"What are you listening to?" Daniel demanded, giving Vala the most appalled look he could muster. The former space pirate looked up from her iPod (courtesy of Daniel's wallet…not Daniel) to give the linguist an innocent look.


Daniel sighed and yanked the ear buds out of her ears. "What are you listening to?" he repeated. "I can hear it!"

Vala grinned. "Hound Dog," she replied promptly. Daniel raised his eyebrows.

"Hound Dog," he echoed dumbly.

"Yeah!" Vala said, matter-of-factly. "You know…Elvis Presley?"

"Elvis Presley."

Vala's expression drooped. "You know who Elvis is, right?"

Daniel scrunched his shoulders, disgusted. "Yes," he answered, voice dark. "I know who Elvis is."

"Don't you like him?" Vala asked, surprised.


"Why not?" she asked, staring at him like he was from outer space…which, in a sense, was true. "Cameron says he's one of the best musicians…"

"That's Cameron," Daniel said, as way of explanation.

"Well, I think he's good," Vala said, slowly putting the ear buds back in. Then she gave him her all-too familiar grin. "Not to mention, good-looking."

"I hope you mean young Elvis."


"So…I heard you don't like Elvis."

Daniel looked up exasperatedly to see Sam leaning in his doorway with an amused expression.

"You heard correctly," he grumbled. "Do you have a problem with that?"

Sam shook her head, walking in. "No, no problem. It's just…I think you're a first."

"Religious leaders hated Elvis," Daniel pointed out. Sam shrugged.

"You're not a reli—"

"What is this I hear about you not liking the one, true King, Jackson?" Cam shouted, running into the room with Vala close behind him. Daniel growled, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Why is it such a big deal? Isn't a man entitled to his own opinions?"

"Yes, but…Elvis!" Cam exclaimed, seeming dismayed. Suddenly he brightened excitedly. "Have you seen Teal'c's impersonation of him?"

Daniel's eyes widened in horror. "You're joking, right?" he asked, sounding desperate. Cam's reply was speeding out the door and returning, only a couple minutes later, with the large Jaffa himself. An uncanny smile was on Teal'c's lips as he set himself in the famous Elvis pose, air guitar and all, and began to sing.

"Since ma baba lef' me, ay foun' a new place ta dwell dawn a' the en' o' lonely street, it's hear'break hotel…"

Daniel slid down his chair, whimpering. The imitation was dead-on, that wasn't the problem…it was the simple fact it was Teal'c! It was just…wrong!

The Jaffa finished with the customary: "Thaonk ya, thaonk ya very much" and Daniel's office exploded with noise. Vala squealed, cheering and jumping up and down. Cam gave a loud hoot and clapped Teal'c on the back while Sam laughed, clapping her hands. Daniel found the oddest thing to be Teal'c's grin…it was actually a grin.

When things finally quieted down, Cam turned to give the archeologist an expectant look. However, Daniel was thoroughly grateful to be saved by the phone ringing. He jumped up quickly and picked up the phone.

"Daniel Jackson."

"Hey, Spacemonkey. I heard you don't like the King!"

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