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Out in the main ward of the infirmary, Elizabeth had made herself comfortable in the little make-shift waiting area. She stood when John approached, carrying a still partially weeping Carson. "Here, take him for a second," John shifted his arms and, reluctantly, Carson let himself be transferred over to Elizabeth's outstretched arms. She looked down at him, gently wiping his face. It was then that Carson decided she was good enough for him and laid his head on her shoulder.

"What'd Dr. Apollo say?"

"Other than the fact that he's in damn near perfect health? Nothing. Blood work should take about a day or so, until then… I guess we just wait. Not much else to do."

"What are we going to do with him till then?" Elizabeth wondered aloud, "We could see if Teyla would keep him until we sort this mess out."

John, though outwardly showed nothing, strongly opposed, "I thought, maybe, I would keep him." He scratched the back of his head. "It was my fault he's in this situation as it is, might as well do something good with it." He cleared his throat and held up the piece of paper, "I'll be back, gotta hand this over to a nurse." And with that he was gone, avoiding any awkwardness that might have ensued his comment.

Elizabeth sat back down, Carson's frame resting comfortably against her while they waited for John to return.


The nurse that sat behind the main desk towards the back of the main ward must've been the Micha person that Susanne told him about, seeing as there were no other nurses around. John approached the desk, his usual demeanor of casualty and calm about him. She looked up from her paperwork as he approached, "Colonel Sheppard," she greeted with a pleasant voice, "what can I do for you?"

He extended the piece of paper, "Dr. Apollo told me to give this to you," he put his hands back in his pockets after she took it from him. She read it over twice before standing and going into what looked to be a large storage facility. When she returned she had a clear bottle full some sort of pink liquid.

"Amoxicillin," she said, her voice all business, "it's an antibiotic, which means it staves off, or fights, infections. It needs to be taken every eight hours, usually with some sort of food or maybe a glass of milk. If you take it on an empty stomach, you're almost guaranteed you'll get sick. Some of the more common side effects you could see are, vomiting, nausea, headaches or drowsiness." She wrote the majority of her lecture in short hand on a piece of paper and gave it to Sheppard. "Also, if you have severe, or reoccurring, vomiting, abdominal pain, or any signs of allergic reaction, come back here immediately." With that concluded she gave him the paper bag with the Amoxicillin in it and smiled politely, "Have a nice day Colonel."

"Thank you," he took the bag, stuffed the information in his pocket and made his way back towards the front of the infirmary.


Once again, Elizabeth stood as John returned. This time though, with a squiggling toddler in her arms. Carson, upon noticing Sheppard's presence, smiled and reached out towards him with both arms.

"Jep'rd!" it was followed by a giggle. Elizabeth laughed and extended him out for John to take.

"Somebody's good with kids," she teased, as an afterthought she added, "Of course, it helps being one, doesn't it Colonel?"

"Hey, I have more fun than anyone on this base," he added defensively, though the smile never left his face. Elizabeth went mock serious.

"Sure, John, whatever you say," and she turned and made her way towards the infirmary doors. Sheppard stuck his tongue out at the back of her head, making Carson bubble over with giggles again.


The arrived at Sheppard's quarters around four o'clock, and ever though it was just turning into evening, it felt like it'd been the longest day. Ever. Mentally, John let himself in and the lights automatically flickered to life. Carson looked around, taking in yet another new surrounding for the day.

Though many of the quarters on Atlantis were similar, they each had the personality of the person who resided there. Sheppard's was no different. There was a good sized television, a two-seater couch, and even a table and chair set over near a kitchenette area. His walls were clad with posters for Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, and a few lesser known artists. In the corner by his bed was his guitar case, along with a folder of sheet music. War and Peace was sitting on the night table, opened to page twelve. It wasn't much, but it was good enough.

Sheppard set Carson on the couch, telling him to sit tight, and went off towards the mini kitchen that most quarters had. Following the nurse's instructions, poured a small glass of milk from the individual bottles in his fridge. He measured out the correct dosage of antibiotic and turned back towards the rest of the room.

With the help of the back of the couch, Carson was standing on the cushions, watching John intently in the kitchenette. As John returned, Carson smiled and greeted him with what would become his normal hello.

"Jep'rd!" He clapped his hands together, forgetting that he was holding himself up. He collapsed backwards onto the cushions. John laughed, pointing at Carson.

"Carson." The toddler wiggled excitedly. John set the plastic medicine cup on the little end table. "Now that we know who we are," he held up the milk glass, "how about a drink?" Sheppard took Carson's unintelligible babbling as an agreement. With help from John, Carson drank thirstily from the glass. When he sat back, he had the signature milk mustache that was a must-have for all children. Procuring a handkerchief from his pocket, Sheppard wiped it away. Before he could put it back in his pocket, Carson grabbed at it, pulling it from Sheppard's hands and draping it over his face. John raised an eyebrow. He lifted up the corner, only to have the toddler giggle loudly and pull it back down again.

"Am hid'n!" he must've tickled himself with his ingenuity because he hiccupped with laughter. John chuckled.

"Of course you are." He snatched away the fabric scrap, surprising the toddler, "Found you!" He said with amusement. Carson clapped his hands and laughed. John reached for the plastic cup on the table, "Before we do anymore play, somebody here has to take their medicine." Carson scanned the room innocently. John poked a finger in his stomach, causing the toddler to laugh. "That person is you." He held out the cup.

Carson covered his mouth with both hands, shaking his head. John sighed, it never could be easy. "If you take it… we can go visit Rodney?" The hands stayed put. "I'll… give you a cookie?" Nope, still there. Sheppard sighed, resigning to tapping his earpiece. "Sheppard to Apollo." The radio waves popped in his ear.

"Apollo here, what can I help you with Colonel?"

John tilted his head at Carson as he spoke into his radio, "Any suggestions on giving medicine to an uncooperative toddler?" He could hear Dr. Apollo laugh on her end.

"Try putting it into a drink, chocolate milk works the best. There are some cartons in the mess." Sheppard could practically hear her grin, "Anything else I can do for you Mr. Mom?"

Sheppard made a face, "Haha Doc, I'll let you know. Sheppard out." He tapped his earpiece again, then tugged it off and threw it onto the table. He stood up from the couch cushions, medicinal cup still in hand. He looked down at Carson, who was staring up at him with a happy expression. "Guess we get to go on a little excursion, eh?" He scooped up the child with one arm, settling him against his chest. "Right then, let's go." He returned the antibiotic to the fridge and set off in the direction of the mess hall.