Said Skydive " I have someone to fly with in the air when I don't want to talk to the other AreialBots." Just then his communicator went off "Skydive where are you?" demanded Prowl "I was checking on a blip and you won't believe what I found I'll show you when I get back, Skydive out." After a while they finally got there and saw spike and Carly floor it inside Ratchet's vehicle mode. "I guess Carly went into labor" Skydive muttered "Okay while I talk to Optimus you guys wait here" as they transformed into robot mode. As Skydive went in the room he saw everyone glaring at him. "all right Skydive" demanded Prowl "why did you leave your post?" "well I detected a blip and went to check it out basically to summarize it I'll just show you come in here guys." And with that the five autobots walked in." Hello" said the leader "my name is Ultra Magnus, this is Kup, the punk over there is hot rod the other two are named Arcee and Springer just then a call came in from the hospital "hey I'm a daddy" said Spike "it's a boy" "I got an idea" said Prowl " since you said Hot Rod needs discipline how about we put him in charge of Daniel

the end