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The Last Order


Sea Country

Sitting down in a rocking chair on the self-made porch of his house, a blonde began humming a favorite tune of his. Hearing the door creak open, he heard footsteps and then a weight on his lap.

"Ne, saiai (Love), daijoubu?" said the clearly feminine voice before a chaste kiss was given to him

"Hmm? Oh yes I'm fi-" he didn't get to finish before three shuriken embedded them selves into the chair just be fore he grabbed the woman in his lap and setting her down on the other side of the porch before disappearing once again.


In the trees above the house, seven ANBU stood shocked at the speed he showed. One with the mask of a boar spoke up before the others.

"How did he move that fas-" she stopped when she felt the cold metal of a kunai against her neck. Through the corners of her eyes holes, she saw the very person she threw the shuriken at.

"Ino-san, you should know not to attack a civilian of another country, for it might cause more trouble for Konoha. It doesn't need to have Taki, Ame, and the Sea militia, on it's rear."

"Matte, you should know that Konoha can also attack Sea country."

"Yes but that would be considered a sign of war on us to Taki and Ame. They're allied with us…Shikamaru."

Stepping out of the shadows of the trees, Konoha's premiere shadow user took of his deer mask, showing his ever lazy eyes, though it didn't look right on his serious face.

"So, what's with the reunion may I ask? And why did you bring Ino, Neji, Shino, and Kiba? And who are these other two?"

Hiding the shock on his face, he didn't answer. Instead, he brought up a completely untouched subject between them.

"Konoha needs your help Naruto. We're fighting a losing war. The council thinks that finding the blades of the Juusan Oni we can win. Intelligence says that the last to have one, or any information on one of them, was you. The Kazama clan hid them away before they could be taken. So the council sent us out to try and 'retrieve the blade', but Tsunade got them to try and bring you back with us, so they can attempt to get more info, but we all know she wants you back in Konoha"

Jumping out of the tree, Naruto walked back to the home he had built, and pulling out the shuriken in the chair, he sat down in it with a sigh. Rubbing his forehead, he looked over to the ANBU and began talking.

"So the old farts want to use the power of the Juusan Oni Yaiba, huh? And they know that I have two of them. Let me tell you something. The Kazama Clan hid them for a reason. As long as the other eight stay hidden, you're not going to find them. The Juusan Oni Sandaime Saiban technique is forbidden for a reason. The other two, the Zuiichi, and Nidaime Saiban, you need mastery over. I do not care if Konoha falls." And with that, he waited for their response when a familiar voice spoke to him.

"Saiai, you won't help your friends? You once told me that you would protect your precious people no matter what."

Looking over to the voice, he saw his wife, Sayuri walking towards when one of the ANBU that he didn't know slipped behind her a held and kunai to her neck, already drawing a trickle of blood.

"Gomen, Uzumaki-san, but we have been given orders directly from the council to bring you and the swords, since you said you have them, back with us."

Shocked, he looked over at Shikamaru who had a look that said sorry, while the other members had looks of pleading forgiveness. Growling, he weighed his options. He could try to rescue Sayuri, but leave his rear open. Or he could go with them and protect her.

Need less to say, he gave into the latter.

"Fine, just let her go! I'll go with you. But don't expect me just hand over the swords. I'm a mercenary. I only work for money. Let Sayuri go, and I'll go with you."

"Domo, Naruto. Konoha needs the Byakko. We cannot win this war alone. Pack yours and her bags. She will be safe inside Konoha from Oto." said Kiba to his friend, as he went inside to help him pack.


Cabin: Master Bedroom

Entering the bedroom, Naruto began pulling out to Suitcases when he felt Kiba's chakra presence behind him. Setting the bags on the bed, he looked over at his friend.

"What do you want?"

"You know we don't want to do this. Everybody from the last mission still thinks it's unfair how you were treated. I mean, sure Sasuke escaped…but to blame you for our injuries, him turning over to Orochimaru, and losing the Sharingan? But to banish you from Konoha, and welcome him back with open arms?!"

Hanging his head, Naruto went back to packing as he went through all the drawers before he began talking.

"Kiba…what do the people of Konoha think of me?"

Looking over at his old friend, Kiba felt a pang of guilt in his heart before he answered.

"The majority of the civilian populace still hates you, but the younger generation still loves you, even though the secret of Kyuubi is out. The Rookie 9 and Gai's team accept you. Though nin populace has, begrudgingly, (I love using big words) recognized your power."

Finished packing the last shirt, Naruto walked over to his closet before opening it. Reaching in it, he pulled out three scrolls and a robe. The robe was pure white and had black designs on it at random places (Think the last battle from KH2 against Xemnas.)

"So THAT'S the legendary cloak of the Byakko. Sweet, but what's with the scrolls?"

"One holds 10 of my personal arsenal, while another is a document for Tsunade. The last however…I shall not tell you. Are you ready Kiba? If you are, can you grab one of the bags?"

Reaching over, the Inuzuka took one of the bags and walked out of the cabin, leaving Naruto to gather whatever else he wanted.

With a sigh, Naruto took one last look at the house he had built with his own sweat, blood, and sore thumbs, he walked back outside.

"Good, now that you're ready, we can get going." said Shikamaru when he saw the blonde leave the house.

"Matte, Shikamaru. If I'm going with you, Sayuri will stay next to me. I can just as easily rebel and attack. I'm didn't get the name Byakko for nothing. I'll go with you, but Sayuri stays with me."

Looking back at his friend, Shikamaru held the look of sadness. Silently, he nodded his head and took of into a full sprint in the direction of Konoha. Taking off after his friend, Naruto picked up Sayuri who let out a small 'eep' and took off after him. Behind were all of the ANBU but two.

With a grumble, Neji lifted up the bags before he took of after them "Why do I always have to carry everything.

Standing in the clearing where the cabin was, a burning flame erupted. Checking their work, one of the ANBU took out a radio and began talking.

"Phase 1 completed Orochimaru-sama" waiting for a reply, she heard the currgh sound of the waiting part before hearing the raspy voice of her master.

"Good…proceed with phase 2 as planned."

Replying with a quick yes, she took of in the direction of her so called 'comrades'.

Konohagakure no Sato: Hokage's Office

Opening the doors to Tsunade's office, she stepped inside. "Tsunade-sama, Shikamaru and his team have come back from Sea country with Naruto!"

Standing up, she ordered Shizune to ready a meeting with the council before she stepped outside to meet Shikamaru's team sitting on some benches.

Looking over the heads, she stopped when she saw familiar sunny blonde spikes. Under that, she saw long black hair. Smiling when she saw that he had found some one she spoke up.

"Naruto…how have you been?"

Opening one of his closed eyes, he looked at her with a half lidded one. "Considering what I've been through, great Tsunade."

Feeling a pang in her heart when he didn't say 'baa-chan' she walked over to him. Looking at the face of the one who stole her little brother's heart, she saw angelic features. Her bangs framed her face perfectly, falling down to her shoulders and her eyes were closed. She saw soft cheeks and ruby red lips.

"You got a good catch Naruto. I'm happy for you."

Entering the hall through Tsunade's office, Shizune came out to tell them, "Tsunade-sama, the council is ready."

Nodding her head, she turned to Naruto. "Time to go."

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Taki- Waterfall (Hidden village)

Ame- Rain (Hidden Village)

Daijoubu- Are you alright?

Gomen- Sorry.

Byakko- White Fox

Zuiichi- First

Nidaime Saiban- Second Trial

Juusan Oni Sandaime Saiban- Thirteen Demons Third Trial