Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with the X-men, it's not my toy box. I'm merely playing. I also don't own the title which was borrowed from a Stevie Nicks song. Oh and this first one contains a quote from the movie Saved! Don't own that either.

Note: Most of these were written for challenges for the xmen100 on livejournal a long time ago. Most were written just after Northstar joined the team and his sister was missing and many were written for Xmas. I am hoping to get into drabbling them again, it's such an amusing fandom. Well enjoy.

Getting Acquainted:

Shatterstar looked at the man who'd come to pick them up with suspicion before he said, "I don't know you. Identify yourself."

The man gave Star a look of contempt that made Rictor want to punch him, "Northstar, I got sent to pick up Shatterstar."

"He's on file," Rictor reassured, "I think he's in Alpha Flight."

"I switched to the X-men," Northstar told them as he crossed his arms over his chest, "Now which one of you is Shatterstar?"

"I am."

"You're taking me too."

The man raised an eyebrow as he asked, "And you would be?"

"I'm his boyfriend."