Title: Missing You

Summary of the entire story: A bunch of short stories based on Rock and Duke Red's 'father-son' relationship.

Rating: Right now it is K+

Authors note: I just wanted to try a fic for Metropolis, that wasn't like 'Ask Rock'. It is hard for me to commit to one story line though, cuz I have ADD.

Disclaimer: I own my note book. That's it.


'It's been too long, and I'm lost with out you.' Duke Red thought as he store out the window.

There is a saying that says 'You do not know what you have, until it is gone.' Red didn't realize that he had a body guard that would give his life for him, he had someone to confide in, he had someone who would endure the pain he had felt when he thought of Tima, but most of all... He had a child.

When Tima had died, Duke Red had prayed for another chance. But Tima was dead and she was never coming back. Later, Duke Red found Rock clutching on to a soldier's leg, trembling. But Tima could never came back.

And thinking back now, Duke Red had to shake his head. He had been stupid. Rock was his second chance at being the father he knew he could have been. And Rock could love like no other. When he loved, nothing would stop him from making sure that everything preserved that love. But, once again, he had failed.

Red needed Rock back. He needed a second chance. He sighed. 'Okay... a third chance...' But what could he do? Rock's body had not been found. Even if he was found to be alive, would his heart still belong to him? He felt a lump rise in his throat. He was so stupid. So, so stupid.

Would he ever come back? Maybe. Probably not.

"Sir." The maid that had just walked in, interrupted Red's thoughts. "These got here a few minutes ago." She held up a bouquet of white roses.

"Who are they from?"

"Anonymous, sir."

"Set them on the table over there." The man said waving towards his table in the corner of his room. The government decided he would be innocent, even though all evidence pointed to guilty. Red was a powerful man, and it would be best not to risk putting Metropolis into anymore news then it had to be.

Oddly enough, Rock wasn't even mentioned in the news at all. He was just another person on the list of the missing.

Duke Red shook Rock from his mind once more, and dismissed the maid.

Little did the man know, the roses were Rock's goodbye to him, and his past life.



Lol. Poor Dukie... kind of... I really can't stand that man... OH WELL!

This is based off the beginning of the song 'I miss you' by Aaliyah.