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She requested a story about Sakon and Ukon's past. I apologize for any excessive swearing in here. I hate swearing, and I didn't like writing it so much, but they just seem like they all swear a lot...

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In battle, hesitation can be fatal. Because of this, the Sound Four had been trained from early on in their lives to never hesitate in any fight, not matter the reason. The four had never had any trouble following this rule. They all loved to kill. Why would they ever hesitate? But today that rule was broken. It was hardly noticeable, the hesitation was barely a few seconds long, but it was there. Hand raised, kunai in hand, Sakon, with his brother grinning wickedly from his shoulder, prepared to take the life of the man on the ground before him.

"Please, don't!" cried out the man in desperation. And Sakon didn't. He paused, did not bring his hand down, faltered. And then, in that short time, a kunai was thrown and found its home in the throat of the man. He didn't even have time to scream.

"That was your kill! Why did you hesitate?" hissed Ukon. Sakon scowled, turning away and gazing around him. Only the Sound Four stood. Bodies lay all around them, each killed in fewer than two strikes. This attack had been pointless. He could see no reason at all why Orochimaru had sent them on this mission, except perhaps for pointless practice that none of them needed. Even that made little sense. Why would he have them kill men who worked at a carnival? They couldn't fight. They were no threat. This mission was pointless.

"Why did you hesitate?"

With a groan Sakon turned to face the pink haired1 girl who had spoken. This mission had been so pathetically simple that even Tayuya, who had hardly thrown a weapon in her life, had used knives and throwing stars to murder her victims.

"I asked you a question, shithead."

"Shut up," he retorted, glaring at her. In reply, he simply said, "Would you ever kill a musician?"2

The effect was immediate. Tayuya stiffened and her eyes widened, and her expression was somewhere between hate and shock.

"You talk in your sleep," he explained with a slight chuckle, grinning sadistically. Tayuya looked repulsed—though whether at Sakon, herself, or both he couldn't tell—and glared furiously at him.

"Fuck you," she swore, storming away.

Still chuckling under his breath, Sakon followed her. The other two members of their team seemed to have gotten tired of waiting all of the two minutes they had taken and were already far ahead.

"Sakon, why didn't you kill that man?" asked Ukon, who was now hidden behind Sakon's head.

"You know very well why," replied Sakon.

"Don't be so stupid next time. I thought you were over that."

"Shut up. This whole mission was pointless. What does it matter?"

"It matters because if you ever do that again you'll either be killed or Orochimaru will kill you for it!" snapped Ukon. "And if you die while I'm in you, I die."

"It won't happen again, all right?" retorted Sakon angrily, glaring behind him. "Go to sleep already."

His brother did not reply.

"Was the mission a success?"

It was hardly a question worth answering. Of course the mission was a success. How hard was it to kill a bunch of circus freaks?

"Yes, Orochimaru."

Of course, though each member of the Sound Four were thinking that, none wished to say that aloud to Orochimaru. They had all learned the hard way what it meant to be disrespectful in front of their master.

"Good," said Orochimaru with a thin smirk. Sakon eyed him warily. What's he up to?

"I'm giving you all the day off tomorrow. No missions, no training. Spend it how you like," continued the snake-man, earning surprised glances from each of his subordinates. A day off? When they had hardly done anything? Sakon was certain that Orochimaru was up to something now.

"That is all. You may leave," said Orochimaru pleasantly, smiling that repulsing smile of his. Sakon scowled. He hated that smile. Standing up, he wasted no time leaving the room. The rest of his team followed.

The Sound Four each shared one room, a fact that Tayuya never tired of complaining about. In fact, they all hated the arrangement. They didn't get along, and didn't care to spend any more time with each other than necessary. And so, for the most part, they avoided the room, only entering to sleep, and sometimes not sleeping in it at all. But the room was where Sakon headed as he left the meeting with Orochimaru, precisely for the fact that no one else would be going there.

"What's up with you?" grunted Ukon.

"Fuck off," replied Sakon.


Sakon didn't reply, instead opened the door to their room, slammed it behind him, and plopped face down on the pathetically small bed that was his.

The truth was, he wasn't quite sure what was bothering him, but he felt more irritated than usual today, and not at all in the mood to talk with the bastards that he was forced to call his teammates. He lay there on his bed, head turned slightly and eyes half-lidded as he drifted off into a half-conscious, half-asleep state of remembrance.

"Mommy, look what we found!" exclaimed five-year old Sakon and Ukon in unison, holding up the body of a dead squirrel. "We saw it in a tree and caught it, and then made sure it couldn't get away!"

Their mother nearly screamed as she caught sight of the dead animal, and she held a hand to her mouth, looking horrified.

"S-sakon! Ukon! G-get that thing out of here!" she shouted. "You can't just kill things!"

The Siamese twins looked confused. "You don't like it mommy? We got it for you."

"NO!" their mother cried, and the two boys, looking hurt, turned away and walked out.

"Mommy's so stupid," sniffled Sakon.

"We worked so hard to catch that for her," agreed Ukon.

"We wont give her the bird then," said Sakon.


The brothers dropped the squirrel outside of their house before stepping back inside. Now upset at their mother, they prepared to go to their room before they were stopped by voices coming from the room they had left. They stood outside of it, hidden from sight, and listened in.

"They brought a dead squirrel inside, Kota! They killed it! You should have seen it, it was disgusting! It was skinned and bleeding... I think they tore its eyes out!" their mother sobbed, and both boys shared annoyed looks. They had thought she'd like the eyes.

"Calm down, Ayumi. Just calm down. I'm sure it wasn't that bad..." comforted their father, but his wife kept on sobbing.

"But it was! Oh, it was! Our sons murdered that poor animal like it was nothing! It was mutilated! They're not even supposed to go outside! We can't let them think this is alright. Who ever taught them this? How did they ever think to do that to a living creature? And like it? They were smiling! Oh, Kota, they were smiling!" She broke into another fit of sobs.

"Calm down, Ayumi. Please, just clam down. Please. Stop crying." When it became apparent that their mother wasn't going to stop crying any time soon, he grabbed her shoulders and shook her roughly and yelled, "Calm down!"

Sniffling and hiccupping, his wife looked at him.

"Ayumi, what do you want to do about it? You cry over these children constantly. Ever since they were born, you've fretted over them. You wont even let them outside because of their... Condition."

Sakon and Ukon knew what he meant. The fact that they had one body but two heads. But their parents had never seemed to mind it before. Why now?

"You're afraid of them, you hardly talk to them, and you pretend you don't even have sons. Do you want to give them to an orphanage?"

"NO!" Ayumi cried out, looking appalled. "How could you suggest that? They're our sons."

"Then you need to stop crying. They can't live like this. It's no wonder they're developing weird habits if they've never spoken to anyone but their terrified and sobbing mother and their father. Let them outside. Better yet, let them go to school. It's not that uncommon for children to be born with special abilities in ninja schools. Why not send them there?"

Sakon and Ukon stopped listening then, looking dejected. They turned and ran quickly to their room, locking themselves into their room.

"Mommy and Daddy don't like the fact that we're connected?"

"That's not our fault!"

"They want to send us away?"

"No, Mommy said no!"

"But they're talking about school..."

"Ninja school!"

"That could be fun..."

"But Mommy's sad..."

"Maybe we should try to separate?"

Both boys thought hard at this. Try to separate? They liked being together. It was fun. But if it would make Mommy happy, they would try. Nodding in unison, they both agreed,


"Dammit, wake up!"

His brothers grating voice awoke Sakon from his half-daze and he groggily sat up, grumbling, "What?"

"It's nearly dark, you moron. You've been asleep for hours."

"I wasn't asleep," retorted Sakon.

"Well get up already, or we're not going to get any dinner at all!" snapped Ukon. Grudgingly, Sakon agreed. As he exited their room and began to walk towards the dinner hall—which was really more of a cramped room with tables then a hall—he couldn't help but wonder, when did we start hating each other?

"Look what we can do, Mommy!"

It had taken them a year to perfect, but the now six-year-old brothers had finally accomplished their goal.

Their mother, looking a bit anxious, turned her full attention to them. "Yes, dears?"

Turning their heads and grinning at each other, they didn't reply, but instead Ukon began to move his neck. He shifted it somewhat grotesquely, the process taking rather long, but eventually he succeeded in moving his neck and head all the way to the back of Sakon's.

"See, Mommy! Now we can go out, right? 'Cause we look normal!" exclaimed Sakon excitedly. This was sure to please their mother.

But despite all they had expected, their mother looked terrified. Like the day they had brought her the squirrel, she looked horrified and repulsed and as if she were about to throw up. And then she said the last thing they would have ever thought she would say.

"No! I want both of my babies!"

Confused, Ukon said, "But Mommy, we're both here."

"Ukon's only behind me. He's not gone," added Sakon.

"No! No, no, no, no, no..." their mother cried out, holding her head and shaking it back and forth, seemingly not hearing a thing they said. Concerned, Sakon asked,


Their father rushed in then, looking slightly panicked. He immediately went to his sobbing wife, hugging her and cooing soothing words and stroking her hair until she calmed down. His sons were invisible to him in that time, and Sakon and Ukon waited anxiously whilst trying to figure out what they had done wrong.

"What wrong, Ayumi?" asked Kato once his wife had calmed down enough to speak. However, she chose not to and simply pointed with a shaking hand to Sakon and Ukon. Their father turned to look at them and his eyes widened in shock.

"W-what?" he stuttered. "W-where's your brother?"

"Ukon's right here, Daddy," said Sakon.

"I'm only behind Sakon," added Ukon.

"H-how did you get there?" asked their astonished father.

"It was horrible," sobbed their mother. "His neck and head just... Moved. It was like he was sinking into his back and moving..."

Ayumi proceeded to start crying again at that moment. Looking hurt, Ukon began the slow process of moving himself back to Sakon's shoulder.

"We were only trying to make you happy," sniffled Sakon.

"We thought you wanted us to be normal looking, so we could go outside and go to school," said Ukon, now back in his usual spot.

Their mother said nothing, only turned and ran sobbing out of the room, their father following after her.

"Look who finally decided to show up," announced Tayuya obnoxiously. "And here I thought I was actually going to get to eat a meal in peace. Stupid me."

"Shut up," said Sakon, and he couldn't help but think that he was saying that far too often today. Far too often every day.

"Aww, look who's moping about missing his kill today," mocked Tayuya. Sakon gritted his teeth, fighting back the urge to yell back at her. Tayuya, however, didn't seem to want to give him the chance for that.

"It's okay, it's not your fault you were born a cowardly shithead. I mean, it's not that big a deal that you missed your kill and I got it. Sure, you fucked up, no big deal. You don't see me moping about it." She gave him a toothy smirk. "Both a coward and a freak, eh? Such a pity. I wonder how you of all people got into the Sound Four. I mean, when did Orochimaru start recruiting freaks with shit for brains into his village?"

That did it. Unable to control himself any more, Sakon grabbed the fork he had just picked up and hurled it straight at Tayuya. His aim had been exact, but Tayuya had been expecting it and moved to the side, letting it fly past her.

"Shut the fuck up, you fucking little bitch!" screamed Sakon, and with that he stormed out of the room.

"What was that all about?" growled Ukon. "Since when did you care what Tayuya has to say? She's just upset over your stupid 'musician' remark. We're not going to get to eat until tomorrow!"

"SHUT UP!" snapped Sakon, and suddenly he wished with all of his might that Ukon was not his brother at all, and could separate from him permanently.

"Just remember to keep your hood on, okay?" reminded Kota for what seemed to Sakon and Ukon the hundredth time that day.

"Yes, dad," the two groaned.

"And Ukon, don't say anything, and try not to move, okay?"

"I've got it, dad," said Ukon irritably. Today was their first day of school. It had taken a few weeks to convince their parents that they could effectively hide the fact that they were twins. All it took was a hood covering Ukon. Their mother was strongly against the idea, but had finally agreed when her husband had assured her it would help with their 'strange behavior'. Sakon and Ukon didn't know what they were talking about. They were, however, happy to finally be going to school. They had never been allowed to meet another child, and at six years old—and ten months, they always insisted in adding—the two were incredibly lonely, as well as very codependent. They were simply thankful they never had to worry about having to go someplace without the other. They didn't think they could handle going to school without the other, for despite the fact that they were exceedingly eager, they were also very frightened.

"I'll be right here to pick you up once school is over, alright?" assured their father, and the two nodded quickly, eager to get away from their worrying father.

"Alright, have a nice day. And be careful, you two," he said, and Sakon waved for both him and Ukon as he ran to the school.

The first two hours of the school day passed without incident, the teacher briefing them on the classroom procedures and rules and what to do in cases of emergencies. Sakon and Ukon listened eagerly, though we e constantly distracted by all of the students around them. It made them nervous, so many people, more then they'd ever seen, sitting around them. But it fascinated them, and they stared at everyone, taking in their habits and looks and actions.

When the recess bell rang Sakon ran out eagerly, not able to wait to be able to speak with other children for once in his life. Once outside, he ran over to a group of boys he recognized from his class who were playing ball.

"Can we play?" he asked.

"What do you mean, we?" asked one of the boys, raising a brow.

Realizing his mistake, he quickly said, "I mean, 'can I play'. Silly me."

Giving Sakon an odd look, the boy nodded and handed him the ball. Grinning widely, he asked,

"What do I do with it?"

"What are you, dense? Just throw it to one of the other kids," the same boy instructed. Sakon did so, throwing the ball to the boy who had spoken to him, who in turn passed it over to a boy across from him, who then passed it to another and the game went on.

A few minutes later Sakon heard a hushed voice from behind him whisper, "I wanna play too, Sakon."

"Hey, can my brother play too?" asked Sakon, catching the ball.

"Sure," the boy across from him said with a shrug.

"You won't think we're weird?" inquired Sakon, throwing the ball.

"No, why would we?" replied another boy. Confident in the answer, Sakon grinned and dropped him hood. Ukon immediately raised his head and began to move onto Sakon's neck, smiling. He then proceeded to bring out his hand from below Sakon's and waved at them.

They all fell silent, and the boy holding the ball let it fall threw his fingers and hit the ground, bouncing away.

"This is my brother, Ukon," introduced Sakon, oblivious to their shocked stares.

"Look at them, they're freaks!" the boy who initially let Sakon play said with a laugh, pointing at the two brothers. "Look how ugly they are!"

And instead of looking frightened or repulsed, the boys all laughed. Laughed at the weird boys in front of them, because they had never seen anyone like them before. Laughed and pointed and mocked, and soon a chant of, 'Freaks, freaks, freak!' was spreading around the group of boys. It caught the attention of the other children, who wandered over and stared and gawked and laugh and Sakon and Ukon, who's faces flushed a deep red.

And suddenly, Sakon couldn't take it, and he leapt on the first boy, the one who had let him play the game and had started laughing at them.

"SHUT UP!" he screamed, jumping on him and shoving him to the ground. He kept him pinned to the ground and began to savagely punch his face, ignoring the boy's cries of 'I'm sorry!' and 'Please, stop!'. He kept on punching him until his nose was bent and bleeding, and his eyes black and bruised and closed. And then he stood up, smiling, and kicked his side until he heard a crack and the boy's chest ceased to rise and fall.

There was a hushed silence now, none of the children moving. They had never seen anything like it before. A two-headed boy who had just beaten another student unconscious—or, perhaps, for they couldn't tell, dead. They didn't know how to react.

And then one boy screamed at the top of his lungs, "FREAKS!"

Furious, Sakon lunged at the boy, but he was already running and Sakon fell to the ground with a thud. The chant started up again, but this time the children were all running away, some of the girls screaming and searching for teachers. Standing up, Sakon wiped his face and looked around with both an angry and hurt expression on his face.

"Why're are they running away?"

"Why're they calling us freaks?"

"Why don't they like us?"

A tear falling down Sakon's face—but not Ukon's, he was too angry—the two ran away from the other children. They ran and hid underneath a bench residing in the shade of a tree, and they hid there until school was over that day.

There was nothing but silence in the room. The other members of the Sound Four had all entered the room for once—which was unusual because one, there was almost always at least one member absent at night, and two, after Sakon's show of fury at dinner, he wouldn't have thought they'd of wanted to sleep in the same room as him. But despite the fact that they were all there, the room was unusually quiet. No one was snoring, no one was restlessly tossing in their sleep, and Tayuya wasn't talking in her sleep. It seemed that even Ukon was asleep at last. Sakon was glad. Even he didn't know why, but he'd been in a pretty foul mood all day long. It's all because of that raid on the circus. Why'd we have to go on that pointless mission anyways?

It was bugging him. There was absolutely no reason for it. Carney's3 couldn't do anything that could possibly pose as a threat to Orochimaru. It had only succeeded in severely bothering Sakon. And he hated it.

And then it struck him. That was what the mission was about. Orochimaru purposely had made him attack the circus.

Damn that bastard, Sakon thought bitterly, eyes narrowed and hands clenched into fists. He's just messing with me! I'll show him. Some Carney's aren't going to get to me.

Rolling over onto his side, Sakon closed his eyes, smirking slightly.

That bastard's plans aren't going to work on me.


Wow, that was horrible, wasn't it/ I'm sorry, ckret2... I have more of this written, I wanted to make it a one-shot, but I also wanted to make it as long as possible to try and make it up to you. Of course, if you don't like it, that would make it worse... But, yeah. I'll try and get the next chapter up soon.

1: I think Tayuya's hair is pink. I can't remember. O.o;;; Was it red?

2: No significance to that. I was just making up tiny little pasts for every one of them in my head, and that's a refence to Tayuya's. Nothing grand.

3: Carny is just a term I've seen used a lot for people who work in carnivals.