The Chunin Exams

Chapter 16

Everyone helped bring Konoha back to it's original form, but it was hard because the Hokage died. The village was filled with sad hearts, but it built stronger bonds within the shinobi.

But it was a very sad day for Sakura, today was the day Gaara was leaving. Her heart ached with pain and sadness. Behind her a pair of arms wrapped around her. "I don't want to leave you Cherry Blossom." A hot breath tickled her neck.

"I'll miss you Gaara-kun." Tears brimmed on the edge of her lids. "I'll miss you, but when I see you again I'll be stronger for you." She whispered.

His grip on her tightened. "I'll see you soon Cherry Blossom." he sighed, his arms slowly unraveling from her waist. She turned around and faced his sad pained face. "Until then I'll give you this, a promise ring."

Her voice was caught in her throat. The ring was gorgeous. It was a silver band, with a diamond carved into a beautiful cherry blossom, and in the middle was a small emerald. It glittered happily in the sunlight.

Silent tears ran down her face. "Thank you Gaara-kun, I'll wear it always. She hugged him with all her might, clinging onto him for dear life. "My heart will always be with you." She breathed his ear.

His breath hitched slightly. "Thank you Sakura, thank you for everything." Next time we meet prepared to be ravished." he smirked slightly.

A smile tugged at her lips. "We will see huh Gaara?" He nodded. "Until then, I'll miss you, but I'll see you very soon. See you at the gates." Sand transported him to the gates of Konaha where the other two were waiting.

"Gaara where were you?" Temari asked softly. Gaara turned his back to his siblings. "I was with Sakura." Temari nodded trying not to pry into her younger brother's love life.

Soon afterwards Naruto, Sakura, and some other shinobi came to watch them leave. Sakura's eyes were glazed over with tears but they didn't fall out.

He wanted to hug her there and get rid of her pain, but then it would make it worse when he left. "Sakura I'll miss you." he said softly. Now the tears leaked from her eyes. "As will I." He looked down at her hand, and there was his ring. Glittering and sparkling in the sun.

He nodded. One by one they left. Temari left first, and then Kankuro. Gaara looked behind his back, mouthing some words. I love you.

Soon though he left with the others, there shapes and forms slowly dissolving into the forest, and soon she couldn'tfeel there chakra anymore.

My heart's always with you.

I'll love you always, just wait for me, and I'll come for you.

Author's Note: DONE! Finally, I personally liked the ending and I might make a sequel. P Be hopeful, and I'll try to update faster. But now, I'm going to make a Sasuke x Sakura story. I bet you guys hate me now, but I personally think it's an okay story.

& Before I wrote this story I had a Sasuke x Sakura story but deleted it. D: So I'll make a sequel when I'm done with the Sasuke x Sakura story!


-Blood Blossom