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When a terrifying incident in Colombia occurs, Troy, Gabriella and their families and friends are shaken to the core. Can love really conquer all or will they be lost forever? Can Troy really find his way through the pain and the trauma? Can he and Gabriella learn to sing with their hearts together again? And how badly will their journey affect their friends and family, those who love them the most?

Troyella, Zepay, Chaylor,


Bold, movement, dialogue

Someone once said...

Troy and Gabriella are playing and rolling around in the sand at the beach

That what doesn't happen in a lifetime...

Gabriella: Isn't this great Troy? My Decathlon team is going to compete internationally! This is our once in a lifetime chance!

Troy: That's awesome Gabi! Where are you guys going to compete?

Gabriella: It's in Santa Fe de Bogotä, Colombia. You'll come with us won't you?

Troy: I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Troy wraps his arms around Gabriella and kisses her

...In a minute...

Troy and Gabriella are holding hands and boarding a plane, followed closesy by Taylor, Chad, Ryan, Sharpay, Zeke and their parents, laughing at Chad's poor Spanish.

...In a day...

Chad and Zeke are throwing water balloons at Sharpay and Taylor

"Chad! You jerk!" Sharpay screams and picks up a watering can

...In a week...

Gabriella is running through crowded market streets, people are running and screaming all around her.

"Troy! Troy, where are you?"

...In a month...

Troy is running, weak and tired, in tattered and bloody clothing through the jungle, breath coming in ragged gasps

"Ai esta! GET HIM!" Men shout behind him, hunting him.

...In a year...

Gabriella is sitting on the floor, crying, pleading with a hysterical Troy

Gabriella: Why won't you let me help you Troy? What happened to you?

Troy: Life is what happened to me Gabriella! Cruel and merciless life! Nobody can help me! Not even you!

Gabriella: What happened to him? What happened to the Troy Bolton i knew and loved?

Troy: He's dead Gabriella...he died the minute they took you away...

...In a century...

A news report is on TV, a brown haired woman looking at some papers in her hand

"There have been overwhelming reports of kidnapping. It is reported that over the last eight years, kidnapping has risen over 70, this data only including the reported cases, which in total account for only one tenth, or ten percent, of all kidnappings that are actually reported. There are presumably 30,000 kidnappings a year, one occuring every five minutes in Latin America. Unfortunatly, 8 out of 10 victims will never see their families again..."

Can happen in a second...

Troy, Gabriella and half a dozen more people are brought kicking and screaming, shoved into a large black van by unmasked men with guns.

...And while you least expect it...

An enraged and panic-stricken Jack Bolton bursts through the American embassy

"Where is my son?! I want Troy back!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Bolton...we don't know who took your son or where he is..."

From StarFanFic productions, written by Sparrow317 comes a story of angst, horror, drama, hope and the one thing that can heal all wounds if it can survive...Love.


Troy Bolton

"I'm not who I was before, Gabriella. And I don't know if I ever will be..."

Gabriella Montez

"I love you Troy. We just have to see if our love is strong enough for us to survive..."

Chad Danforth

"You're not my brother!" Chad screams, punching Troy in the jaw "In fact, I don't know who you are anymore..."

Taylor McKessie

"You can't keep waiting for him Gabriella...maybe it's just time to let him go..."

Ryan Evans

"We have to keep looking for them mom! God knows we have enough money to keep the investigation going, they're our friends, we can't just forget them like nothing happened!"

Sharpay Evans

"He can't keep going like this...If he does, he won't be around for much longer..."

Zeke Baylor

"What happened to team, Troy? Where did all of that go?"

Kelsi Nielsen

"I wrote a new song for them. Maybe now Gabriella and Troy will want to sing together again."

Jack Bolton

"I don't care what it takes or who we have to kill, but we're going to get our son back!"

Leslie Bolton

"I just want Troy back, Jack! I just want our little boy back!"

Carin Strauss

"Hold on...A new report is being sent to me as we speak...apparently, the FBI has now ID'd the guerrilla group responisble for the kidnappings..."

Adrian Bale

"Sometimes souls just die, niña."

Heaven Help Us

Coming Soon...


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