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"talking" thinking ((meee))

What If…

…Axel and Roxas switched bodies?

((for confusions sake, when I mention Roxas, picture Axel. XD))

Roxas groaned as he turned over in his bed. Goddamned alarm, he thought darkly as he rolled over to look at the clock. Funny, I thought Axel had that clock…must have borrowed it or something. Man did we get wasted yesterday. I didn't think that Vexen was a partier…

He shivered as he stepped out from the warm sanctuary of the covers. Woah! I feel like I grew a few feet…What a hangover! His head throbbing, he went over to the dresser to pull out some clothes. When he reached out for the drawer, his hands slowed. He examined them closely. That's different…Wait. Opening the drawer, he pulled out a cloak for the day. This should be too big for me…Putting it on, he was shocked when it fit him perfectly. Slowly, he turned around to face the mirror.

"What…the…fuck?" he stared at the red haired reflection staring back at him. He slowly went up to touch the mirror to confirm that it was indeed, Axel's figure staring back at him.

He screamed, effectively waking up all those near his room.

-------((Oh no!))-------

Axel jolted awake as he heard a deafening scream come from Roxas' room. He leapt up and out of bed before he realized that he was, in fact, in Roxas' room. Looking down, he realized that he was much closer to the ground than normal. Did I shrink? He shook his head and returned to the problem at hand. Where was Roxas? He decided to look in Axel's own room. As Axel walked towards the door, he passed up the mirror. He stopped dead in passing it.

He was Roxas.

Suddenly, Axel understood why Roxas was screaming and hightailed it for his own bedroom.

------((Panic time!))------

"What the fuck happened?" Roxas raged as he paced around Axel's room, which was technically his room, even though it should be, and it was all making Roxas' head spin. Axel tried to calm down himself, and was getting more and more creeped out by the minute.

"Just calm down! Breathe for a second. Try to remember, what is the last thing that happened last night?"

Axel and Roxas both sat down to think, each staring at the other. Axel stuck his tongue out at him as Roxas glared. "Don't make that expression with my face, its not attractive."

"I think it is."

"Oh man do not rape me in my own body, that's wrong on so many levels."

"One problem at a time Roxas. Now the last thing I remember was that we had just finished dancing," Axel began.

"And then we went to sit down and talk to Demyx—"

"And then Vexen got us some drinks and-Wait! That's it! The ruddy little bastard slipped something in them! No doubt for one of his idiotic experiments!"

"So let's go make him change us back then!"

"No no not yet." Roxas looked at him incredulously. "Let's make him think it didn't work first. Then we won't have to hear him gloat when we confront him."

"So I have to be you?" Roxas said, sounding as if he tasted something bad.

Axel grinned. "You make it sound so painful. Being you would be easy." Axel turned Roxas' mouth down into a serious frown that matched his normal expression at breakfast so perfectly it was scary. "Goddamnit, Axel, get the hell out of my way."

"Alright alright I get the point. I'll just have to be more…flamboyant…at breakfast. Let's do it."

----((the crazy of the breakfast))----

Vexen almost started skipping on his way down to breakfast. I finally got my potion right! he grinned, cackling to himself. "Now to put those two brats in their places." Sitting down at breakfast, he waited for the impending chaos and pleas to be set to normal. There would be changes in the World That Never Was, oh yes, and Vexen's potions would no longer be used for target practice.

Vexen's smile widened as Number VIII and Number XIII walked into breakfast. He started to smile triumphantly as Number VIII walked towards Number XIII's seat, as if it was a habit. Vexen watched as he stopped before the seat, as if deep in thought. Then without missing a beat, he pulled out the seat for Number XIII.

"My lady," he said as he bowed low, grinning.

Number XIII snorted and sat down, clearly not happy as usual. Vexen observed as he picked at his food, barely eating it. He continued to glower at Number VIII, who continued to grin like a mad man as he inhaled his food.

"And why am I under fire this morning, dear Roxy?" Axel said through a mouthful of pancakes.

Roxas glared. "You're too hyper. It's early dammit!"

Number VIII opened his mouth to retort, but the Superior cut him off. "Number VIII! Number XIII! If you are finished eating, why don't you go prepare for you missions?" he said derisively.

Number VIII and Number XIII got up and quickly left the cafeteria to return to their rooms. Vexen sighed, his good mood gone. It must not have worked after all, he thought sadly as he finished eating. Back to the drawing board.


Roxas and Axel walked quickly to Axel's room, entered, and shut the door quickly. Then they burst into hysterical laughter, collapsing on the bed.

"That was brilliant! We totally had him fooled!" Axel said, grinning. "Nice save when you went to the wrong seat. I should try that for you when we're back to normal."

Roxas attempted to look stern, but failed and continued to chuckle. "I didn't know you were capable of being so cranky Axel!"

Axel rolled off the bed, still grinning. "What can I say? I am an amazing actor." He took a bow for his invisible admirers.

"Dear lord, your ego has been inflated even more, if this was possible." Roxas said sarcastically.

"Don't insult me!" Axel said, falling on top of Roxas and knocking the wind out of him.

"Hey you wouldn't want bruises when we change back," Roxas said as he looked down at his own grinning face. "This is so weird…"

"I know," Axel said, "if I was in my own body right now, for instance," he started as he moved closer, "I wouldn't be talking anymore." He moved closer and closer until he could feel Roxas' breath on his lips. He hovered there for a moment before pulling back, frustrated. "Gah! I simply can't do it, it's so wrong."

Roxas agreed, sighing as well. "How about we go attack Vexen in his laboratory so we can change back?"

"Good idea."

-----((doomed Vexen))-----

Axel snickered softly as he and Roxas walked down the steps into the laboratory where Vexen resided. Roxas stayed hidden in the shadows of the stairwell, just as planned. Axel walked out into the light of the laboratory, a serious expression on his face. "Vexen?"

"Yes, Number XIII? I am quite busy, so if you would make it quick," he sneered.

"I'm supposed to show you something," Axel said expressionlessly. Vexen sighed as he stood up and followed Roxas back to the stairs.

"Boo." Roxas said in Axel's AssKicking!voice, making Vexen jump as Axel kicked him in the shin and Roxas lifted him off the ground.

"Change us back," Roxas ground out.

Vexen's startled expression turned sly. "Why Axel, I do not know what—"

"Cut the bullshit," Roxas continued, "before I beat the shit out of you and destroy the laboratory. Who knows what you're working on here? Explosions happen often in a laboratory." Roxas looked at him with a pyromaniac's crazy leer. "So how about it? Where's the antidote?"

Vexen pointed soundlessly to a small bottle on a counter. Axel took it and Roxas dropped Vexen unceremoniously, as they retreated back to Axel's room.

--------((Ta da!))---------

"Man Roxas, you pulled off my evil persona so well, I thought were two of me!" Axel said chuckling.

"Oh quiet, let's just get back to normal." Roxas poured some of the potion into another glass for Axel. "On the count of three. One. Two. Three."

Both of them drank the potion and collapsed to the ground. After a few moments, Axel stirred, groaning. "Did it work?" He looked over at Roxas, who was pulling himself up onto the bed. Axel laughed and tackled Roxas onto the bed.

"It worked!" Axel said triumphantly.


"Oh shut up," Axel said as he sealed his lips over Roxas'. Roxas' eyes widened before closing completely as he pushed back on Axel, wrapping his arms around his neck. When he ran out of breath, Axel pulled back grinning.

"You have no idea how long I wanted to do that."

"So it only took us switching bodies for you to grow a spine and try it?"

Axel grinned.


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