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dsclaimer: even tho it is sooo unfair that stephenie meyer gets twilight and i don't i ahve to admit that it belongs to her. Also the characters belong to her including edward.

chimeofbells: bella debussyrules: edward luvtoshop: Alice pranksta: emmett emoboy: jasper lookatme: rosalie

chimeofbells: EDWARD!! get on i need to talk to you...

debussyrules: u do know that I'm coming over tonight don't you?

chimeofbells: yeah..that's what i need to talk to you about...

debussyrules: me coming over?

chimeofbells: or more specifically...you not coming over

debussyrules: what's going on tonight that means i can't come over.

chimeofbells: You remember my best friend from pheonix i told u about

debusseyrules: um... megan right?

chimeofbells: yeah...well...she has a court case up in seattle here and she is sleeping over tonight

chimeofbells: are you mad at me?

debussyrules: no you havent seen this friend in along time and i bet your friend would be uncomfortable with me there right?

chimeofbells: yeah...thanx for understanding, your the best!!!

debussyrules: yeah...sorry i have to go...esme needs help...see u tommorrow.

chimeofbells: bye, love you.

debussyrules: love you, too.

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next chapter: what happens when edward meet megan and they hate each other