Well hey there! I wrote this little thing and I guess it's close enough to Valentine's so…Happy Valentine's Day! Some good ol' cuteness for you!

Also, an important note. I consider it a plothole in my own writing and it must be addressed. It never occurred to me that it was weird that I sent the entire Organization on missions to defeat Heartless, even though only Roxas is able to actually collect hearts. Hell, sometimes in the game the Organization controlled the Heartless, so after a lot of thinking and research I have made a decision. For my stories, they are fighting rogue Heartless that are out of their control (controlled by not them, wild Heartless, etc. that are causing mayhem and the like) and although Roxas is the only one able to collect the full value of a heart from a Heartless, the others are capable of collecting an infinitesimal percentage from each. Hence, something is better than nothing. Important.

So yeah sorry, it was bothering me. Onwards! This is a MarVexen btw ;)

Also Also, I've never played completely through Chain of Memories, so I apologize if my Larxene is a little…different than she should be.

What If…

Larxene fell in love?

((as suggested by the always-encouraging Zellarius Burvenia))

Vexen sat alone in his quiet laboratory, moments away from making a huge breakthrough that could potentially triple their heart collecting capabilities. He just had to pour three more precise drops into this beaker…

He held the beaker and dropper in front of him, watching closely as he completed the final step. Three…



"Vexen." Vexen jumped a foot in the air at the sudden low baritone in his ear, dropping both beaker and dropper uselessly to the floor. He slammed his hands into the table, glaring at a certain Graceful Assassin who was standing behind him, wearing a shit-eating grin.

"Dammit Marluxia!" he cursed, "How do you always do that?"

Marluxia simply shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say; it's a gift."

Vexen let out a long-suffering sigh, ignoring the way his breathing increased slightly at Marluxia's devilish grin. "What do you want?"

"I need a favor."

Vexen raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? And why would I do anything to help you, after you've ruined experiment after experiment?"

Marluxia sat in a lab chair, expression serious for once. "It's for the good of the Organization."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's Larxene," Marluxia explained, "I think she needs to get laid."

"What?" Vexen exclaimed in surprise, "What makes you think—"

"Just think about it," he continued as if Vexen hadn't spoken, "She's in a castle day in and day out with all men, most of whom are gay and in a relationship, screwing like bunnies at all hours. Maybe if she let out some of her…frustrations, she might be a little easier to work with. Who knows," Marluxia added with a shrug, "Maybe she'll even find someone to have a steady romance with."

Vexen couldn't believe what he was hearing. "And how am I supposed to help with this?"

"I'm not saying you should force her to love someone or anything," he replied, "But maybe you could make a potion that, I don't know, lets her guard down a little? Maybe she already has someone in mind and is just too stubborn to act upon it."

Vexen still wasn't buying this sudden streak of altruism. "Why are you doing this?"

Marluxia grinned. "Because more often than not, I'm the one that gets partnered with her, and I'll do anything to get her to stop being such a irksome bitch all the time."

Vexen snorted. "And the real reason is revealed."

"Will you do it?" Marluxia pressed, not even flinching at the insult.

Vexen made a thoughtful sound, wheels already turning as he thought over the options. "Well, I suppose I could make something…nothing too drastic, something subtle that will lower any defenses or stubborn tendencies just a little…if she has any interest in anyone, she'd be more apt to show it," he mused.

"Great!" Marluxia agreed. "That sounds perfect; I—"

"Hold on a second," Vexen said, raising a hand, "If I'm doing this for you, you've got to do something for me."

"Name it." Marluxia replied, a lascivious grin growing on his face.

"No more interrupting my experiments at crucial moments," he said automatically, tamping down his blush at Marluxia's implication.

Marluxia 'hmm'ed in thought. "I suppose that could be arranged—"


Marluxia raised an eyebrow. "Two months."

"Three months."


Vexen smiled. "Give me a day or two," he said, and Marluxia nodded, heading to the door.

"Marluxia?" Vexen called just before he left. He paused, turning back to him.

What if it's you? The words were on the tip of Vexen's tongue, waiting to be asked. However, some stubborn part of him held them back, refusing to acknowledge the thought. "Never mind," he said with a cough, turning back to his work.

Marluxia smiled mysteriously and left the laboratory.

-((A Few Days Later))-

Vexen was not a cheerful person at breakfast. He rarely spoke with anyone or even looked beyond anyone farther than his immediate left, right, and center. He simply ate his breakfast and started the work day. However, today he could not keep his gaze from straying further down the table at the lower numbers, eleven and twelve in particular. Vexen had given Marluxia his requested potion yesterday, and he was more than positive that he planned to use it at breakfast. The scientist in him was unable to resist watching, waiting to see if the potion would produce the expected results.

He frowned as he stole a glance down the table for the third time. Nothing had happened so far, and he was already lingering long past his usual self-allotted breakfast time. His brows furrowed in confusion. Perhaps he had made the dose too weak, or maybe Marluxia was saving it—

His musings were interrupted by a sudden giggle from the other end of the table.

A distinct and genuinely happy feminine giggle, with no sadistic undertones whatsoever.

Vexen (as well as half the Organization) turned towards Larxene, who had covered her mouth as if she had said something offensive. She abruptly stood, still covering her mouth, blushing as she made a beeline for the door. As soon as she left, the cafeteria exploded with conversation, everyone wondering and speculating what could have caused such a sudden burst of genuine cheer from one of their more…fierce coworkers.

Vexen inadvertently met Marluxia's gaze, who simply shrugged almost offhandedly before winking in both a casual and conspiratorial manner. Before anyone could notice the light dusting of pink on his own cheeks, Vexen stood abruptly and headed down to the lab.

-((A Few Hours Later))-

This is for science, Vexen told himself for the hundredth time from his hidden location behind some trees in The Jungle. After a few hours of wondering how Larxene was reacting to his potion he could resist no longer and summoned a portal, travelling to where she was assigned with (no surprise) Marluxia for the day. In between skirmishes with Heartless, he watched their interactions from afar, barely refraining from taking notes.

"Larxene," Marluxia said after said Nobody finished almost lazily electrocuting a group of Shadows.

"Hmm?" she said, turning to him and meeting his eyes with a lopsided grin.

"You're different today."

"Really?" she said as she approached from the other side of the small clearing, "How so?"

A variety of witty remarks came to Marluxia's mind, but for once he decided to refrain. "You're happy, almost…chipper. It's different," he said.

"Well, I feel different today," Larxene said, absently sending a shower of lightning on a Shadow she had missed above Marluxia's head. "I feel rather relaxed." Her smile turned to one of satisfaction as the Heartless disappeared, defeated.

Marluxia allowed himself a rare, genuine smile. "It's nice."

Unbidden, a small blush appeared on Larxene's cheeks. "Thank you."

Marluxia, being Marluxia, wasn't about to let that go. "Are you blushing?" he said, stepping closer.

"No!" she denied stubbornly, abruptly turning away to shield her face, "And if you come any closer I'll fry you," she threatened, but it lacked any of her usual bite.

Marluxia continued anyway until he was close enough to reach forward, cupping her now even redder cheek in a gloved hand. "Yes you are," he murmured, examining your face. "It's nice…cute, even." This caused Larxene's face to become alight with color, darkening to red. She pulled out of his grip, turning away.

"Don't be an idiot," she said with her back to him, turning to head into the jungle to search for more Heartless. Marluxia wouldn't let the subject drop that easily, however.

"What's wrong, Larxene?" he called, drawing out her name, "Can't take a compliment?"

In response, one of her knives went whizzing past his ear with an electrified crackle, embedding itself into a tree. Marluxia blinked.

"I can take a compliment," Larxene said seriously, turning halfway back towards him. "Thank you, Marluxia." She then turned and walked away.

Marluxia let out a dark chuckle. "You're welcome."

Far in the trees on the other side of the area, Vexen summoned a portal to the lab, ignoring in vain his strangely unhappy and conflicting thoughts about the success of his experiment.


Vexen shut the door of the library after dinner that night, heading down the hallway with a book in his hand. Some relaxing reading and research before bed sounded glorious—

He turned the corner and was surprised to see Marluxia and Larxene in the hall, Marluxia using his arms to pin Larxene to the wall. He abruptly backtracked around the corner before either noticed him, blushing slightly. He felt pinned to the wall himself, unable to move as he listened to their whispered words.

"Got something to say?" he heard Marluxia ask in the deep baritone he'd only ever heard him use when scaring him out of successfully completing experiments.

"Let me go, Marluxia!"

Marluxia made a 'tsk'ing noise. "I don't think that's what you really want to say."

"…You're such an asshole."

"That's more like it," Marluxia said; Vexen could hear the grin spreading across his face. "Do you have anything to add to that startling revelation?"

The two abruptly stopped talking, and Vexen was suddenly struck by an irrational fear of peeking back around the corner to see what happened. Don't be ridiculous, he told himself with a small shake of his head as he peeked slightly around the corner for a quick look.

Marluxia had Larxene pressed solidly to the wall with his body, firmly gripping her hips as Larxene kept her hands tightly entwined in Marluxia's soft pink hair, kissing him fiercely. Vexen pulled away from the corner, staring straight ahead for a moment before summoning a portal.


Vexen sat in his lab in the quiet, thinking. That potion only works for one day, he told himself, Larxene will turn back into her taunting and twisted self tomorrow. He shook his head fiercely, tangling his hands into his hair as he set his elbows on the table. Why do I even care about this anyways? It's not like anything unplanned is happening. Larxene let her guard down; it just so happens that she did it for Marluxia. Good for them; they both benefit in the end. He abruptly slammed his fist into the table, glass bottles and beakers twinkling at the sudden upset.

So why the fuck is it bothering me so much?

-((A Week Later))-

The laboratory was strangely quiet without Marluxia's regular interruptions. Vexen found himself disappointed (and strangely less productive) now that Marluxia was actually keeping his word. He half-heartedly raised a beaker to his face, confirming the he made the correct measurement. I'm so pathetic; I can't believe that I actually miss him—

A quiet knock on the frame of the open laboratory door caused his grip on the glass to slip in surprise, and he caught it just before it shattered, setting it down on the table. He turned to face his visitor.

"You're so jumpy, even when I'm not trying to be sneaky," Marluxia greeted with a trademark grin. "The Superior would like to see you. Something about lackluster work lately?" He entered the lab, approaching Vexen with an eyebrow raised. "What's wrong, Vexen? Why so tense? Maybe you're the one who needs some of that potion," he continued, reaching out to grip Vexen's shoulders before moving his fingers in small, even circles.

"Stop it," Vexen whispered, leaning back slightly into Marluxia's touch anyway.

"Why?" he asked, bending down to brush his lips against the shell of Vexen's ear.

Vexen closed his eyes for a second before he found himself taken by an inexplicable surge of anger, and he broke free from Marluxia's grip to stand before him. "Because it's not real!" he exclaimed before getting a hold of himself. "It's not real," he repeated in a calmer tone.

"What makes you say that?"

Vexen barely refrained from rolling his eyes. "Oh come on, Marluxia," he said skeptically, "I know what happened last week with Larxene. Did you even need my help getting her into your bed? Emotions or no, your default setting is flirting—"

"I didn't have sex with Larxene," Marluxia replied calmly, contradicting him soundly as if he was discussing the weather forecast.

The wind immediately went out of Vexen's sails. "What?"

"Sure, I kissed her a bit," Marluxia agreed casually, "and it was fun, but I wasn't about to have sex with her because I gave her a potion to let her guard down. If she liked someone else and they didn't know she was influenced by anything sure, but me…" he chuckled. "If I did that, I'd be dead by now."

"But she's not under the influence of anything now," Vexen protested, "You could—"

"Have sex with Larxene?" Marluxia said almost incredulously, one eyebrow raised.

Vexen nodded, sticking to his point. "You know she likes you."'

"I'm sure she does," he concurred, "But this is Larxene. Even if she does have feelings for me, and I make a move knowing this, she'd be way too stubborn and evasive to make any more of it. And she'd probably kill me in the attempt."

"But you already made the first move!" Vexen spluttered, "It shouldn't make a difference now—"

"Have you seen Larxene lately? She's been pretending nothing happened. Although she is slightly less psychotic around me lately, which is nice," he added with a smug smirk. "But even if she did want me to press the matter further, I wouldn't."

Vexen narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Why not?"

"Because I don't really feel that way about her," he said, stepping closer to Vexen again. "Although maybe I should kiss her more often; you are so adorable when you're jealous."

"Jealous? Marluxia, I—"

"Don't even try to deny it," Marluxia said, firmly putting a finger over Vexen's lips. "You're so jealous right now, I'm surprised your skin hasn't turned green."

Vexen quieted for a moment before talking against Marluxia's finger. "But we're not—"

"Yes we are."

"No we're—"

"Yes we are," Marluxia emphasized, "I was just waiting for you to realize it." He gave Vexen a wide smile. "And now you have! Aren't you excited; now you can have a real kiss too—"

Vexen spluttered as Marluxia's arm snaked around his shoulders, the other gently palming his hip. "Marluxia, wa—"

Marluxia silenced him by abruptly shifting his weight, effectively dipping Vexen down towards the floor. "Just shut up already," he grinned before bringing his lips to Vexen's in a soft yet insistent kiss. Vexen's protests abruptly halted, and his hands hovered in the air for a moment before he clutched Marluxia's shoulder, lightly tugging at the hair at the nape of his neck with his other hand. Marluxia's mouth gently moved over Vexen's, slowly encouraging him to relax into the kiss. After a long moment he playfully nipped at the corner of Vexen's lip before shifting back, setting them both upright.

Marluxia couldn't help but grin at Vexen's still slightly stupefied expression. "Here's the part where you go upstairs. The Superior wanted to see you, remember?"

Vexen took another split-second to get his bearings before he smiled deviously. "He can wait," he decided, tightening his arms around Marluxia's shoulders.

Marluxia raised an eyebrow at Vexen's rather flippant treatment of the rules and hierarchy. "Are you sure? He won't like that at all."

"I'll simply explain the situation," Vexen replied, leaning in towards Marluxia.

"Oh really?" Marluxia said, intrigued. "What will you tell him?" he asked with a waggle of his eyebrows.

"The truth," he said simply, absently trailing a finger down Marluxia's spine. Marluxia shivered at the gentle touch.

"And that would be…?" he asked, voice dropping in timbre.

"That I was striving to improve my performance," Vexen murmured with a conspiratorial grin before Marluxia's lips crashed into his.

-((The End!))-

Whee! So that's something different. If I were to honestly pair Larxene with someone I think it would be Marluxia, but since I enjoy him more with Vexen…this happens. :D

Honest question for everyone! Do you have a favorite chapter? When I look back on this going-on-7 year old story, I clearly favor some stories (especially the newer ones). I barely refrain from editing the shit out of the earlier ones, because I'm certain that some people like the original and I don't want to be one of those authors that takes away someone's favorite story. So I keep them up and leave them alone, as much as it pains me with some of them. So I was curious, which one is your favorite?

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Axel chuckled. "I guess we'll have to wait until you're off the clock for round two?"

Roxas grinned. "I didn't say that," he replied, before leaning up for a kiss.