Truth & Lies

Briar Elwood


48: Alliance

Morgan le Faye laughed. "It might be the fact I am ascended, Miss Mal Doran. Did you think of that?"

Cameron and Teal'c shared a look, turning back around to face the woman. "You said you descended," Cam pointed out. Morgan's smile dropped, revealing a panicked expression, which swiftly morphed into anger.

"You're questioning me?"

Cam stepped forward. "Well, yeah! You said you descended and now you're saying you're still ascended? There's a lie in there somewhere!"

Morgan's lips twisted in irritation and her features began to morph. Cameron stepped back to where he had been, startled. In Morgan's place, stood Merek. He smirked.

"You didn't pay very good attention to who tagged along with you."

"What are you?" Sam asked, baffled. Merek's smirk widened.

"Haven't you already figured it out?" he asked, taking a few swift steps forward. Without a moment's hesitation, he reached out, past Teal'c and to Vala. To everyone's surprise and dismay, his hand went right through her forehead, making Vala scream out in pain.

"Replicator," Cam hissed, raising his P90, though he knew it'd be useless. "Now we need the Lucien Alliance and a few Goa'uld to show up. Then we'd be all set."

Teal'c let out a very pissed-off sounding roar and leapt at the Replicator, physically pulling him away from Vala. Vala collapsed to her knees, hands flying to her forehead. The Jaffa continued to drag Merek along with him, pushing him up against a wall and pressing his arm against his neck. Daniel and Cameron came up behind him, both their P90s raised defensively.

"All right, so why'd you try to convince us that we needed an Ori to make the Ark of Truth work?" Cam asked, voice hard. Merek's eyebrows raised, amused.

"What makes you think I'll tell you that?"

"Because we'll bring Adria here and I'm sure she can figure out something particularly nasty to do to you," Daniel replied automatically. Cam gave him a sideways glance, surprised. Merek, on the other hand, let out a short bark of laughter.

"The Replicators have set up an alliance with the Ori. The Orici would never harm me."

Daniel coughed. "I wouldn't be too sure about that," he muttered, giving Cameron a look. Merek had, unknowingly, just answered their question.

The Ori and Replicators were working together.

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