The Chunin Exams

Chapter One

Sakura walked up to the bridge where Team Seven always meets at. She sighed. I hope Sasuke-kun will talk to me today, or may he'll ask me out, or maybe I should move on...

Just then Naruto walked up to her. "OHAYO SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto waved excitedly at her. She sighed. What an idiot. Following just right behind him was Sasuke Uchiha.

Running up to him with hearts in her eyes she ask. "Sasuke-kun, want to go on a date with me later?" she asked hopefully. Staring at her unemotionally he opened his mouth and replied. "No."

Stuffing his hands in his pockets he leaned against the bridge. Tears were brimming in the corners of her eyes but she forced them back. Why Sasuke-kun? Why?

"Sakura-chan, want to do something with me later?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"No Naruto." she snapped.

Naruto stared at Sasuke angerly, Why does everyone fall for Sasuke-teme?!

Out of nowhere appeared a pop was heard. "Yo." Kakashi greeted them without looking out of Icha Icha Paradise Book.

"Kakashi-sensei, your late again!!" Naruto shouted accusing. Kakashi sighed and placed Icha Icha Paradise Book into his pocket.

"I have very important news for the three of you. You are to participate in these years Chuunin Exam."

"Chunin Exams? What's that?" Sakura looked at Naruto in disbelief.

"The Chuunin occur two times a year. A team of three Gennin-level students who enter the Chuunin Exams have a chance to increase their rank from a Gennin to a Chuunin." she sighed.

Kakashi poofed off and Sasuke walked away. Just then, a 'box' appeared. "Konohamaru, I know your there." Naruto sighed. Smoke surrounded the 'box' and out appeared Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon.

"Your so smart Naruto, that's why your the Boss." Konohamaru said.

"Leave me alone." Naruto started to walk off.

"Why are you being so mean Boss?" Konohamaru demanded. Then he saw Sakura.

Konohamaru stared at Naruto then at Sakura back and forth. A light bulb appeared on top of his head. "Hey boss, is she yours." he asked slyly and jabbed a thumb at Sakura.

"Yeah you can say that, she's crazy about me!" Naruto laughed. A vein appeared on Sakura's forehead,"WHAT?!" she threw Naruto against the fence and stalked off, livid.

"She's ugly Boss, and she has a HUGE forehead." Konohamaru whispered loudly to Naruto. Sakura turned around slowly, Inner Sakura, cursing lowly, a vein appeared on her forehead, and she started running at Konohamaru.

"KONOHAMARU YOUR DEAD!!" Running as fast as he could he didn't see the Sand Nin right in front of him. Bumping, into him he stared up. Sakura, and Naruto stopped and stared at the Sand Nins.

One wore a black suit, and purple face paint on his face carrying a human puppet. The other, was a girl, carrying a fan on her back, her hair was done in four ponytails.

Kankuro picked him up. "Don't you have respect?" He lifted a fist to punch Konhamaru's face but a few pebbles hit his knuckles. "Your weak if you pick on children." Sasuke leaned against a tree with a few pebbles balancing in his palm. He chuckled, as Kankuro dropped Konohamaru.

"Why you -" Kankuro started and unraveling his puppet then he came.

"Kankuro, back off."

He stopped and stared at the tree in fear. "Kankuro, you're a disgrace to Sand." A boy, with red hair, with black rings around his jade eyes hung upside down on the branch of the tree. His eyes flickered to the Uchiha next to him, and then transported down from the tree.

"G-gaara." he stammered in fear. "Umm...they started the fight..." he started.

"Shut up or I'll kill you." he said in a dangerously low voice. Kankuro flinched and didn't reply.

Flipping the sand transported him from the tree to the ground, staring at the genins in front of him from the leaf. Weak shinobi... Staring at the ones in front of him he saw...

A hyper genin, with blonde hair, blue azure eyes, wearing a orange suit, arguing rapidly with Kankuro. "Hey I bet you want to know who I am."

Gaara stared at him unemotionly. "I don't give a care about who you are." Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara started to walk off. "Hey who are you?" Sasuke asked, probing slightly.

"Sabaku no Gaara." he said no caring. "And I am curious about who are you?"

"Sasuke Uchiha."

Something caught his eyes, pink? Staring at her, pink hair, green emarald eyes..

"Sakura-chan, want to go get some ramen with me later?" Naruto asked hopefully again.

Sakura? It fit her perfectly a her perfectly, Cherry Blossom? See you soon.

"Kankuro, Temari, let's go." And he started to walk off. Sasuke's eyes flickered after the red head. He didn't like the red head, when he stared at Sakura intently, and something flickered in his eyes. Whatever it was it made the Uchiha's blood boil.

Author's Note: This is my first Gaara x Sakura story, please review. . I'll try to update soon, and it will be fun writing a Gaara x Sakura story. Anywho, I don't really now much about the chunin exams but I hope this will do. And PLEASE review: Thank you!

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