In the Enemy's Fortress

Thank you for deciding to click into my first n/c fic! I have written plenty of slash (none have ever been put up on the internet), so I hope this fic does justice to those many many slash fics!

It was very interesting writing this fic, as I didn't ever write on it when my roommate was in the room. She can see how externally weird I am, but she doesn't need to know my wonderful personal fandoms, lol


Pairings: Vlad/Danny

Summary: Danny wakes up inside a secure room in Vlad's manor. He doesn't remember exactly how he got there, but Vlad has plans for him. WIP.

Slash, humil, M/M, anal, N/C, abuse, BDSM, Minor(Shouta), language Oral, Violence, D/s Other

Danny groaned quietly as he came to his senses. He attempted to lean up and check his surroundings, but his head ached badly and he felt as if he would get sick if he tried to sit up.

'Where am I?' he thought to himself.

He tried to remember what happened before he blacked out, but the memories were hidden in a kind of fogginess. He couldn't even make out where he lay. It must have been some sort of bed, but he was unsure if that as in fact what it was. He did notice, however, that the room around him felt cold, alien.

"Ah, Daniel! You're awake. How wonderful!" A cheerful voice to his left spoke.

He knew that voice. That voice had spoken to him so many times before. He lifted his head and strained to see who was before him. He succeeded in seeing the blurry outline of a man in front of him. The lights around him were too bright, and it was hard for his eyes to adjust to see anymore detail.

"I had wondered how long you planned to sleep. Keeping a prisoner is never any fun if they're unconscious, is it?"

The voice connected in his mind.

"Vlad?" he murmured softly, still squinting to see if it was, in fact, him.

"What is it, Daniel? Can I be of any assistance?" the man said almost sarcastically.

Danny squinted his eyes tightly closed, "where am I?"

"Why, Daniel, you're at my manor of course! Where else would I take you?"

Danny groaned, "Preferably, back home.."

Vlad looked down at the semi-conscious boy in front of him and gave a throaty chuckle. "No, you're home wasn't an option. See, Daniel, I plan to keep you here. That's the whole reason that I caused that horrendous mess yesterday.

Danny's eyes had, at this point, focused. It was still painful to see with the bright lights, but he managed to look at the man in front of him. Vlad Plasmius was dressed in his regular attire of a black suit that accented his long, grey hair perfectly.

"Mess?" Danny muttered quietly. The events that had transpired before he fell unconscious were still fuzzy at best.

"Don't you remember, Daniel? The Ghost attacks? Skulker, Technus, even that infernal Box Ghost. All there trying to get a piece of you. I rescued you, of course. I can't see Maddie's son getting hurt," Vlad said with a slight smile. Danny couldn't help noting a slight maliciousness in his voice.

The raven haired boy groaned slightly. He had been attacked? If Vlad had rescued him, why had he brought him to his Manor? Why didn't he just take him back home and fake some excuse as he had done before?

That's when it hit him, Plasmius instigated the whole thing. Skulker told worked for Plasmius and he was sure his father was gushing to tell anyone that would listen about Danny's date with Sam once it got out into the open.

"You bastard!! What did you do to Sam!?" He yelled, forcing himself into a sitting position, staring at the older man before him.

"Ms. Manson is perfectly okay... Well, she's not dead by any means."

Danny gritted his teeth, sitting up so quickly was a bad idea. His head throbbed angrily as he laid back down to try to alleviate the pain. However, it only seemed to make it worse.

"Why did you do it, Vlad?"

There was no answer. At least, not at first. Danny rolled his head over and looked at the man, waiting for some justification. Why had he started this mess? What reason did he have? And why did he bring him here of all places?

"ANSWER ME!!" Danny yelled, almost desperate to know the man's motive.

"Well, Danny.. The way I see it.. You're mine now," Vlad said after a moment. "You can't leave here, even if you wanted to. This room is inescapable to you," the man gave a chuckle, "You can't even phase through the walls, there is an ectoshield built in. You may give it a try if you don't believe me.. And for your human side, you will only be allowed in this room. The door will remain locked."

Danny's jaw dropped. The word 'prisoner' floated back into his head from Vlad's previous comment as he awoke.

The teen took a deep breath, "tell me why you're keeping me here, Vlad."

The man chuckled once more, "I don't believe I have to justify your question with an answer. Now..." The man said, his statement trailing off.

What happened next was the thing Danny expected least. The grey-haired man pulled the raven-haired boy close and hungrily pressed his lips again his own. Danny's eyes widened, and he tried to pull away but his body didn't allow it. He still had no strength.

Danny tried as hard as he could to keep Vlad from getting entrance to his mouth, attempting to seal his lips closed, but the older man persevered, until he managed to force his tongue through Danny's lips, into his warm mouth.

Vlad had made no notice of the youth's flailing limbs until Danny decided to put them to use attempting to scratch at him. Vlad, only parting their lips for a moment, grabbed Danny's arms, and held them over the boy's head with one arm before he went back to work on the boy's mouth.

He used his free hand to slide under the white T-shirt Danny commonly wore. The boy gave a slight groan as if in pain when Vlad did this. This amused the man greatly, as any reaction is a good reaction.

After a moment more of assaulting the boy mouth the man pulled away to catch his breath.

Danny decided to take this minute to try to go Ghost. Even if there was a shield in the walls, Plasmius would have a harder time catching him to do...Danny couldn't even think what Vlad had planned for him.

Just as Vlad began to lean back down, Danny tried to transform. If he could transform, he could phase through the man's hands and attempt to fly. He knew he wouldn't have the strength to do much, but he'd try to put up the best fight he could.

Danny closed his eyes tightly and attempted to transform. He felt the transformation start at his waist, but go no further. He opened his eyes with a loud cry, a horrible pain erupting in his abdomen. A chuckle sounded from the man beside him.

"Ah, stupid do you think I am? Don't you think I thought about you transforming to get away from me?" He said as he climbed on top of the boy, straddling him, at the hips. "The ghost shield also emits the same energy that my little power shorter does. No more Danny Phantom."

"You said it was just a ghost shield!" Danny yelled angrily. He couldn't help but notice the man's erection was pressing against his right leg as the man leaned down to his face. It nearly made him sick when he felt the man's hot breath at his neck.

"Well, the power-shorter is still a BETA. It could short out at any time, that's why the shield is necessary. I can't even transform in here. Now," he chuckled, "where were we? Ah, I remember...just about here..." His words tapered off as he pressed his lips against the boys once more.

Danny felt panic raise within him. There was no way he could fight Vlad being as weak as he was. His mind raced as he tried to think of something to help him get away as he felt the man trail kisses down his jaw line.

"I don't care if I hurt you, Daniel. It's your choice. Just let loose and this can be fun for the both of us," Vlad breathed into the boy's ear. The boy shuddered as the warm air hit his neck.

Vlad took notice of this and leaned down to nibble at the boy's ear. Danny's eyes widened, and he had to stifle a moan. Why was Vlad torturing him like this? Why was he even doing this? Was he not the man that held a lust for his mother? Why the sudden change? More importantly, how far was the older man going to take this?

The older man's free hand wandered up the boy's shirt again. He ran over the boy's slightly defined stomach. Ghost hunting isn't at all about physical power, as Vlad knew, so he was unsurprised to see that the boy had hardly built up an muscle from the activity.

Danny shuddered slightly when the man's fingertips trailed around his nipple.

"Feel good, Danny?" The man asked with a chuckle.

"Get off of me, you sick bastard!" Danny said through gritted teeth. He could see a malicious glimmer in the man's eyes.

"Why would I do that? I have only just begun with you. I can't stand idly by when there are things to do, and make no mistake, I will do them."

Danny opened his mouth to protest, but Vlad took the opportunity to press his lips roughly against the younger boy's. He found it easier to get his tongue inside Danny's mouth this time around and prodded against the boy's tongue, which seemingly refused to move.

Danny was not going to sit around and let this happen. Not matter how weak he was, he could not live with himself if he didn't even try to fight back. He couldn't let himself get r-- no, he wouldn't even think the word. It was too horrible to imagine. He couldn't let himself get used this way without a fight.

Danny took a moment and began to struggle under the man's grip. Vlad merely tightened it. Danny knew he would be bruised there tomorrow, but he continued to try anyway. Not much good was going to happen even if he did manage to wrench his wrists away. Maybe he could flail his arms, but it would only be a matter of minutes before they would be recaptured.

"Stop moving, Daniel. I don't want to get violent with you. Don't make me," Vlad said as he forced the boy's arms against the bed's head board.

Suddenly an idea hit him. He reached over into the nightstand next to him and pulled out a pair of ecto-handcuffs. The addition of the handcuffs would allow both of his hands to be free to explore the boy.

He leaned back over and clasped his left hand into the first cuff. The then ran the chain around one of the bars on the bed's head board and, after a minute to catch the boy's flailing hand, cuffed the right one as well.

Danny looked sorrowfully at his useless hands. He bit his lip in silent defeat. If only he hadn't been so careless using his powers in the fight, he might have some strength left to get away from this monster. He didn't want to give in so easily.

"Come on, Danny. Don't be so down; like I said, this should be good for us both."

"Fuck you," Danny spat. He then felt Vlad's hand connect to his face.

"Don't use that kind of language, Daniel. It's very ungentlemanly."

Danny could care less what the man had to say at the moment. The slap had been rather hard and it had left him a bit dizzy. The older man took this chance to rip off the boy's shirt.

Danny gasped when the cold air hit him, making his nipples become hard. Vlad felt the urge to chuckle, however he subdued the need. He instead pressed his lips roughly against the boy's.

Vlad decided to take it among himself to stimulate the boy. With his right hand, he reached down and unzipped the boy's baggy trousers. Danny froze as he felt the man glide a hand under his boxers and free his limp member.

The connection their lips made broke momentarily as Vlad shifted himself to get an easier access to the boy's manhood. He placed a knee on either side of Danny's right leg and began to rub his thumb over the head of the black-haired boy's length.

The reaction was good. The boy's back arched with the feeling of Vlad's touch and he let out a loud gasp.

'Wonderful,' Vlad thought in triumph.

Vlad took the opportunity to latch his mouth to the boy's throat and began sucking, trying to find a sensitive area to get the boy hard. He ran his lips over the nape of the boy's neck, licking and nipping with his teeth as he did. Slight groans slipping from the boy's mouth as he did this.

Vlad's strokes were beginning to get the job done; he felt the boy getting harder in his hand by the minute.

Danny gritted his teeth as he attempted to stop a moan from escaping. This whole situation was horrifyingly demeaning. Not only was he not strong enough to do anything, he was getting used in the worst way possible. How was it possible that Vlad made him this good?

Danny had never had an interest in the same sex. Paulina and, recently, Sam held a places in his fantasies, but never a man. Especially not Vlad. The man, however, seemed to know what he was doing. Either he had done this with someone else, or he had a great skill with masturbation...or perhaps it was simply the fact that no one else had ever touched him so intimately.

No, even though it was impossible to ignore what was happening, he couldn't live with himself if he thought anything close to liking this. If he admitted to liking this, he could never look at his face in the mirror. He couldn't like being violated like this, not matter how it felt.

Vlad, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying himself. He felt his own member getting harder just by watching the boy writhe beneath him. However, the fact that the boy was not begging for more was beginning to annoy him. He wanted the young halfa to beg him for the pleasure he intended to give him.

Danny felt the man pull away from the assault on his neck. He watched at the man proceeded to jerk off his boxers and pants, the cold air hitting his exposed skin.

Danny felt ashamed as he saw his member as Vlad adjusted himself. Sickening. Why did his body react like this? It was VLAD of all people.

Danny was too preoccupied with his thoughts to notice what Vlad had been adjusting himself to do. He cried out when he felt the man touch him again. He threw his head back and gave a loud moan as the man engulfed the head of his length into his mouth.

Vlad ran his tongue over the tip and into the slit that was beginning to ooze precum. The boy didn't taste all that bad, and Danny seemed not to be fighting him any longer. Good, they were past the sticky point, no pun intended.

Danny moaned loudly at the man sucked on the head of his member and stroked the shaft. His breathing fastened and felt himself quickly reaching his climax. But just as he was about to come, Vlad pulled away from him, and he felt the euphoria that Vlad had caused going away.

Danny breathed unevenly for a moment. He fought with his painful manhood. Vlad could have at least had the decency to finish him off before he pulled away.

Danny's thoughts were broken when he felt Vlad reach up and unhook his right wrist. Was it possible that Vlad had finished with him? He felt his heart take a leap.

But no. Instead, Vlad merely unhooked it long enough to get the boy to roll over on his stomache, which Danny did without much argument.

Once his wrist was refastened, he watched as Vlad stepped off the bed and undressed himself. He stared at the man's body as the older halfa neatly folded his clothing and set the stacks on a chair next to the bed.

Danny felt his heart begin to race when he saw the man's erection. He had no idea how long or thick it was (nor did he really care), but it was large enough that he knew it was going to cause him a lot of pain when the time came.

The younger boy bit his lip and held his eyes shut as he felt the Vlad get back onto the bed. Danny began to shake slightly as he felt the man adjust himself behind him.

"Move your knees under you and make sure your legs are spread," Vlad said as he leaned over into the nightstand on the opposite side of the bed.

Danny shakily nodded and obeyed. There was no way of escaping what was going to happen in just a few moments.

Vlad pulled out a small tube of lubricant. He knew this was the boy's first time and didn't want to hurt him too badly. However, no matter what amount of lube he would use, the boy would still bleed. Vlad's manhood was a good ten inches long and very thick. And maybe that's how Vlad wanted it. Yes, he wanted to boy to suffer.

Watched the boy shake as he spread the lube over his erect manhood. Once he was satisfied, he lubed a few fingers; he could at least prepare the boy somewhat.

Danny cried out in surprise as he felt a finger enter his anus.

"Wha-what are you doing?!" He asked attempting to look back.

"I don't want to just shove in, and neither do you. Make no mistake, this is going to hurt, but I'm being kind. You've been good most of the time, so you shall be rewarded," Vlad said as he forced a second finger inside of the boy.

Danny clenched his teeth and cried out. The first finger merely left him with an odd feeling, but this second finger made him feel uncomfortable. How many was he going to use?

His answer came a moment later when a third finger wedged its way inside. Danny felt himself breathing hard; trying not to cry out in pain as the three digits began pumping inside of him.

Vlad enjoyed this immensely. The sounds of the boy gasping beneath him, the tightness around his fingers. He knew Danny would be in pain, but he would be feeling remarkable, and isn't that all that mattered at the moment?

After a few more moments of preparation, Vlad pulled out of the boy. He couldn't help but notice the boy stifle a gasp and a single tear ran down his cheek. That tear nearly pushed him over the edge.

He wiped his hand covered in lube on the sheets as they would need to washed after this event anyway. Once he finished, he positioned himself behind the boy, placing his hands on Danny's hips and pressing the head of his manhood to the boy's abused anus and began to force himself inside.

Danny bit his bottom lip as he felt a searing pain in his backside. He began panting as the pain began to overcome him, feeling as if he was going to be ripped in two.

Vlad was enjoying the sensation of the boy's body. He was so tight that it nearly drove him crazy, but that was to be expected with the boy's virgin body.

The older man slowly inched his way in, wanting the feeling to last, but to also cause the boy some pain. After all, Danny did try to claw at him in the beginning, so this was a wonderful punishment for them both.

When he was fully sheathed inside the boy, he began to adjust himself. He was going to add insult to injury by getting the boy to beg for release.

He soon hit the boy's prostate, causing the boy to arch his back and cry out. Vlad smirked at the wonderful reaction.

"Tell me you want more, Daniel...all you have to do is ask..." Vlad said, a hint of glee in his voice as he pumped into the boy once more, hitting the same spot.

"N-no...I don't want it. P-please stop...It hurts..."

"Of course it does. Expect it to tickle? Now, tell me you want more.."

Danny choked out a half-sob, half-moan as the man hit the spot again. He gritted his teeth. How long would the attack last if he attempted to fight against the man? How long would it last if he submitted?

The younger boy choked a sob, "please give it to me, Vlad..."

Vlad's face lit up, "Ah, ah, ahh...say, 'Please give it to me, Mr. Masters, as hard as you can'."

"Pluh-pluh-please give it to me, Mr. Mas-Masters...a-as hard a-as you can."

"Yours is my command..."

Danny felt the tears running down his face as Vlad continued to pump against his sweet spot. Oh, god how it felt good. Oh god, how it hurt. He felt thoroughly embarrassed about the tears streaming over his cheeks. Was this all Vlad's intention? To hurt him like this and get him to enjoy it? The perverted bastard.

Vlad felt his climax approaching. He also couldn't help noticing how blood was beginning to pour over his member as he continued to assault the boy. He knew the boy would bleed, but not this badly. To alleviate a bit of the guilt he felt when he saw this, he reached a hand down the boy's hip to his neglected, half-hard member and began to pump it.

Danny's squinted his eyes shut and cried out in pleasure as the man stroked his length in rhythm with his pumps. He soon felt his body moving in sync with Vlad's, forcing himself back everytime Vlad got ready to pump.

This new action put a better spin of things for Vlad. He managed to smirk through his groans, which were already audible through the sounds of slapping flesh.

Danny gritted his teeth and cried out as he reached his limit. His rocking against the man's body slowed after he came, as he was still not up to his usual strength.

It took Vlad only a moment or two longer to come. Once he finished spilling his seed into the body he collapsed on top of him, panting loudly.

They lay there in silence for several minutes, both just breathing in and out deeply, trying to catch their breath. Finally, Vlad pulled his now limp member from the boy. He gave a triumphant grin as he glanced down and saw the large puddle of blood and semen that was left in the sheets.

Without any words, Vlad stood up and redressed himself, cleaning off the drying blood and semen on the already soiled sheets. He pulled a key from his pockets and unlocked the handcuffs before placing it back and leaving.

Danny gripped both of his wrists and began to shake softly. He hardly had the strength to slide off the soiled bed and onto the floor. Why had he gone along with the act? Why did he move his body in time with Vlad's? Why had he let himself like it?

Unfortunately Danny was unable to answer these questions for himself. As soon as his body hit the floor beneath him, he felt himself fall into unconsciousness.

To be continued...