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Silence over came every one, as they all stared at the blonde in disbelief.

"So, Eidatsu. Are you going to calm down?" asked Naruto, easing his grip on his student's shattered hand.

When the orange haired boy pulled back his arm, stood straight up, and saluted him with his well hand. Then, Chiba, Shino, Shinzo, Kiba, Akamaru, Zato, and Anko all stepped out of the shadows, all staring at Naruto, unbelieving.

Naruto let them take it all in, before scanning over everyone present.

Eidatsu was being formal, but he could tell the boy was glad to see his sensei.

Chiba was the same as Eidatsu.

The Nara was on guard, simply because he didn't know who he was.

Zato was the same as Shinzo.

Kiba was glaring at him, hard. Naruto could understand why. He had killed Tsunade.

Shino was watching him from behind his glasses, but Naruto couldn't feel any malice intent, rather, he felt relief.

Then his eyes fell on Anko, whose hands were clasped in front of her chest, looking at him with those purple eyes of hers.

Naruto moved, walking towards her, while people began getting on guard. When he let his arms rise from the sides of his body, he pulled her close to him, hugging her while burying his face into her neck, taking in her scent after three long years.

"Anko…" he said into her neck, while she used his chest a pillow, crying silently in his hold. "I missed you…so damn much…"

When a cough broke them out of their little moment, they didn't let go of each other, but Naruto looked at the man who broke it, who was dressed clad in Mizukage robes. "Jenai, how have you been?"

"I've been having headaches every three hours, I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks, my back feels like it's about to snap in two, and my wife is pregnant again. Better than I thought I'd be all-in-all." Said, watching as Naruto broke his hold over Anko and shook his hand. "You and I have much to talk about."


As the total group of 15, including Akamaru, entered the Mizukage's office, they all took a seat, Naruto sacrificing his so Anko could have it.

It was quiet for a moment, before Jenai spoke up. "We're losing. Badly. The rebels have cut off out resource routes and are pushing us back little by little. My nin are dying left and right by the hand of nuke-nin, my medics aren't in great quantities, and now, we're losing almost all income and great potential due to ambushes on genin teams."

It was quiet again, before Naruto spoke, keeping his arm wrapped around Anko. "I can supply resources while my men fight on the front lines. All of the one's I've brought are part of Oto's elites. No one is above them in power besides the second elite, Akaba, whom I'm stronger than."

Chuckling, Iroh said, "As Hiruma said before, It takes 6 or 7 of the elites to beat Naruto-sama. It takes about 5 or 6 to bring down Akaba, but Naruto-sama can beat us all single-handedly."

Jenai nodded, before he looked at the group. "So, Oto will supply resources, while the elites fight on the front lines. What will Konoha be doing?"

Since Eidatsu was the unofficial leader in this mission, he spoke. "We'll be fighting, and supplying relief in the form of medics. We have more than enough to spare, even with Tsunade-sama's death."

Naruto winced when Eidatsu mentioned Tsunade, remembering his fight with her that ended her time. It didn't go unnoticed by Anko, who became worried at her found lover, but hid it, waiting to talk to him about it later.

Jenai nodded slowly, before saying, "Well, that's good enough. If we can beat them back down, Kiri will be able to take over its lands again…Yes…this might work. I'll call for you if there are anymore questions that needed to be asked. Now, as usual, Kiri has a lot of paper work. I must get to it I'm afraid."

"I completely understand, Mizukage-dono." Naruto said lightly, chuckling.


Naruto sat in the living room of his suite when a knocking came from the door. "Come on in." Naruto shouted. "Door's open."

After Naruto said that, he looked up from the tea he was drinking, and saw Eidatsu and Chiba standing in front of him. "Glad to see you finally read my letter." Naruto said, smirking at the sheepishness they showed. "Well? Sit, sit!"

Taking a seat on the cushions the Otokage had placed, Chiba and Eidatsu poured themselves some sake and tea respectively. "So, how have the two of you been?"

"Well…" Eidatsu began, setting down his cup, "Konoha has really changed. Right after you left, Jiraiya-sama became Hokage, and you were placed as an S-Rank nin with orders to apprehend or kill on sight. That, and flee. It's become more industrialized…"

"That's not what I meant…" Naruto said, a sweat drop forming on the back of his head.

"Huh? Oh…well, Meimei, Chiba, and I are all jonin, Shiri dropped out of the forces, and is living with us. I got kinda of a huge flat, the Akamichi brothers, Tsugo and Granza, joined the town guard for the training regime. Shinzo made it to chuunin, and I heard that he was seeing Kri…"


"Yeah. Yozu went MIA about a year back, a couple months after his promotion to chuunin. Hinata-sama and Shino-sama both got married about two years ago. Kurenai-san retired so she could spend more time with her children, Sakura-san took over the hospital and Sasuke-san finally took a captain's position in ANBU. Kiba is raising dogs, now that Akamaru is getting on in years, but that dog is still kicking. Shikamaru-sama is leading the ANBU, due to his strategy skills and how to bring down 20 men with 1. Choji-dono is leading the town guard and Ino-san is running the flower shop in her spare time. Lee-dono took on an apprentice, like Gai did with him, Neji-sama became Head of the Hyuuga clan after Hinata-sama married into the Aburame and is currently trying to abolish the branch family and combine the two branches. Tenten-san took over her father's forge…" Eidatsu began thinking deeply. "Um…Asuma-sensei passed away, died on a mission and ran into some nuke-nin, Kakashi-sama retired and took up a seat on the council. Gai retired and founded a dojo…" Eidatsu finished, taking another sip of his tea.

"The village kind of went down in the dumps after you did what you did. Several civilians were harmed, some killed, during your fight with Tsunade." Chiba continued. "Many wanted your blood. Of course, Jiraiya-sama immediately crushed those hopes. He knows that only some of the strongest people in the world can take you down. So, all those Genin seeking glory and those Chuunin can't come after you…of course, he Oinin and ANBU are avoiding anything that deals with you like mad so…"

"Self explanatory, huh?" Naruto said, smiling slightly.

The three talked a while more, before Eidatsu finally asked the question that had been plaguing everyone of Konoha's inhabitants mind's.

"Sensei…why did you do it?"

Naruto closed his eyes, before taking a sip of his tea. "Eidatsu, do you remember the training I gave you? The mental training? I taught you how to find the means behind almost anything. So tell me…why do you think I did it?"

Eidatsu pulled up his leg, so that his gauntlet was resting on it. He began swirling his tea around inside his cup, his orange haired locks falling over his grey eyes. "You didn't want to be part of the war, did you? Neither did Sayuri-san. Orochimaru knew that if you stepped into the war, the side that had you would win. Thus, he wanted you either on his side, or out of it completely." Eidatsu downed the tea before placing the cup on the small table. "Konoha wanted you in the war so that they could win. Sayuri-san was the key. As long as she was alive, you weren't going to fight. If she was out of the picture, you'd fight those that removed her. The council saw that logic, and thus, they disguised one of their best ANBu as a NOTE, and killed her. You thought it was Orochimaru, and thus you fought for Konoha."

Naruto smiled at Eidatsu. "Sharp as ever. You saw the truth right away didn't you?"

Eidatsu merely pulled out his smokes and lit one.

Of course, Naruto grabbed it and crushed it. "Now I'm disappointed. When did you pick this up, Eidatsu?"

The orange haired man stayed quiet.


Chiba was torn between lying for his best friend, or telling his sensei the truth. "Sorry man…he picked it up around the time you left."

"I see…well, Eidatsu try to quit. Chiba, go find a dictionary and look up the word 'change' seriously. The only thing about that has remotely changed is your height…" Naruto said, smirking.

They mimicked his smirk and talked a bit more, before finally excusing themselves for the night.

When the two jonin left, Akaba made his appearance. "Well that was…enlightening."

Chuckling, the Otokage replied, "Those two have grown strong. I they get lucky, the two of them might be able to drag you down!"

"Of course, I'd be kicking and screaming death threats and trying to bash off their heads with Richter 1, but I highly doubt they can beat me…" Akaba said, his eye twitching slightly at his leader.

"How goes the fight planning?"

"Well," Akaba sat down on one of the pillows, "it seems to be going rather well. Madam Hisana is planning to stay in the village and help out with the wounded, Hiruma is obviously going to war with the front lines, where Iroh plans to join him, I'll go where you say, Yuki wants to simply go home and sleep."

'Figures…' Naruto thought, taking another sip of his tea. 'as usual most of them are being lazy asses. Hiruma is actually trying something, and Iroh is making sure he doesn't do something stupid…Hisana-baba just wants the easy job, Yuki being pissy because he's away from Ran, and Akaba is just bored…'

"So, what are you planning to do?"

"I don't really know," confessed the Otokage. "I'll probably let you guys do what you want, then I'll get bored and jump in and see what happens. From there, how's about we just roll with the punches?"

"You do know they're going to tell the council and the Hokage about you, right?" Akaba asked, looking at Naruto with intense amber eyes.

Here, Naruto stood up, and made his way over to the balcony, looking up at the clear night. The stars were twinkling brightly, the moon like an ever present guardian over them. "Yes…I know…"


It was late, and Naruto's mind barely registered the fact. It was time for his meeting with Anko, and he was dead scared. He hadn't really talked to the woman in three years, so he didn't really know what to say.

A soft knocking on the door brought him out of his musings, and he stood, walking over to the door to let Anko in. He knew it was her, as his Elite knew not to normally bother him this late, and they didn't trust the Konoha-nin enough to really let them see him in person.

He gave orders to let Anko through.

And thus, when he opened the door, he was somewhat shocked to see a smiling Anko holding a blonde boy with big blue eyes that were filled with curiosity towards him.

"Anko…I know you, but who is this little guy?"

Obana answered in the same way he did with Iroh. "Obana is Obana!"

"He most definitely is." Naruto chuckled. Naruto moved out of the way, allowing Anko and her son to enter. "Would you like some tea, Anko?" he offered.

"Yes, thank you." She said softly, her purple eyes meeting his. "Do you have anyone that can put Obana to sleep? I need to talk to you."

"And I, you. Yes, I'll have Akaba do it. Akaba!" Naruto shouted, and a figure appeared behind him. "Put Obana to bed, would you?"

Akaba just stared at Naruto blankly and asked, "You're kidding, right?"

"Come on Akaba! Just tell him one of your battle stories! He'll fall right asleep!" Naruto joked.

"Sleep with one eye open, Namikaze."

When the 2nd Elite had taken Obana out of the room and into one of the many bedrooms, Naruto moved the table so that only a space was between his and Anko's mats. "Anko…what do you want to talk about?"

She just broke down crying, the toll of three years of pent up sorrow and sadness gushing forth from the very depth of her heart.

"Why?! Why in hell did you do it?! Why didn't you take me with you at least?!" she cried, eyes squeezed shut and hands clasped over her heart.

Naruto's heart was breaking at this sight. He had caused this, he had made her cry. Slowly, he closed his eyes, and waited for her to continue.

"You just up and left, right after killing Tsunade-sama! What did she do?! Not a single word to anybody! Not a single word to me! I love you dammit and you couldn't even say goodbye?!"

At this point, she had opened her eyes and was glaring at the apathetic blonde. "You destroyed some many people's moral, you crushed my heart, you left your son! Did you even care about me, or was I just some whore for you're bloodline to continue on with?!"

At this point, Naruto pulled her body to his, his bigger form making her feel small, fitting perfectly in it. "Anko…don't you ever say that you're a whore. Don't ever say I don't love you. Don't ever say I don't care about you!"

His robes were becoming wet with her tears, she herself not trying to hold it in anymore. Her hair fell down across her back, lying on his chest with her. Pulling up her chin, Naruto's solemn blue eyes locked with her abyss purple ones. "Anko…where has that shinobi that was so strong gone? Where has she disappeared to?" and then, he claimed her lips, massaging them gently with his own.

"Damn it, Naruto…you just left without a single word…J-Just tell me why…why."

Anko's form was still shaking slightly as Naruto told her everything calmly, rocking her in his embrace. The council's orders, his past with Sayuri, how she was the key to getting him in the war, everything.

She was still crying by the end of his little explanation, at which she looked up at him with a small smile. "You're mind hasn't even registered the fact that you have a son, has it?"

Naruto stopped moving and promptly fainted.

Anko broke out in giggles.


"Really now, what's the point of such a blade?" Regal said, examining the Bure-ka Naraku. "You cares if it has a demon sealed inside it. In the end, it's useless for my plans…"

Gira leaned against the wall, his arms in his sleeves as he listened to his employer drag on. He didn't really want to be here at the moment. He'd much rather be talking to Yura at the moment, but he knew what would happen if he decided to just leave with Yura and her son.

Regal would hunt him down to make sure that no information was leaked of what he was doing.

"Gekido," Regal spoke addressing the blind swordsman, "how goes your search for the crosses?"

"Well, I've located Volt and Gnome but that's all really…"

Pulling out some papers, Regal signed them before handing them to Gira. "Take these to Huhari. She'll organize a couple of the men to go and get the crosses." He then pulled out a smoke and lit it. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go on!"

With Gira going to give the papers to Huhari, that left Regal and Gekido in the office. "Gekido…It would seem that my former apprentice has severely underestimated my information network. He is now the Otokage, interesting, no?"

"But I thought Orochimaru was the Otokage…?" Gekido said, confusion in his words.

"There are two Otos. Orochimaru's Oto, made up of exiles and missing-nin, and Naruto's Oto, the real Oto. What do you make of this?"

"Does this mean that we're going after him?"

"Oh, if I knew his location, I'd let you go ahead and hunt him down. But Oto is over secretive. So I evidently don't know the location."

"So no hunting?"

"No hunting yet."


When Naruto returned to the world of the awake, the first thing he noticed was Anko laying on top of him. Her face hovered above his, half-lidded purple eyes staring him. A small smile graced her lips as she looked at him. "Wakie Wakie Naru-kun."

Quirking an eyebrow, he asked, "I believe that we weren't in this position to begin with, am I correct in my theory?"

"Yes, you are."

Then, he flipped them over, pinning Anko's wrists above her head, with a single hand, the other being used to steady himself from falling on her and crushing her with his weight. "Now, you said something about my 'son'…"

Her eyes went from playful to somewhat sad. She avoided his gaze.


She clenched her eyes shut, trying to block out his hurt tone.


"Obana is what happened between you and I. He's your son. The blonde hair is a rarity in Konoha, remember? And his eyes are the same shade, only a bit darker…" Anko grew quiet.

Which was why she wasn't expecting what he did next.

His lips parted from her's and said the simple words she had been wanting to hear. "I won't leave again Anko, and I'm not mad at you not telling me until now."

Ocean Blue met Abyss Purple

Gold melted with Violet

Breaths mingled with each other

(Time Change)

Naruto jolted up from his bed, his brain sending alerts of a sound. Anko was still asleep, the sheets covering her nude form. There it was again!

This time, Anko stirred. "Obana…I'm coming…" she said as she prepared to roll out of the bed, before Naruto pulled her back down.

"I'll handle it Anko. You get some rest."

She fell asleep instantly, and Naruto slipped on the Otokage bath robe. Why there was an Otokage bath robe he did not know, but there was one.

Walked past Akaba's, Madam Hisana's, Yuki's and all the other Elite's rooms that were here with him until he came to one with a plate that said 'Obana' on it.

Quietly opening the door, the Otokage looked around. It was a rather simple room. Just a bed and window. On the bed sat his son, Obana, tears in his eyes holding a stuffed Kyuubi. "Where's mama?"

Smiling, Naruto walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "Mama's asleep silly. It's late, and she's tired."

"But I had a bad dream…"

Naruto looked at his son, so young and innocent, a soul that had yet to see the horrors of war. "You know, your mama and I often get bad dreams."

"Mama has bad dreams?"

The man smiled down at Obana and give him a smile. "Yep, everyone gets them. It is a part of our life…But they make us stronger. Tell me Obana, are you strong?"

"Yeah! Mama says I'm the second strongest person she's ever met!"


"Un! Mama says Papa is the first, but I've never met him…"

Naruto began chuckling at this, before he locked at the clock hanging on the wall. "Well, Boss, it's getting late. What does your Mama normally do to get you to get back to sleep?"

"Ano…she sings."

That caught Naruto off guard, before he asked if Obana would like he would like him to sing to the boy.


Naruto looked up at the ceiling for a couple of seconds before breaking out into a melodic tune.

"The ocean is singing

Its oh so precious lullaby

Can you hear it?

Hush, hush, its calling to us

The waves loll us gently into sleep

Petals begin to fall like droplets of rain

The abyss stands welcoming

Those purple depths are so warm

She greets us with a kind smile

The ocean breeze blows

It has joined the ocean in its concert

Flowers slowly drift across the glassy surface

The moon is drawing lazy circles

There is joy in the air

The flowers are picked up by the wind

The reeds sing in the wind's passing

Their lullaby lulls the flowers

The whirlpool and wave wind stand guard

Over that warm abyss and little flower"

Naruto's song ended with a small smile tugging at his lips, which broke out when he saw Obana curled asleep sucking his thumb, the Kyuubi plushie curled up with him.

"I take it we're taking them with us then?" a voice came from the doorway.

Turning, Naruto saw Yuki standing there without his shirt and only in his pajama pants. His arm pushing him up from leaning against the sill.

"Yes…we will be…"

The Elite simply stared at his leader.


It was morning, and the two groups were once again in the Mizukage's office.

"The rebels have a pattern. They attack in an obvious zigzag. They always attack diagonal from where they did last time. They also like to mess with us by telling us where they are going to attack." Jenai said as he unrolled a map of Kiri on his desk in front of the Konoha and Oto nin.

"What do you mean by that?" Zato asked.

Eidatsu answered, his eyes scanning the map. "They most likely send a messenger hawk or something along those lines that tell where they are going to attack and when they're going to as well. Am I right?"

Jenai nodded in confirmation. "Yes, they do. They always end it around this time."

And no later then when the Mizukage finished that sentence, a hark flew through the window. Grabbing the letter, Chiba read it aloud.

Dear Asswipe(s),

The attack is going to be at noon on the north east forest. Just try and stop us.


"The north east forest has highly flammable gas, correct?" Naruto asked, examining the map.

"Yes, that is correct. The mist there isn't mist, just gas." Jenai said. "But what has that got to do with anything? None of us would try to light it, it'd kill everyone!"

Here, Naruto smirked. "Not everyone…Iroh, you already know we're I'm going with this, so would you care if I did?"

"Not really. I've been bored, playing Pai Cho with the Nara has been most unfulfilling. I though he would be better, at least near the same level as Madam Hisana…" said Iroh, his voice sad.

"Very well. Mizukage-san, would it be alright if Iroh led the attack?"

"Uh, yeah. Fine by me. I'll send a garrison of 60-"

"20. All we'll need is 20 nin."

Shinzo stepped forward. "As a representative of Konoha, I request that I be placed on this mission as well. I do not trust the Oto nin and their Kage do to matter concerning our village, but would that be acceptable?"

Iroh took the reigns. "Oh, yes that's fine by me. But if I say stop, drop, and roll, do it. Let's be going then…"

"Iroh…" Hiruma said, placing his hand on the old man's shoulder. "Don't push it…"

"I won't Hiruma…I won't…"


Iroh lead the 21 troops through the north east forest, the gas thick. The Kiri-nin were scared of this place. There were many a story of a lost monster who lived in these woods, and thus everyone in Kiri avoided it.

It was also were Momochi Zabuza slaughtered 5 Oinin teams, but that was something entirely different, since he painted the treetops and trunks with their blood.

When the sound of one of the Kiri-nin screaming erupted through the forest, the battle started

Iroh stood in the middle of it all, simply side stepping any attempt on his life.

Then, Iroh noticed how few loyal Kiri-nin were left alive, and gave out a sigh, before he took off his Elite jacket and folded it, removed his sandals, and slipped off his haori, so that it fell to his waist (Like Yama-ji from Bleach).

Instead of fat, there was just pure muscle and a lot of scars.

"Do you want to know why a simple old man was chosen to lead this mission, Nara-san?"

Shinzo just stared as the air around them began getting hotter.

"My full name is Shigekuni Iroh-Kansei. I'm the younger brother of Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryuusai, head of the Shigekuni clan of Iwa." Iroh said, and took three steps, flames erupting from his body. Shinzo noticed how they had yet to reach the gas. "The reason Naruto-sama chose me is because we…"

Iroh looked up into the main Rebel's eyes, his brown orbs now a flame.

"Control flame on the level of Gods."

The fire shot out from his body, and began running across the ground, twisting and swerving, burning the rebels but avoiding the loyalists. He then slowly lowered his hands, before shouting, "KATON HIJUTSU: NENSHOU OOKABAMADARA! (Fire Style Secret Jutsu: Burning Monarch)"

A pillar of fire shot forth from the ground, the screams of the rebels growing stronger and stronger as explosion racked the forest, Iroh's beard and hair flapping in the wind the flame was causing.

When Iroh cancelled the technique, he asked Shinzo without turning around, "Do you see why I am an Elite?"


An old man sat in the treetops of the now burnt North East forest of Kiri. His cane was lying on his lap as he looked down at the forest floor.

It had been scorched in such a way that the image of a Monarch butterfly remained.

"So, ototou…you continue to wreck your body by not using a medium…"

And with that, Yamamoto shushin'd away…


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