In the Enemy's Fortress

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Chapter Twelve - The End

Danny sat on the bed, just staring at Vlad as he felt the spirit's intangible arms wrap tighter around him.

'Danny, let's leave. You're free. Get the key from his pocket..'

The teen continued to stare at Vlad's montionless body. He wasn't sure as to whether or not the man was still alive, but he didn't want to be close to the man anymore.

Shakily, he reached down to Vlad. Carefully, he lifted the man's black jacket and carefully pulled out the key ring. Danny couldn't help but be surprised that the man didn't stir as he rose off the bed and hurried to the door.

Danny inhaled sharply unlocked the door, throwing it open.

To his surprise, there was no one there. No armed guards, nothing. He felt the spirit wrap it's arms tighter around his chest as he hurried down the hallway. No armed guards, no updated headquarters. Nothing.

However, to be on the same side, he closed his eyes and went Ghost for the first time since his incarceration in this hell hole. He immediately felt much freer, even as the spirit was wrapping itself around his chest.

He would've preferred to stay a human at the moment, his Ghost form feeling quite foreign to him. However, it was definitely better to be safe than sorry. He didn't know what to expect.

He hurriedly made his way to the parlor and opened to the front door to see that everything was the same as it had been before he was captured. The same mansion that he had seen on his few visits over to the home.

"I... don't understand," He whispered as he slowly walked down the steps, the bright light of the sun hurting his eyes as he detransformed. "Why isn't everything different? I thought Vlad had taken everything over."

'He couldn't use the staff' the spirit whispered softly.

"But.. why didn't you tell me?" Danny said, his mind reeling. Did this mean that his parents were still alive? That his sister hadn't been raped? That Sam was still alive? He felt his heart leap.

'Did it matter? You are mine now... You wouldn't have tried to leave even if you had known. Just plunged into greater depression. It worked out better this way... Now, go get the staff. You have every right to use it. You and I will be unlike anything the world has ever seen, Danny.'

Danny's eyes hit the ground. He lowered himself to sit by the front door of the house, feeling a gentle breeze for the first time in months. "I.. just killed someone.. Everything has been a lie. I... don't think I can take this much more."

'Go get the staff, Daniel. We'll take over everyone here. The world won't be able to stand in our way.'

The teen could feel the arms tightening around his chest. It was almost as if the spirit were changing from the lonely entity he had spent so much time with to something else, something much more dangerous.

Danny shook his head, "No, I... I don't want anything to do with the staff. I just want to go home and pretend that this never happened."

'Get. the. staff.'

The boy gritted his teeth as he rose from his place on the steps. He felt the spirit, who had once seemed so defenseless and innocent force his body toward Vlad's study. Where had this power come from? Was it because they had been trapped in that room? Is this the true nature of the spirit?

He tried to break free from the invisible binds that held him as he forced open the large wooden doors. His eyes immediately focused on the staff before him from its place on Vlad's desk. It took everything within him to not hold his arm out and grab the staff. The spirit merely wrapped itself tighter around the boy's body, urging him further.

Danny cried out and transformed once more. He closed his eyes and flew backwards, back toward the room he had been trapped in for so long. If the ghost shield had impeded his power once, it should definitely do it again.

Once Danny was through the door, his felt the power shorter send a shock through his body, causing his powers to dissipate, turning him back into a human.

'Danny..You deserve the staff. You deserve the World. Why won't you take the gift I'm giving you?'

Danny could feel the spirit weakening once more, feeling itself wrap around him once more.

He felt himself beginning to shiver as he looked over and saw Vlad's lifeless body lying across from him. He felt hot tears begin to well up in his eyes and he stared at his feet.

"I don't want this anymore. I just… I want to be rid of you."

'I'm sorry.. You're stuck with me, Daniel. I won't leave you… You belong to me. You are my chance at taking over the world once more.'

The glimmering of the gun in Vlad's motionless hand caught his attention. He carefully stood and walked over, pulling the gun from the man's hand.

'Don't kill yourself, Danny… You'll be wasting your chance. I won't be kind to you if you don't use the gift.'

The raven-haired boy didn't answer. He made his way back downstairs, toward the man's study, aided by the force of the spirit, whose power began to become over-bearing on the boy's delicate form.

Upon arriving, he pointed the gun at the staff and emptied the pistol at the staff. The ancient staff splintered into several pieces.

With an anguished scream, the spirit released the boy, disappearing.

Danny later found out that Vlad gained nothing more than a minimal power boost from the rod. The same power boost he would've received had Danny not given the spirit his soul. The man had never gained control of anything. It was revealed that he would pay people money to give Danny the trays to give the illusion that he was never there.

Everything had been a lie.

The boy managed to make it back home to his family, who welcomed him back with open arms, and decided to break off his ties with the Spirit World until he was ready to join them permanently.

The End.

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