This is my first attempt to write a story so... I doubt it's going to be extremely good but anyways. I had this story in mind for a couple of days so I thought "why not try it out?" And so this is what I'm doing. This story is a KibaOC one, and there's some slight NejiTen, SasuSaku, ShikaIno and NaruHina

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Oh and Hidei is pronounced: Hee-Day

It was a beautiful day in Konoha. The sun shined greatly in the sky, where a couple of clouds were placed, a soft breeze cooled off the hot temperature. To Ichiraku's stand, a young boy with spiked up blond hair, cerulean blue eyes and whisker-like lines traced on his face was happily devouring his 7th bowl of ramen.

"One mph-more!" He asked/demanded while eating a mouthful of his precious ramen, raising a waving hand to the old man.

Not so far away from here, two young guys, a young girl and a dog were taking a stroll in the busy streets of Konoha, on their way to Ichiraku's. One of the guys had shaggy brown hair reaching the tip of his ears, wolf-like eyes, and 2 triangular red marks on his cheeks. He was wearing a grey jacket, with fluffy ends made out of black fur, he also wore brown pants and blue other had jet black hair, eyes never seen since he always wore a pair of circular black sun-glasses, his mouth usually hidden by the collar of his white jacket. Besides his white jacket, he wore black pants and black sandals. The young girl had long purple hair, a long bang on each side of her face, and owned a pair of lavender eyes. She was wearing a grey-ish jacket with white fluffy ends, a pair of blue pants and some blue sandals. The last member of their group, the dog, was small and purely white, a brown patch on each ear.

They entered Ichiraku's and noticed the blond haired boy devouring a bowl of ramen. The young girl flinched, the black haired boy sat down casually on a seat, and the brown haired one sat down and rolled his eyes to the blond haired boy. He motioned the young girl to sit down, who blushed a light shade of red before sitting down between the brown haired boy and the blond haired one. That's when the blond haired boy's head jerked up to see who sat down beside him. Recognizing the girl, he swallowed his ramen and smiled sheepishly at her, while engulfing her in a large hug.

"HINATA!" he shouted.

The girl nearly fainted as she tried registering what was happening. He released her from his tight hug, a large grin plastered on his face. The lavender eyed girl, whom he called Hinata, blushed 10 shades of red.

"...N-Naruto-kun..." She stuttered out.

The grin on the so called Naruto's face grew wider as he saw the other two sitting and staring at him. The brow haired boy stared at him with a raised eyebrow and the black haired one only stared quietly, before turning around and ordering something.

"KIBA! SHINO! -TEBAYO!" The loud mouth Naruto yelled.

"Yo!" The brow haired boy said, with a cheeky smile and a peace sign.

"..." The black haired one did not even bother to look at the loud mouth.

"A beef ramen for me." The brown haired boy said to the old man. "And some milk for Akamaru" he said as he glanced down at his dog. Akamaru barked happily at his master, whom grinned and patted the dog's head in return.

"A d-diet ramen f-for me." Hinata said quietly. The old man nodded and went to get their orders.

"What have you guys been doing lately? I haven't seen you in such a long time! –tebayo! " Naruto nearly shouted.

"We've had a lot of missions lately. They were all pretty lame." The brown haired boy said, yawning.

"K-Kiba!" Hinata stuttered.

Akamaru's head jerked behind him and he started wagging his tail happily. His master did not notice, for he was busy talking.

"What? It's true." The brown haired boy, whom she called Kiba, said. "And-"

Though he had no time to finish since Akamaru had ran out of Ichiraku's, barking like mad. Kiba's head jerked to the direction he ran to, he rapidly stood up from his chair and started running after his dog.

"Akamaru!" He called out.

Akamaru did not stop running nor did he turn his head to his master.

"Akamaru!" Kiba yelled once more.

Akamaru turned around a corner and his master followed but-


He fell down, hitting his head against the wall and winced in pain. He half opened his eyes and rubbed his head, cursing silently under his breath. A groan of pain caught his attention, he jerked his head up to where it came from. His eyes widen as he saw a young girl, sitting down, rubbing her back. Her brown hair fell in her face as she groaned in pain once more. He quickly sat up and ran over to her.

"I'm so sorry!" He exclaimed. He handed her a hand. "Let me he-"

She slapped her hand away as soon as it was close to her. He looked down at her, shocked. She dusted the dirt off of herself and stood up. Kiba took the time to see how she looked: She had long brown hair, reaching just a little higher then the middle of her back, the most beautiful blue/green eyes he's ever seen in his life, tempting pink lips and a cute little nose. Her body was slim and curvaceous, she wasn't exactly skinny, but she was just the way he liked girls. Not skinny, but not fat either. Her long legs caught his attention next, they were long, slender and looked oh so soft. She was wearing a black shirt, which let her shoulders uncovered, and a mid-thigh length red striped black skirt, which revealed her long, slender, soft looking legs. His eyes wandered back to her eyes which were simply amazing to him.

She looked impatient.

"Done checking me out?" She practically hissed at him.

"I wasn't, I-" He paused when he saw her glare. "Okay maybe I was. But don't take it the bad way. You're really pretty that's all."

Oh fuck. I can't believe I just said that. He thought as his face turned a light shade of pink.

Her eyes soften and she giggled.

He's not like the other guys. She thought. And he's pretty hot too. She paused. WOAH THERE! Maybe he's just playing with ya, doing the nice guy then BAM! He tries all sort of stuff with ya when you trust him.

"Arf ! Arf !"

They directed their attention to the barking. And there stood Akamaru and another dog. The other dog was black, white paws, a white line all the way to her neck down to her back and a white patch on her nose. Akamaru was happily wagging his tail and was sniffing endlessly the other dog while occasionally licking her.

"Akamaru." He called, a smile playing his lips. Akamaru walked to his owner and sat in front of him.

"Is it your dog?" She asked as she petted the other dog.

"Yeah." He said casually. Kiba crouched down and patted Akamaru on the head. Akamaru walked back to the girl's dog and started playing with her.

Kiba stood back up and smiled at the girl. "Say, how about we take a walk?"

She frowned and shook her head. Kiba's smile was replaced by a sad one.

"Why not?"

She narrowed her eyes to the ground but then smiled. "I have to go home. But maybe another time, ne?"

Kiba smiled at her and nodded. She started running but then he called out to her and ran to her.

"Hey wait!"

She stopped and turned around to see him standing there, panting slightly. He looked up to her and smiled.

"What's your name?"

She smiled at him. "Hidei"

"Kiba" He introduced himself.

She smiled at him once more and turned around. Kiba stared at her as she walked away. "Oh and about the walk. Tomorrow morning at 8. Meet me at the park." She shouted as she waved.

"I'll be there!" He called out. He watched her walk away and disappears out of his sight.

His eyes soften. See you tomorrow... Hidei

Her eyes sparkled of joy. See you tomorrow...Kiba

And that's chapter one!

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