Truth and Lies

Briar Elwood

Summary: The team finds out Vala's been lying all along. DV.

Disclaimer: Don't own.

A/N: Okay, this was written once when I was in a really bad mood and I never finished it. Really, I have no idea about anything to the back-story; I only know what I've written. Ideas would be appreciated. Well, okay, I know Daniel and Vala live together.

1: Good-bye

"You're an absolute fake!" Daniel exclaimed with sudden realization. Vala felt the world crash around her ears and she stared dumbly out the car window.

"You never actually were any of those things you ever said you were, you've been lying to everyone this entire time about everything, even those stupid little things that don't matter!"

"That's not true," she managed to whisper. Daniel scoffed.

"Really? Pardon me for not believing you," he snapped. "I'd bet every word that's come from your mouth since we met was a lie in some shape or form. And not just words. Actions. Feelings." Daniel paused, catching his breath. "You set me—us up."

"No," Vala chocked, shaking her head painfully. "No…that's not true."

"You know what," Daniel said suddenly, slamming on the brakes. "I've had enough." He glared at her, hard. "You have no idea how much that hurts, Vala. Go home."

Vala finally brought herself to look at him. "Daniel…"


"But you're wrong!"

"About what?" Daniel demanded. "Tell me one thing that wasn't a lie."

"I love you," Vala whispered desperately, pleading tears filling her eyes. Daniel simply laughed, a harsh, hurting laugh.

"That's the best you can do?" He resumed his glare. "Go home, Vala. You're only making it harder."

When she didn't move, Daniel angrily undid his seat belt and walked out of the car himself, walking to her side. He threw open the door, undid her seatbelt, and pulled her out by the arm. Then he slammed the door shut and turned to walk back to the driver's side.

"Daniel…" Vala pleaded, grabbing his arm. "My home is your home. I don't have anywhere else to go."

"That's your problem," Daniel said. "Now good-bye." With that, he wrenched his arm free, walked briskly to the other side, slid in, and drove off.

A/N: Yeah. See what I mean? I have the next two chapters written, but I still don't have a back-story. PLEASE HELP!!!