My second Labyrinth story! I thought of this because my three year old nephew watched Labyrinth with me and kept asking things like "Why's Toby in the castle?" and I'd tell him cause Sarah wished him away. A day or two later my nephew came up to me while I was watching a video, climbed into my lap, and asked "Who wished Jareth away?" So, my over-active mind through all this up. Now after that rediculous intro, I hope you like the story. Review and let me know, won't you?

Oh, and this is dedicated to Carrie88, for the review in my last story which made me feel so good. Thank you!

"Jared, will you please stop crying!" The young woman who spoke had long, curly blonde hair pulled up elegantly on the back of her head. Her eighteenth-century dress rustled slightly as she deposited her step-son into his crib. Jared continued crying angrily as he squirmed onto his stomach and rattled the bars of his crib. Victoria turned to the door and glanced over her shoulder once. "Sometimes you make me wish the goblins in your sister's story would come take you away. Such as right now."

Jared's crying stopped abruptly as Victoria stepped into the hall and she froze. She turned slowly to face the dark room and stepped back in. "Jared? What's wrong?" A giggle from her left made she spin to face it, only to find the room empty. Something moved in the crib and Victoria sighed, her hand going to her heart. "Oh, Jared! I don't have time for this!"

A gust of wind rattled the door, making Victoria jump again. The baby in the crib make an odd, unbaby-like noise and Victoria approached slowly, a thrill of terror growing in her stomach. "Jared?" She reached out and tugged the blanket back to reveal…nothing. An empty crib sat before her and she stared down into it, the terror leaving and an odd anger growing in its place. "Jared, where have you gone?"

Another gust of wind crashed against the window, rattling the panes of glass, and then throwing them abruptly open. A golden eagle soared through and alighted on the floor just inside. As soon as it had landed, it disappeared and was replaced by a man. He was tall and slender, dressed in an elegant poet's shirt, black knee-high boots, and a black cloak. His short, golden hair stuck out from his head in an odd sort of halo and contrasted with his palest gray eyes.

"W-who are you?" Victoria demanded, "How dare you break into my house!"

The man smiled slightly, more of a smirk than anything, and crossed his arms. "I am Ciaràn, King of the Goblins."

"Goblins? I hardly believe in such childish stories anymore, Sir." Victoria brushed the front of her skirt absently and frowned at the tall man.

"And yet you called on me." The smile never dropped from the man's face as he took a step into the room.

"Called on…?" Victoria waved a hand dismissively, "You can't honestly expect me to believe that. I didn't actually believe someone would come take the child."

"Too late now, isn't it?" Ciaràn held a hand out to Victoria, "And now I have a…proposition for you." A crystal ball appeared on his fingertips. "I will trade the child for this."

"A crystal ball?" Victoria laughed derisively, "Please, Sir, do not attempt to make a fool of me."

"I make no such attempt." Ciaràn began to roll the crystal around his hand in what seemed almost a habit. "This crystal is very special. You see, if you turn it this way…and look into it, it will show you your dreams."

Victoria, entranced by the crystal's movements, reached out for it. She stopped with her fingers a hairsbreadth from the smooth surface, "If I take this, then you take the child?" Ciaràn nodded and Victoria frowned slightly, "And if I refuse?"

"You would refuse your dreams?" Ciaràn proffered the crystal, "For the sake of a squalling baby?"

Victoria seemed to consider it and then smiled coldly and grasped the crystal, "The boy is not my child. Take him and do what you wish."

Ciaràn bowed to Victoria and disappeared suddenly, leaving only the echo of a laugh as she stood with the crystal in hand. Somehow she felt as if she had lost.


Ciaràn appeared in his throne room and snapped his fingers. "Bring him here." A goblin appeared, toting the still-crying Jared behind him, and deposited the boy in front of Ciaràn before he returned to the crowd of other goblins.

"That's enough, boy." Ciaràn scooped Jared up and held him at arms length. The boy stopped crying and hiccoughed slightly as he stared back into the pale gray eyes. "Better. What is your name, Boy?"

"Jewad," Jared hiccoughed as Ciaràn settled himself into his throne and set the baby on his knee. The Goblin King frowned and leaned back, scrutinizing the boy now sucking complacently on his thumb.

"Jared? Too human, we shall have to come up with something new." He seemed to lose himself in thought for a moment and then smiled. "I know…yes, Jareth. Close enough not to confuse you, but also no longer human."

As soon as he finished speaking, Jared squirmed off his lap and waddled to the window. "Mama?"

"You mother is not here."

Jared considered Ciaràn's words for a minute, "Why?"

"Because, Jareth, now she has her dreams. She no longer cares about you," Ciaràn joined him at the window and looked out at the twilit sky that stretched over the labyrinth. Beside him, Jared was still staring up at him, "Why?"

A little short, but I wanted to end it there. After this there will be a few time skips, but I hope it doesn't confuse anyone.