Title: To the Good Times
Drabble: #66
TK and Rave's prompts: Top hat (TK), Crown (Rave)
Randomly selected pairing: Daiyako
Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, or TRHPS, or the Mad Hatter.
Notes: It's been a fun ride, and I appreciate every single person who's taken the time to review even one of these drabbles; especially blader-chick13, who's been with me since I started and has reviewed nearly every single one, and of course Rave The Rich for giving me permission to use his idea in the first place. Thank you everybody, enjoy this last one. (Bit of luck with those two prompts, eh?)

Daisuke will shortly be on his way to a fancy dress party without a theme, but he still hasn't decided what he should dress up as. He's had some ideas – a fairy godmother, a tree and a prostitute, to name a few – but Miyako dismissed every single one of them without a second thought. Surprisingly he didn't argue with her, except briefly about the prostitute idea, but that was only fair since he was the one who recruited her help in the first place. If anyone has any good costume ideas, it's Miyako.

They have trailed round every fancy dress shop they could find and have returned to Daisuke's apartment with enough costumes to dress the entire cast of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', each with the Miyako Inoue seal of approval. All that remains is for Daisuke to try them all on and choose the best one, and while he does this Miyako waits as patiently as she can outside the bathroom.

He emerges and strikes a pose, and Miyako clasps her hands together with glee. He's dressed as a prince, complete with a cape and a wonky crown, and Miyako can't resist telling him how irresistible he looks. He doesn't agree, stating that he thinks he looks a bit of a twit, and disappears again to change.

The next time he comes out, Miyako grimaces; the costume looked better on the hanger. His Mad Hatter image, with a green waistcoat and a matching top hat, would make people lose their appetites. But he loves it; she can tell by the massive grin on his face and the way he keeps twirling in front of the mirror.

She tells him he looks ridiculous and demands that he go change, but he refuses. She told him to pick the costume he liked best, and he likes this one best. She raises her voice, telling him to be tasteful instead of looking like something out of a low-budget horror movie. He raises his voice even louder, demanding to know what's wrong with low-budget horror movies. She replies that they're rubbish. He yells that she's rubbish. She screams that his costume is rubbish, and that he needs to go and change it.

Before long his costume is discarded on the floor, as are Miyako's clothes, and their screams are still loud but no longer angry. He doesn't even care that he'll be late for the party.