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In the heights of Heaven, the Gods and Goddesses were restless. At this particular moment they were gathered in the thrones' room, a circular chamber, with high ceilings, and huge windows. It was built at the utmost high level in Heaven so that the inhabitants could watch over the entire realm.

The thrones were arranged in a circle, which had in its middle a small pool. This was not an ordinary pool; this was actually the connection between the sacred ones and the humans down on Earth. All the thrones were occupied but one.

'Where is the God of Love? Didn't he know we were to meet today and make a decision upon the fate of our utmost urgent problem?' the Goddess of Choice asked.

'Nobody knows where he is. He is not in his quarters nor is he anywhere in our beloved realm. I guess he disappeared again amongst the humans.' the God of Reason answered.

'He will come back after we deal with the more pressing matter we have in our hands.' the Goddess of Foretelling announced.

At her words, everyone's eyes snapped on the pool and the image of a certain 'problem' appeared.

'He is fighting again. He is justified in this battle, but it will end up with many deaths, innocent amongst the guilty will lose their lives.' the God of Justice proclaimed.

'We have to do something to stop him. If he continues like this he will sentence his own soul into the deepest depths of Hell, needless to say that he will kill too many.' the God of Reason came forth.

'That is an excellent warrior and the battle is justified. Besides it is not a fair one. The opponents are ten and he is only one.' the God of War reasoned.

They all stopped talking and watched the battle. When it ended, other ten souls were sent to the afterlife, only this time they were sent in the pits of Hell.

'We have to admit that he is a good lord for his lands and he helps his people, being they youkai or ningens. He assures all of them have food and he protects them all.' the God of Reason added.

'But he has no mate. He has no feelings. He needs to feel what love is and that will change him.' the Goddess of Choice said.

'Let's play him a trick, shall we?' the God of Mischief suggested.

Everyone's eyes turned on him in disbelief. They couldn't do this. They were kamis, not a bunch of five-year-olds. On second thought …

'I will offer him two choices. He will have to fulfill one of them.' the Goddess of Choice added after a few minutes of silence.

'If he does not, he will suffer the wrath of the kamis in its utmost high level. His punishment will be as severe as his actions demand.' the goddess of Punishment added.

AN. : I know this is short but the thing is that I needed to put this on, so that the story could unfold normally. And it has not much information about the choice because those will come at the precise moment ;)

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