Fandom: X-men: First Class

Summary: An explanation of why Azazel doesn't leave the beach with Janos.

A/N: For carmela_largo, cause the question needed an answer.


Janos crowded close to Azazel. He closed his eyes briefly, feeling relief at the hand that touched his back and pulled him closer.

"We leaving now?" he asked. Shaw was dead. There were missiles headed towards them. What reason could they have to stay?

"No, we wait."

Janos followed Azazel's meaningful look to the submarine now marooned on the shore to Erik, then to the missiles.

"You don't thinkā€¦" he breathed.

"I'm curious."

"I'm nervous."

"I have you," Azazel reassured.

Janos accepted the brush of lips against his neck and trusted they would leave if the danger became too great.