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Sakon and Ukon had been hiding in their room ever since they had gotten home, refusing to speak about their day at school, which led their parents to assume the worst. Which was, in all actuality, what had happened.

"Sakon! Ukon!"

Their mother's voice held a quivering note to it, and both boys shared anxious looks. They were in trouble, they knew it. Their mother was going to be mad at them. They hated that. They just wanted to make her happy, but no matter what, she never was. It wasn't their fault every one of the kids at the school had been idiotic jerks.

They made their way down the stairs, arm folded across their chest. Their parents were waiting in the living room, their mother on the verge of tears, their father shocked and slightly angry.

"Sakon, Ukon, we just got a call from your school," their father began.

"It wasn't our fault!" they immediately protested. "They called us freaks and laughed at us!"

"I told you not to take off that hood!" their father snapped back. Taken aback, the boys fell silent. Their father had never yelled at them before.

"You two almost killed a boy! You almost killed him! I don't care if he was Satan himself, you don't kill people!"

"Well why not?" shouted Sakon.

"They deserved it!" said Ukon.

"NEVER think that!" their father screamed, face red with rage. "You are never to lay another hand on another person again in your lives, you understand? You'll go to jail. You'll go to jail. We'll go to jail, Sakon, Ukon. Do you want that? Don't be stupid and violent!"

"Shut up!" snapped Ukon

"You don't know nothing!" said Sakon.

"You two shut up! Go to your rooms, right now! We're in so much trouble because of you. GO!"

Furious, the boys had ran to their room and sat on their bed, muttering every swear word they knew.

"I wonder what they're talking about," said Sakon after awhile, once his anger had cooled off.

"Who cares," muttered Ukon.

"I bet they're talking bad about us," said Sakon.

Ukon looked thoughtful at this. "Let's go see."

The two quietly made their way downstairs and stopped outside of the living room, staying out of view. They could only see their parent's shadows, but could hear them clearly.

"We'll have to move." That was their father.

"No! This is our home! These people know us, I'm certain they won't do anything rash!" Their mother.

"Be reasonable, Ayumi. We've hidden our children from the village their entire life, and the day they appear, they nearly kill a boy their age! Do you think the village will stand for that? Our sons have two heads! They're freaks! We need to leave!"

Their mother sobbed after this, and the twins couldn't help but feel a bit guilty. They were always making Mommy cry.

"Alright," their mother finally agreed. "But where to? The situation will be the same in every village."

Their father was silent, and Sakon and Ukon figured him to be thinking. Finally, he spoke.

"Perhaps a Circus. A traveling one. I heard news that one just arrived in a nearby village. I'm sure nobody would care about two-headed twins in a circus. They might even be loved."

"A Circus? You mean a freak show?! I am not sending our sons to a freak show!" cried their mother.

"Be reasonable, Ayumi!" snapped their father for the second time. "Would you rather them be taken away, hated, and possibly killed?"

Their mother didn't need to answer. The answer was obvious.

"Fine. When should we leave?" said their mother.

"As soon as possible. Tell the boys."

Instantly, Sakon and Ukon were up the stairs. The jumped into their bed, pulled up the covers, and by the time their mother reached their room, they looked as if they were sound asleep.

"Orochimaru wants to see you."

Sakon couldn't help but think that that was one of the worst ways to wake up. Someone telling you that the snake-bastard wanted to see you. In fact, Sakon couldn't think of anything worse to wake up too.

Groggily opening his eyes, he sent the messenger—who he couldn't be bothered to identify—an angry glare.

"We'll be right there," he grunted. The messenger scurried out of the room, and Sakon sat up slowly.

"You've been talking in your sleep," said a voice from behind him.

"Hn." Sakon didn't have a response to this.

"You were talking about the circus. Or before it, I think," continued Ukon.

"And?" questioned an irritated Sakon.

"It's just unusual," replied Ukon. Sakon couldn't help but notice he didn't sound angry or even amused. In fact, if Sakon didn't know any better, he'd think his brother almost sounded sympathetic.

"Orochimaru wants to see us," was all Sakon said.

The Siamese twins heard their mother enter their room, and tried their best to feign sleep. They'd had plenty of practice at it, lucky for them, and their mother was easily fooled. They felt her quivering hand on their shoulder shaking them, and then heard her whisper in their ears:

"Boys, wake up. We need to leave."

Pretending to be groggy and sleep, Sakon opened his eyes first and turned his head to his mother, and a few seconds later Sakon did the same.

"What? Where to, Mom?"

"Somewhere," was all she said. The twins did not question her further, because they knew exactly where that 'somewhere' was. They started towards their closet, planning to take some belongings with them, but their mother stopped them.

"No, we're not taking anything."

Confused, the boys nodded, knowing better then to ask why. They wouldn't be answered. They simply followed their mother out the door and down the stairs to where their father awaited.

"Sakon, Ukon, I need one of you to... Do that thing you did for school," their father said uneasily. Once they had done so, their father nodded at them and turned to the door.

"Hurry," was all he said. Neither Sakon nor Ukon knew why they were in such a rush. Was the circus going to leave soon?

"Where are we going?" asked Sakon after a minute, hoping to get a specific name.

"Yeah, we want to know!" added Ukon, sounding a bit more irritated than Sakon.

"To a nearby village. Now hush," their father warned.

They walked down the streets past many houses, none of whom Sakon and Ukon knew. It made them realize how terribly lonely they were. They'd never met any of these people, yet they'd lived there their entire life. And now they had to leave, because the one day they got to meet people, they messed up, and were hated.

It was nearly dark, but still light enough that people were shuffling about. Their parents kept the two of them behind, warning them to keep their hood up and face down. Even so, there were a few people who recognized them and stared. Sakon and Ukon didn't know how—they'd never met these people!—but they seemed to know them. This greatly unsettled their parents, who ushered them to walk faster.

They were almost at the villages exit when they were stopped by a group of men.

"Well if it isn't the little demon brats," hissed the man in the front, a tall but thin man with unkempt brown hair and angry brown eyes. "Trying to run away?"

"Gane, let us through. We're leaving now," their fathered said coldly. The man—Gane—laughed.

"No, you're not," he said. "I'm not letting the freaks who nearly killed my son just run away, nor the bastards that brought them into this world."

Sakon and Ukon were startled. This was the father of the boy they had injured? They didn't get why he was mad. The boy had deserved it. Didn't he know? And why was he getting mad at their parents?

"Hey, he deserved it!" shouted Ukon angrily, forgetting and no longer caring that he was supposed to be silent. Gane glared angrily at the boys. However, since he couldn't see Ukon, he assumed it was Sakon who had spoken, and spoke directly to him.

"Where's your brother, little freak? Aren't you supposed to have two heads?"

"I'm right here, ugly!" snarled Ukon, moving to Sakon's neck. Gane's look was of repulsion.

"Sakon, Ukon, stay out of this!" snapped their father. He then turned back to Gane. "Please, Gane, just let us through."

"Once you and your bastard sons have paid for hurting my son," he snarled.

"I already told you, he deserved it! He laughed at us and called us freaks!" shouted Ukon.

"He was stupid and mean and he deserved it! Don't get mad at us!" added Sakon.

"Quiet!" hissed their father, startling them with his furious gaze.

Gane looked murderous. In his hand was a long kitchen knife—for this was a normal village and not one of ninjas—and he raised it threateningly in the air. The men behind him, all who had been silent so far, each held a weapon of their own, weather it was a knife or some other heavy, sharp object.

"I'm going to fucking kill you, you worthless pieces of trash!" he screamed and lunged forward at Sakon and Ukon with the knife. "I'm going to cut off one of your heads, so you'll be normal when you die!"

The two covered their eyes, prepared to be stabbed. They weren't afraid and they weren't going to run. But the blow never came. Slowly they lowered their arms and looked ahead of them, and saw their father slump to the ground, a knife sticking out of his neck.

"DADDY" they screamed in unison, at the same time their mother screamed, "KATO!"

"You killed Daddy!" accused Sakon, pointing a finger at Gane. "You killed him! You're the murderer, not us! You are!"

But Gane didn't see it that way. The two boys had enraged him to the point where he no longer was thinking sensibly. The man took a step forward, arms outstretched, planning to wring one of the twin's necks.

"No, no, not my babies! Not my babies too!" their mother cried, rushing in front of the boys and trying desperately to push the man back. He slapped her in the face and she crumpled to the ground, only to get back up again a minute later.

"Run," she cried out to her children. "Please, run. Go somewhere, anywhere! The circus, the circus will be safe."

And Sakon and Ukon nodded. They were not prepared to leave their mother, but they nodded regardless.

Gane had not yet retrieved his knife from where it rested in Kato's throat. The boys saw it, and picked it up with an angry glint in their eyes.

"You killed Daddy, and now you're going to kill Mommy! You can't do that!" they said, and before the man could even laugh at them they lunged and stabbed him with the knife. As small as they were, they couldn't reach high, but they managed to stab him in his side. The man doubled over in pain, crying out, and quickly, Sakon and Ukon pulled the knife out and stabbed him in the back of his neck. He fell over forward, landing on top of their mother.

She screamed, trying desperately to push the man off of her. The twins smiled, glad to have avenged their father.

"You monsters!" cried their mother, and they froze. "You killed him! You killed him and you're smiling!"

"But, mommy, he killed Daddy!" they protested. Mommy couldn't hate they, she couldn't.

"You're murderous, you're not children!" she screamed. "Go away! Go away! You're not my children!"

They backed up, eyes wide and brimming with tears, both shaking their heads.

"Mommy, you don't mean that," whispered Sakon. Their mother wasn't listening.

"GO! Go now, before they find you! They'll kill you!" she screamed, and the two realized that whatever she said, she still loved them. She loved them and feared them and hated them at the same time. And the boys stood there crying.



And they ran, sobbing and frightened and angry, and did not look back.


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